Table of Contents

Print predefined packets

Predefined packets are the most efficient way to select and print groups of reports for LEAs/districts and schools. To start, click Print on the blue PVAAS menu bar, and then click Select Data Packet. The list of available packets opens.

Step One: Select a Packet

  1. In the Step One section, select the packet you want to print. You can select one packet at a time.
  2. Scroll down to the Step Two section.

Step Two: Select Districts and Schools

  1. Select the districts and schools to include in your packet. Options vary based on the selected packet. To select specific schools, click the check box next to the district name.
  2. Click the check box beneath the list of schools and districts if you want your packet to be based on enrolled data, when it is available. Otherwise, your packet will be based on last tested data. In other words, the packet will be based on the district or school in which students were last tested, as well as the grade in which they were last tested, rather than on their current district, school, and grade.
  3. Select the file option for PDF that best suits your needs.
  4. Click Next. The Step Three page opens.

Step Three: Select Subjects and Grades by Report

  1. Select the subjects and grades to include in your packet. To choose all grades, subjects, and proficiency levels available for all reports, click Select All.
  2. To print the packet with Student Groups reports, click Add Student Groups. Select the student groups for which you would like reports. You can choose to print the reports for any or all of the listed student groups. Reports will only be printed for student groups containing at least 40 students who were tested in the district or school in the most recent year.
  3. Click Submit Packet at the bottom of the page.

Step Four: Download Your Packet

After you submit a packet, the Packet Status page opens. This page lists all the packets you requested in the past two weeks.

If the Status column indicates that a file is processing, click Refresh List to update the status. When the Status is Finished, download the packet by clicking on the file name.

The Expires column lists the date and time that each packet will be deleted. Until that time, you can return to the Packet Status page to download the file again. To return to the Packet Status page, click the Print button in the blue PVAAS menu bar and choose Packet Status.