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Teacher List - %P/A

This report provides a list of all teachers in a school who completed Roster Verification in the most recent year and:

  • Claimed at least 11 students across all subjects
  • Claimed an equivalent of at least six full-time students


These calculations meet the standards for inclusion in Act 13 Teacher-Specific Data. LEAs/Districts can use these calculations to complete Act 13 evaluations or they can calculate this metric locally.

The three steps in calculating the data for this report are:

Excluding ineligible students

Excluding Ineligible Students

Students meeting the following criteria are excluded from this report:

  • Claimed at less than 10%
  • First-year English learners in PSSA ELA and Keystone Literature
  • Home-schooled students

In addition, we apply the Keystone proficiency and the 2019-20 Keystone Score Exemption rules.

Weighting the remaining students

Weighting the Remaining Students

Students are weighted based on the percentages of instructional responsibility in Roster Verification. As an example, assume a teacher is linked to 12 students as shown in the table below.

StudentInstructional ResponsibilityPerformance LevelNumeratorDenominator
Student 1100%Proficient11
Student 250%Proficient0.50.5
Student 350%Basic00.5
Student 4100%Advanced11
Student 580%Proficient0.80.8
Student 6100%Advanced11
Student 750%Advanced0.50.5
Student 850%Proficient0.50.5
Student 9100%Proficient11
Student 10100%Proficient11
Student 1180%Below Basic00.8
Student 126%Advanced00

The denominator matches the percentage of instructional responsibility unless a student is excluded from the analysis due to the reasons described in Excluding Ineligible Students. The numerator also matches the percentage of instructional responsibility, unless the student's performance is something other than Proficient or Advanced or the student is excluded from the analysis.

The zeroes in the last two columns of the table above indicate that student 12 is excluded from the analysis. This student is excluded because they are claimed at less than 10%.

The calculation of this teacher's percentage of Proficient or Advanced students is:

In this example, 84.88% of the teacher's students are Proficient or Advanced. This teacher receives a scale score of 2.0 because 84.88% lies between 80-89.9%.

Assigning the scale scores

Assigning the Scale Scores

The table below indicates which 0-3 scale score teachers receive based on the percentage of proficient or advanced students attributable to them. The 0-3 scale score is recorded on evaluations as part of Act 13 Teacher-Specific Data.

% Students Proficient or Advanced

0-3 Scale Score




Below 60%0.0

Understanding and Interacting with the Report

The Student Count is the number of assessments included in the report.

  • If you have access to teacher reports at a single school, the list for that school is displayed.
  • If you have access to teacher reports for multiple schools, use the list under the Schools tab to select a specific school.

To download the data in this report at the school or district level, follow these steps:

  • Click Download Teacher Data.
  • In the Download Teacher Data window, a name for the Excel file is suggested. Optionally, enter another name for the file.
  • Click Download Teacher Data.