Table of Contents

Child Success Summary

Creating and Viewing Reports

To begin, select the option that best describes the students you want to include in the Child Success Summary.

  • Use School and Grade to see students based on where they are currently enrolled. This is the option to use if you need to print Child Success Summary reports for all the students in a grade.
  • Use Custom Student Report to create a group of students based on parameters that you set. If your admin shared a Custom Student Report with you, you can use that.
  • Use Individual Student to navigate to the Child Success Summary for a specific student.

The way you navigate to a Child Success Summary varies based on which of the above options you select.

School and Grade

  1. Use the drop-down lists to define the students whose summaries you want to see and click Submit.
  2. The list of matching students opens. From here you can print all the listed summaries or click students' names to open their individual reports.
    • Use the Projections to Advanced Placement (AP) Exams check box to include or exclude those projections in the reports.
    • If a student's name is not a link to a report, that means the student doesn't have a projection. See common reasons for students not having projections.

Custom Student Report

  1. When you select this option, you can:
    1. Select an existing Custom Student Report and view that list of students, or
    2. Create a new Custom Student Report. See the Help for creating a Custom Student Report.
  2. Once you are viewing a Custom Student Report, click the name of a student whose Child Success Summary you want to see.
  3. The Student History Report opens.
  4. From the Student Reports section of the blue menu bar, select Child Success Summary.

Individual Student

  1. In the Reports menu, click Child Success Summary in the Student Reports section.
  2. Select Individual Student and use the search options to define the criteria for students whose summaries you want to see.
    1. For additional information about using search options, see the Help for defining a search.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. In the search results, click the name of a student whose Child Success Summary you want to see.
  5. The Student report opens.
  6. From the Student report filter panel on the left of the page, select Child Success Summary.
  7. The Child Success Summary will open.