Table of Contents

School Reports

This section includes reports that provide information about a school's influence on the growth of the students it served. These reports are especially useful for LEA/district and school users who want to examine a school's patterns of growth across subjects, grades, and achievement levels.

In addition, this section includes summary reports based on individual student projections to future state assessments and to college and career readiness benchmarks. In these reports, the data is summarized at the school level. These summaries can help teachers and admins:

  • Identify students who need sustained academic interventions to increase their chances for success
  • Identify students who need enrichment opportunities to continue making progress at a high achievement level
  • Plan for differentiated instruction and interventions
  • Assess what resources will be needed to meet students' academic needs

If a report listed in this Help does not appear in your Reports menu, that means your account has not been authorized to view the data in that report.