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Roster Verification

Add and remove rosters for a teacher

You can add and remove a teacher's rosters when the teacher has a status that gives you edit capability. See who can edit when.

If a teacher taught a tested subject/grade/course that does not appear in the teacher's list of rosters, you need to add a roster.
To copy the students from one roster into a new roster, click Add Roster and in the options, select Add a roster that contains students from an existing roster. Click here for detailed instructions.
  1. If you are not already there, navigate to the School Roster Verification Summary.
  2. In the Ready for Review list, click the name of the teacher. The row expands to display the status of the teacher's rosters and links to each roster.
  3. Below the teacher's rosters, click Manage Rosters. The teacher's Roster Verification Summary opens.
  4. To add a roster, click Add Roster and follow the prompts. To remove a roster, click Remove Roster and click the selection box to the left of each roster you want to remove. Then click OK.

Removed rosters are shown at the bottom of the report. If you accidentally remove a roster, click Restore.