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Link a PVAAS account to an Educator

If an Educator in PEERS who has an active PVAAS account doesn't have access to PEERS, an administrative user can fix this by linking that PVAAS account to the Educator in PEERS.

These instructions start from the Educators section of the Manage Access part of PEERS.

  1. Use the alphabetic tabs to find the Educator.
  2. Look at the message in the Linked PVAAS Account column. If it says No account in district/LEA, proceed to the next step. If the column shows a username, or links to a window that shows multiple usernames, the user might be using the wrong account. Before proceeding, verify that the Educator is using the correct account when logging in.
  3. Click No account in district/LEA. The Link to an Account window opens.
  4. Use the district users, school admins, and school users tabs to find the PVAAS account that should be linked to the Educator.
  5. Click the check box next to the PVAAS account that should be linked to the Educator.
  6. Click Link Account. The user will see PEERS in the Reports menu the next time they log in to PVAAS, and will have access to all Released evaluations for that Educator.