Table of Contents

Human Capital Retention Dashboard

Getting Started

When the Human Capital Retention Dashboard for the school you selected opens, you see a set of options for selecting the tests, subjects, and grades that you want to view.

Creating a Report

  1. Select a Test/Subject Group.
  2. Select a Year Comparison.
  3. Select tested grades and subjects or courses individually, or click Select All.
  4. Click Create Report.

Modifying a Report

Comparing a School to the LEA/District

If you are viewing a school report, you can use the District button between the chart and table to add the teacher data for the LEA/district to the report. When you do this, an LEA/district bar appears in each section of the chart, an LEA/district pillar appears to the right of the chart, and LEA/district data appears in the table.

Viewing Different Tests, Subjects, and Grades

  • To add data to a report, select additional tests, subjects, and grades. When you click Create Report, the report refreshes with new data.
  • To start over with a new set of selections, click Deselect All, make selections, and click Create Report again.

Viewing a Different School

To view data for a different school, select it from the Schools tab.

You cannot save or export these reports, but you can print them.