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District Diagnostic

Understanding Graph Options

Select the graph option that helps you visualize the data you are investigating.

The meaning of the green line is based on the Measurement Option.

Measurement OptionGreen Line Represents
GrowthThe growth standard

Bar Chart

Use the bar chart to view the measurement option for each group of students.

Bar Chart with Confidence Bands

Use the bar chart with confidence bands to display information about statistical certainty.

Each bar has solid and dotted black whiskers. The solid whiskers mark one standard error above and below the growth measure, and the dotted whiskers mark two standard errors above and below the growth measure. It's important to consider the standard error as you interpret the growth measures represented by the bars on the chart. Consider the overall pattern of the bars rather than focusing on any individual value. However, it can be helpful to keep these guidelines in mind.

A bar that is at least one standard error above the line suggests that the group's average achievement level increased. If the bar is at least two standard errors above the line, the evidence of growth is even stronger.
Likewise, if the bar is at least one standard error below the green line, the group likely lost ground academically, on average. If the bar is at least two standard errors below the line, the evidence is stronger.
Regardless of whether the bar is above or below the green line, if it is within one standard error of the line, the evidence suggests the group's average achievement did not increase or decrease.

For more information about interpreting the charts, see Interpreting Common Patterns.

Box Plot

Use the box plot to view additional details about the data for each student group.

A box plot displays the five-number summary of a set of data. In a box plot, there is a box from the 75th percentile to the 25th percentile. A horizontal line goes through the box at the median, which is the midpoint of the frequency of the distribution. The black dot is the average. The whiskers show the minimum or maximum for each quartile.

A minimum of five students is required to view a box plot. Box plots are not available for measurements that are based on percentages.