Table of Contents

Managing Accounts

Creating and Modifying State Users

Creating an Account

To create a state user account, click the Admin link at the top right of any PVAAS page. In the Admin menu above the list of users, select Create a New User and enter the requested information.

Entering Basic Information

Enter the user's name and email address. PPID is optional.

School Teacher Summary: This option grants access to the individual teacher reports for all teachers in the school. To include this option in the account's permissions, you must enter the user's correct PPID.

Assigning Access

On this page, select the LEAs/districts and schools that the user should be able to access in the reporting. When you choose a LEA/district, the user will be able to view all LEA/district reports for that LEA/district and all school reports for all schools in that LEA/district. When you choose an individual school, the user will be able to view all school reports for that school.

Student Report Access: If you choose Yes, the user will be able to view all student reports for the LEAs/districts and schools you've included in the user's assigned access.

Confirming Selections

Use the confirmation page to verify the selections you made.

Send email to user: This box is checked by default. If you leave it checked, the user will receive an email with a description of their account permissions and their account credentials when you finish creating or modifying the account.

Modifying an Account

To modify an admin account or a user account, navigate to the list of users, click on the user's name, and follow the instructions on each page. For more information, refer to the steps above for creating an account, beginning with the Basic Information page.

Modifying Access

School admin account holders automatically have access to all school and student reports in their own school. Access to additional reports can be assigned, including LEA/district reports, school reports for other schools, and student reports for other schools. When you choose a school in the Available Schools list, the user will be able to view all school reports for that school. To also grant access to student reports at the selected schools, check the box below the list of schools in the Assigned Additional Access list.

Additionally, some access can be assigned only by the district admin, such as access to export data and to teacher reports. LEA/District users with the account management permission cannot see or manage the accounts of other LEA/district users with the account management permission.