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Custom Student Reports

Creating a Custom Student Report

If you have access to individual student reports, you can create a Custom Student Report.

The three main steps in creating a Custom Student Report are
  1. Giving the report a name.
  2. Using the Student Search to choose characteristics of the students you want to include in the report.
  3. From the search results, selecting the specific students to include in the report. The search results look like a report, but your Custom Student Report is not created until you select at least 15 students and click Add Selected Students.

The detailed steps to create a Custom Student Report are

  1. In the Reports tab, select Custom Student Reports.
  2. Click Create a New Report.
  3. A new window prompts you to name your report. Enter a name of your choice and click Create.

  4. The Student Search window opens. Select options to choose the students to include in your report. For detailed instructions on searching for students, see Defining a Search. When you have defined your search, click Submit.

    For example, to find all students with a 0% to 70% probability of achieving Proficient on seventh-grade PSSA Math:

    1. Select PSSA from the test list.
    2. Select 7th PSSA Math (Proficient).
    3. Enter values for the range (Lower %: 0, Upper %: 70).

  5. The search results page opens, showing the first 100 students who matched the search criteria you selected. If more than 100 students matched, you can use navigation options at the top and bottom of the window to view all the matching students. Click a column heading to sort the results by that column.
  6. Select the students to include in your Custom Student Report. To select individual students, click the check box next to each student's name. To select all students in the search results, click Select All Pages. When you are finished selecting students, click Add Selected Students. This final step creates your report and populates it with the students you selected.

Custom Student Reports remain in PVAAS until the next year of reporting is released.

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