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Roster Verification

Claiming Information

The Claiming Information report shows all subjects and grades in which a student is currently claimed. If the student is claimed by multiple teachers, and those teachers' rosters are still being verified (in other words, they have not been submitted to PVAAS), the percentages could change.

To print the Claiming Information report, click the print icon, select your preferred Page Options, and click Print.

  • Teachers: If you need to work with other teachers to resolve claiming issues, but those teachers' names are hidden, contact a School Administrator or School Roster Approver.
  • School and district admins/approvers: If you need to work with teachers outside your LEA/district to resolve claiming issues, but those teachers' names are hidden, contact PVAAS Technical Support.

Although you can monitor overclaimed and underclaimed students throughout Roster Verification, the best time to work on resolving these issues is after all have submitted their rosters, or after the submission deadline.

In cases where overclaimed students across LEAs is not expected to be resolved, PVAAS will follow business rules established by PDE.

About Overclaiming: A student is overclaimed when the instructional responsibility for that student across all participating teachers in the state totals more than 100% for a subject/grade/course. All cases of overclaiming within an LEA/district must be resolved. Cases of overclaiming across LEAs/districts should be reviewed by the School Administrator to make sure the percentage of instructional responsibility accurately reflects the proportion of responsibility between a teacher and a specific student within the LEA/district. LEAs are not expected to resolve cases of overclaiming across LEAs, unless they share a student simultaneously.

It is your role to work within your LEA to correct any overclaimed students.You are not responsible for addressing overclaimed students across LEAs/districts unless instruction for that student is being provided at the same time across those LEAs/districts (e.g., instruction is being provided by a teacher within the district and a teacher within the local Intermediate Unit). PVAAS will follow business rules established by PDE.

About Underclaiming: Underclaimed students are claimed for less than 100% in a subject/grade/course. In some situations, underclaiming is appropriate. You should make all efforts to investigate and resolve all cases of underclaiming to ensure it is appropriate.