Table of Contents

Child Success Summary

The Child Success Summary can help families and guardians have productive conversations with educators and engage in collaborative planning to meet their child's needs. The report has the following sections:

  • Past Performance on PSSA and Keystone Assessments
  • Projections to PSSA and Keystone Assessments
  • Projections to Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
  • Projections to College Benchmarks

If you have access to student reports within PVAAS, you can create a Child Success Summary. Otherwise, you will not see Child Success Summary in the Reports menu. The LEA/district makes decisions about who is granted access. If appropriate, contact your admin for access to student reports.

Additional Resources

For guidance on understanding this report, see the Companion Guide or FAQ. For a version of the Companion Guide that you can edit, click here.

For more information about why your child might not have a projection, see this list of common reasons for not having one. You can access information about Pennsylvania's assessment system here.