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Understanding PVAAS Accounts

Access to Teacher Reports

Each year when teacher reports are released, users' accounts are automatically updated to ensure that teachers have access to PVAAS and can view their reports. This update is based on the latest data from the PIMS staff template and is provided to EVAAS by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The email address listed in the PIMS staff template is the one that is used in creating or updating the PVAAS account. For teachers who already have a PVAAS account, if the email address in the PIMS staff template does not match the email address on the PVAAS account, the email address in PVAAS will be replaced with the email address from the PIMS staff template.

In a small number of cases, school admins will need to create new accounts for teachers or modify existing accounts so that teachers can view their Value-Added and Diagnostic reports.

Granting access to teacher-specific reports is a multi-step process.

Step 1: The school admin modifies the teacher's account to include the individual teacher-specific report.

Step 2: The district admin or a district user with teacher report approval capability chooses to approve or deny the request.

The district admin automatically has the ability to approve requests for access to both individual teacher-specific reports and School Teacher Summary reports. The district admin can choose to share the teacher report approval capability with one or more district users. district users who have been assigned this capability can approve or deny requests for individual teacher-specific report access districtwide. However, they cannot approve requests for access to the School Teacher Summary. Only the district admin can approve those requests.

Step 3: The teacher receives an email stating whether the request was approved or denied.

For more information on how to create and modify school user accounts, see Creating and Modifying School Users.