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This report enables you to create graphs that display the relationship between two variables. For example, you might choose to view the relationship between achievement and growth in sixth-grade Math for all schools in an LEA/district. Using the options in this flexible report, you can:

  • Select the LEA/districts, schools, or teachers to plot
  • Choose the variable for each axis in the graph
  • Filter the results by demographics
  • Customize the way the data is displayed

Building scatterplots can be a powerful way to explore the data because it enables users to see whether relationships exist between two variables or types of data, such as achievement and growth. Both achievement and growth must be considered together to get a complete picture of student learning. Achievement information indicates where students are academically, at a given point in time, and growth information indicates the amount of academic progress students have made. The scatterplots enable you to view both pieces of information simultaneously to examine their relationship and identify patterns that can provide insight into the effects of educational practices on student learning.