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Report School Search, Year 2021

Reference School

Schuylkill Haven Middle School in Schuylkill Haven Area School District (Schuylkill, IU 29)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade5Max State Tested Grade7
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged43% Tested English Learner1
% Tested IEP24% Graduation RateN/A

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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SchoolDistrictTested GradesGrowth MeasureStd Errsorted descendingAverage Growth IndexGrade 5Grade 6Grade 7Across Grades
% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total
Schuylkill Haven Middle SchoolSchuylkill Haven Area School District5-7-2.10.7-6.1012.
Sinking Springs Elementary SchoolCentral York School District4-610.80.68.8121.714.135.932.06.538.626.810.036.9
Huntingdon Area Middle SchoolHuntingdon Area School District6-
Central York Middle SchoolCentral York School District7-86.40.510.9718.96.024.916.15.221.4
Selinsgrove Area Middle SchoolSelinsgrove Area School District6-97.30.510.3732.
Penns Valley Area Elementary and Intermediate SchoolPenns Valley Area School District3-611.00.88.0143.918.462.238.817.556.337.816.053.8
Saucon Valley Middle SchoolSaucon Valley School District5-
Hickory Grove Elementary SchoolBrookville Area School District3-
Hopewell Elementary SchoolOxford Area School District5-
David E Williams Middle SchoolMontour School District5-
Homer-Center Junior/Senior High SchoolHomer-Center School District7-1111.21.04.7720.30.020.323.46.429.8
Bear Creek SchoolElizabethtown Area School District4-
Butler Middle SchoolButler Area School District5-
Mountain View Middle SchoolCumberland Valley School District6-
Landisville Intermediate CenterHempfield School District4-
Williamsport Area Middle SchoolWilliamsport Area School District7-84.70.510.0221.88.430.219.26.826.0
S S Palmer Elementary SchoolPalmerton Area School District3-
Gerald G Huesken Middle SchoolConestoga Valley School District7-
Floyd C Fretz Middle SchoolBradford Area School District6-
Manheim Central Middle SchoolManheim Central School District5-82.80.4-3.4125.47.633.023.65.829.315.
Circle Of Seasons Charter SchoolCircle Of Seasons Charter School3-812.31.25.5520.05.725.716.76.723.325.
Russell B Walter Elementary SchoolNorthern Tioga School District3-65.61.1-2.4419.23.823.132.34.837.131.211.742.9
Donaldson Elementary SchoolWest Allegheny School District3-512.61.210.2540.748.489.035.548.784.2
Donald H Eichhorn Middle SchoolLewisburg Area School District6-
Spring-Ford Middle School 7th Grade CenterSpring-Ford Area School District7-
John R Bonfield Elementary SchoolWarwick School District3-
Walton Farm Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-63.51.0-3.5230.
Eshleman Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-613.01.45.4834.127.361.434.337.171.432.925.958.8
Reiffton SchoolExeter Township School District5-
Brockway Area Elementary SchoolBrockway Area School District3-66.41.0-0.3935.417.753.229.436.866.232.525.157.6
West Hills Intermediate SchoolArmstrong School District4-63.30.7-2.7525.06.931.925.
Radnor Elementary SchoolRadnor Township School District3-511.51.29.2640.741.882.441.533.575.0
Central Elementary SchoolFranklin Area School District3-66.21.1-1.598.53.411.925.03.828.815.02.417.4
Letort Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-66.81.4-0.8425.922.248.227.331.859.133.629.062.5
Greater Latrobe Junior High SchoolGreater Latrobe School District7-
Conewago Valley Intermediate SchoolConewago Valley School District4-
Franklin Township Elementary SchoolGettysburg Area School District3-512.81.58.6431.824.256.130.425.555.9
Gwynedd Square Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-65.61.1-1.1632.823.055.738.336.775.037.324.661.9
Elk Lake Elementary SchoolElk Lake School District3-
Chief Shikellamy SchoolShikellamy School District3-514.01.78.2318.210.929.
James W Parker Middle SchoolGeneral Mclane School District5-83.90.5-0.3636.915.452.427.512.540.025.823.
Homer-Center Elementary SchoolHomer-Center School District3-
Foot Of Ten Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-
North Hills Elementary SchoolCentral York School District3-
Lewistown Intermediate SchoolMifflin County School District4-
Midd-West Middle SchoolMidd-West School District6-
Towanda Area Elementary SchoolTowanda Area School District3-
Wyalusing Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolWyalusing Area School District7-
Lenape Elementary SchoolArmstrong School District3-
Deer Lakes Middle SchoolDeer Lakes School District6-
Chestnut Ridge Middle SchoolChestnut Ridge School District3-73.30.7-0.7630.46.537.022.23.725.936.
Wallenpaupack Area Middle SchoolWallenpaupack Area School District6-82.20.6-2.8311.23.714.930.68.238.818.15.123.2
Merion Elementary SchoolLower Merion School District3-
Joseph C Ashkar Elementary SchoolEast Lycoming School District3-65.11.0-0.9229.823.953.723.
Linntown Elementary SchoolLewisburg Area School District4-
Frankstown Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-
Union High SchoolUnion School District6-124.41.1-1.5722.014.636.610.50.010.517.18.926.0
Eisenhower M/HsWarren County School District6-114.90.9-1.3022.28.330.616.43.620.
Central Columbia Middle SchoolCentral Columbia School District5-
Clark Wood Elementary SchoolNorthern Tioga School District3-610.91.45.0235.113.548.642.12.644.730.66.436.9
Skippack Elementary SchoolPerkiomen Valley School District3-
Bedford Middle SchoolBedford Area School District6-
Hershey Intermediate Elementary SchoolDerry Township School District4-
Lititz Elementary SchoolWarwick School District3-64.81.1-1.0131.53.735.236.59.546.029.29.939.1
Standing Stone Elementary SchoolHuntingdon Area School District3-511.21.57.5718.510.829.221.28.629.8
Universal Daroff Charter SchoolUniversal Daroff Charter School3-
Mid Valley Elementary CenterMid Valley School District3-
Southern Columbia Middle SchoolSouthern Columbia Area School District5-81.80.6-0.8434.79.744.418.
Cold Spring Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Loyalsock Township Middle SchoolLoyalsock Township School District6-83.00.7-1.6632.610.242.923.69.433.127.49.536.9
Wallingford Elementary SchoolWallingford-Swarthmore School District3-
Marion-Walker Elementary SchoolBellefonte Area School District3-510.41.47.4435.731.467.137.228.766.0
John Beck Elementary SchoolWarwick School District3-
Punxsutawney Area Elementary SchoolPunxsutawney Area School District3-64.00.8-0.4137.06.543.536.310.646.930.813.644.4
Wilson Elementary SchoolWest Allegheny School District3-510.51.47.3727.348.075.329.949.879.6
Salford Hills Elementary SchoolSouderton Area School District3-510.61.47.3644.132.476.537.137.174.2
Mountain View Elementary SchoolMountain View School District3-
Liberty-Valley Elementary SchoolDanville Area School District3-
Farrell Area Es/LmsFarrell Area School District3-
Radnor Middle SchoolRadnor Township School District6-
South Fayette Middle SchoolSouth Fayette Township School District6-8-0.10.4-2.0740.818.459.235.524.359.835.621.256.8
Southside Elementary SchoolHuntingdon Area School District3-511.71.77.0430.616.346.926.117.643.7
Jamison Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Smethport Area Elementary SchoolSmethport Area School District3-
Fort Couch Middle SchoolUpper Saint Clair School District7-
Trinity North Elementary SchoolTrinity Area School District3-510.81.66.9443.315.058.330.910.141.0
Rayne Elementary SchoolMarion Center Area School District3-64.61.3-1.2022.25.627.851.110.661.737.99.247.1
Marshall Elementary SchoolNorth Allegheny School District3-
Saegertown Elementary SchoolPenncrest School District3-
Blacklick Valley Elementary CenterBlacklick Valley School District3-610.21.53.8424.16.931.034.210.544.726.813.740.5
Punxsutawney Area High SchoolPunxsutawney Area School District7-
Rock L Butler Middle SchoolWellsboro Area School District5-83.00.6-2.2130.47.037.416.
George A Ferrell Elementary SchoolEast Lycoming School District3-612.81.94.0650.
Wattsburg Area Middle SchoolWattsburg Area School District5-
Houck Elementary SchoolLebanon School District3-511.81.76.7823.67.330.913.75.018.6
Bedminster Elementary SchoolPennridge School District3-
Avon Grove Intermediate SchoolAvon Grove School District3-
Mars Area Centennial SchoolMars Area School District5-61.90.6-2.3331.320.952.232.624.557.132.022.754.6
Smethport Area Junior/Senior High SchoolSmethport Area School District7-
Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCarbondale Area School District7-
Wayne Elementary SchoolRadnor Township School District3-
Wendover Middle SchoolHempfield Area School District6-
Eagle View Middle SchoolCumberland Valley School District5-
Curtin Intermediate SchoolWilliamsport Area School District4-60.80.7-5.0618.
Williamsburg Community Elementary SchoolWilliamsburg Community School District3-65.01.4-1.3625.012.537.534.38.642.925.611.637.2
Brownstown Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-63.81.0-0.7223.517.641.
Landis Run Intermediate SchoolManheim Township School District5-6-0.90.4-9.3229.817.146.933.223.256.531.520.251.7
South Eastern Intermediate SchoolSouth Eastern School District5-
Snyder Elementary SchoolSayre Area School District3-
Kane Area Middle SchoolKane Area School District6-
Hampden Elementary SchoolCumberland Valley School District3-
Freeport Area Middle SchoolFreeport Area School District6-
Green Ridge Elementary SchoolCumberland Valley School District3-
Conneaut Lake Middle SchoolConneaut School District5-
Rohrerstown Elementary SchoolHempfield School District3-
Fort Allen Elementary SchoolHempfield Area School District3-
Pequea Valley Intermediate SchoolPequea Valley School District7-
Manor Middle SchoolPenn Manor School District7-
Roy A. Hunt Elementary SchoolNew Kensington-Arnold School District3-61.60.8-3.829.20.910.112.95.918.814.83.518.3
Tamaqua Area Middle SchoolTamaqua Area School District6-
Priestley SchoolShikellamy School District3-510.21.66.4128.318.947.229.616.445.9
Bangor Area Middle SchoolBangor Area School District7-
Welsh Valley Middle SchoolLower Merion School District6-
East Petersburg Elementary SchoolHempfield School District3-
Franklin Elementary SchoolNorth Allegheny School District3-
Cynwyd SchoolLower Merion School District3-
Otto-Eldred Elementary SchoolOtto-Eldred School District3-
Riverside Elementary School EastRiverside School District3-
Karns City High SchoolKarns City Area School District7-
Iroquois Elementary SchoolIroquois School District3-63.21.0-1.2637.710.448.
Forest City Regional High SchoolForest City Regional School District7-
Smoketown Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-
North Clarion County Elementary SchoolNorth Clarion County School District3-
Penn Wood Middle SchoolWilliam Penn School District7-
New Hope-Solebury Upper Elementary SchoolNew Hope-Solebury School District3-
Western Beaver County Junior/Senior High SchoolWestern Beaver County School District6-
Millville Area Junior/Senior High SchoolMillville Area School District7-
Donegal Junior High SchoolDonegal School District7-
Mcmurray Elementary SchoolPeters Township School District4-6-0.20.5-6.5737.832.670.435.724.960.638.529.267.8
Chester Community Charter SchoolChester Community Charter School3-
Bala-Cynwyd Middle SchoolLower Merion School District6-
Ward L Myers Elementary SchoolMuncy School District3-
Austin Area Elementary SchoolAustin Area School District3-613.52.32.6523.115.438.530.87.738.519.011.931.0
South Mountain Elementary SchoolNorthern York County School District3-
Shrewsbury Elementary SchoolSouthern York County School District3-63.01.1-1.9318.65.123.729.514.844.326.511.037.6
Harlan Rowe Middle SchoolAthens Area School District6-
Lehighton Area Middle SchoolLehighton Area School District6-
Springfield Township Middle SchoolSpringfield Township School District6-82.50.5-0.1426.911.138.028.421.950.328.916.745.6
Newtown Middle SchoolCouncil Rock School District7-
Independence Charter SchoolIndependence Charter School3-81.40.7-5.1413.74.117.826.84.931.721.04.925.919.77.226.9
Defranco Elementary School (8450)Bangor Area School District5-
Elderton Elementary SchoolArmstrong School District3-
Otto-Eldred Junior/Senior High SchoolOtto-Eldred School District7-
Cocalico Middle SchoolCocalico School District6-
Esperanza Academy Charter SchoolEsperanza Academy Charter School4-
Upper Adams Intermediate SchoolUpper Adams School District4-
New Bloomfield Elementary SchoolWest Perry School District3-
Spring-Ford Intermediate School 5th/6thSpring-Ford Area School District5-
Bellwood Antis Middle SchoolBellwood-Antis School District5-82.20.6-2.6318.24.622.712.49.021.429.415.344.718.48.827.1
Grace B Luhrs Univ ElementaryShippensburg Area School District3-515.72.75.8230.
North Schuylkill Junior/Senior High SchoolNorth Schuylkill School District7-
Butler Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-62.20.9-1.8333.316.149.435.427.162.535.520.856.3
Mifflinburg Area Intermediate SchoolMifflinburg Area School District3-
Chambersburg Area Middle School - SouthChambersburg Area School District6-8-0.20.4-3.9313.32.515.816.57.524.012.94.817.6
Devers SchoolYork City School District3-
Central Mountain Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-81.90.4-1.5618.89.428.
Wyland Elementary SchoolHampton Township School District3-
Mckinley SchoolYork City School District3-82.80.8-
General Nash Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-63.41.1-1.6140.012.752.731.89.541.336.317.553.8
Dallas Intermediate SchoolDallas School District3-
Montgomery Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
South Park Middle SchoolSouth Park School District5-
Vida Charter SchoolVida Charter School3-610.11.83.9523.119.242.316.711.127.820.47.828.2
Emory H Markle Middle SchoolSouth Western School District6-
Wayne Highlands Middle SchoolWayne Highlands School District6-
Bear Creek Community Charter SchoolBear Creek Community Charter School3-
Dubois Area Middle SchoolDubois Area School District5-
First District Elementary SchoolCrawford Central School District3-
Maureen M Welch Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-62.51.0-1.5828.010.738.735.114.349.433.415.549.0
Knapp Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-64.21.1-0.4630.87.738.528.66.434.930.18.838.9
Richland Elementary SchoolRichland School District3-
Pennsylvania Virtual Charter SchoolPennsylvania Virtual Charter School3-113.50.6-1.6220.83.824.517.63.320.910.
Mount Union Area Junior High SchoolMount Union Area School District6-
Delahunty Middle SchoolHermitage School District6-
Ephrata Intermediate SchoolEphrata Area School District5-
Mohawk Elementary SchoolMohawk Area School District3-
Marticville Middle SchoolPenn Manor School District7-
Fritz Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-
Lehighton Area Elementary CenterLehighton Area School District3-
Curwensville Area Elementary SchoolCurwensville Area School District3-
Johnsonburg Area High SchoolJohnsonburg Area School District7-
Turner Intermediate SchoolWilkinsburg Borough School District3-63.61.4-1.5123.
Donald E. Schick SchoolLoyalsock Township School District3-
Hatfield Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
Smithfield Elementary SchoolAlbert Gallatin Area School District3-
Bridle Path Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
Southern Elementary SchoolSouthern York County School District3-
Panther Valley Intermediate SchoolPanther Valley School District4-62.40.8-0.7711.51.913.510.21.711.910.11.311.4
Belmont Hills Elementary SchoolLower Merion School District3-
Bucks County Montessori Charter SchoolBucks County Montessori Charter School3-
West Rockhill Elementary SchoolPennridge School District3-
Lionville Elementary SchoolDowningtown Area School District3-
Denver Elementary SchoolCocalico School District3-
Steelton-Highspire High SchoolSteelton-Highspire School District7-
Cameron County Junior/Senior High SchoolCameron County School District7-
Riverside Junior/Senior High SchoolRiverside School District7-
Gayman Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Minersville Area Elementary CenterMinersville Area School District3-60.21.0-4.509.64.113.720.82.623.419.84.624.4
Northeast Bradford Elementary SchoolNortheast Bradford School District3-
Locust Grove Elementary SchoolRed Lion Area School District3-
Greenwood Middle SchoolGreenwood School District6-104.60.9-0.1432.17.639.69.11.810.922.28.030.2
Blacklick Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolBlacklick Valley School District7-
Twin Valley Middle SchoolTwin Valley School District5-81.90.4-1.7939.212.952.029.48.537.830.514.745.330.911.742.5
Park Hills Elementary SchoolSouth Western School District3-
Somerset Area Jr-Sr High SchoolSomerset Area School District6-11-0.20.6-1.7428.29.237.420.49.529.924.37.832.1
Galeton Area SchoolGaleton Area School District3-112.71.3-0.0529.220.850.023.84.828.616.
Ridgway Area Middle SchoolRidgway Area School District6-
Centerville Middle SchoolHempfield School District7-
Cornell Elementary SchoolCornell School District3-61.41.5-2.6610.06.716.714.
West Penn Township Elementary SchoolTamaqua Area School District3-
Camp Curtin AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-82.40.6-
John B. Stetson Charter SchoolJohn B. Stetson Charter School5-80.50.6-4.431.
Infinity Charter SchoolInfinity Charter School3-
Newport Middle SchoolNewport School District6-83.70.8-0.6325.06.931.915.90.015.922.84.126.9
Indian Valley Intermediate SchoolMifflin County School District4-
Charles W Longer Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-62.51.1-1.4746.76.753.319.78.227.930.510.641.2
South Side Middle SchoolSouth Side Area School District6-8-0.60.8-2.3217.70.017.726.67.834.418.83.622.3
Murray Avenue SchoolLower Moreland Township School District6-
Juniata Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolJuniata Valley School District6-112.40.9-
Jefferson-Morgan Middle/High SchoolJefferson-Morgan School District7-
Grover Cleveland Elementary SchoolErie City School District3-
Highland Middle SchoolBlackhawk School District5-8-1.60.5-3.4238.08.846.728.38.837.127.57.535.026.06.532.5
Klein Elementary SchoolHarbor Creek School District3-63.31.1-0.4339.312.551.847.525.472.941.524.666.2
Peters Township Middle SchoolPeters Township School District6-
Shanksville-Stonycreek Middle SchoolShanksville-Stonycreek School District6-
Jersey Shore Middle SchoolJersey Shore Area School District6-
Saint Clair Area Elementary/Middle SchoolSaint Clair Area School District3-81.10.9-2.2728.313.241.524.
West Snyder Elementary SchoolMidd-West School District3-
Holicong Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District7-9-0.10.5-0.2434.513.347.829.210.740.0
Boyce Middle SchoolUpper Saint Clair School District5-
Farmdale Elementary SchoolHempfield School District3-
Steel Valley Middle SchoolSteel Valley School District5-8-2.90.7-6.3112.02.414.511.96.818.618.34.923.213.14.417.4
West End Elementary SchoolCrawford Central School District3-
Forest Hills Elementary SchoolForest Hills School District3-60.50.7-3.5234.121.255.320.83.324.228.814.443.2
Pequea Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-64.41.4-0.6654.
Delcroft SchoolSoutheast Delco School District3-8-0.71.1-2.862.
Avonworth Middle SchoolAvonworth School District6-
Shikellamy Middle School (8372)Shikellamy School District6-
Log College Middle SchoolCentennial School District6-
Edgewood Elementary SchoolPennsbury School District3-
Garden Spot Middle SchoolEastern Lancaster County School District7-
Lycoming Valley Intermediate SchoolWilliamsport Area School District4-61.40.7-1.4031.513.445.
Sheffield M/HsWarren County School District6-
Swarthmore-Rutledge SchoolWallingford-Swarthmore School District3-
Towamensing Elementary SchoolPalmerton Area School District3-
Maple Avenue Middle SchoolLittlestown Area School District6-82.80.6-0.1416.31.617.914.04.718.717.23.420.6
Conewago Elementary SchoolLower Dauphin School District3-
Blain Elementary SchoolWest Perry School District3-
Dingman-Delaware Middle SchoolDelaware Valley School District6-
Purchase Line Elementary SchoolPurchase Line School District3-63.11.1-0.7728.87.736.
Choconut Valley Elementary SchoolMontrose Area School District3-63.61.5-1.8119.230.850.030.22.332.633.39.542.9
Central Cambria Middle SchoolCentral Cambria School District6-
Gladwyne SchoolLower Merion School District3-
Walnut Creek Middle SchoolMillcreek Township School District6-
Meyersdale Area Middle SchoolMeyersdale Area School District6-
New Hope-Solebury Middle SchoolNew Hope-Solebury School District6-
Tunkhannock Area Intermediate SchoolTunkhannock Area School District3-
Smith Middle SchoolSolanco School District6-82.20.6-
Patricia A Guth Elementary SchoolPennridge School District3-
Bradford Hgts Elementary SchoolDowningtown Area School District3-
South Side Elementary SchoolSouth Side Area School District3-
Spring Creek Elementary SchoolState College Area School District3-
Grandview Elementary SchoolDerry Area School District3-
Montgomery Elementary SchoolMontgomery Area School District3-
Shenango Elementary SchoolShenango Area School District3-62.51.0-1.3025.
Avon Grove Charter SchoolAvon Grove Charter School3-
Vernfield Elementary SchoolSouderton Area School District3-
Bridge Valley Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Francis S Grandinetti Elementary SchoolRidgway Area School District3-
Williamsburg Community Junior/Senior High SchoolWilliamsburg Community School District7-
Souderton Charter School CollaborativeSouderton Charter School Collaborative3-
Hannah PennYork City School District3-
Oakview Elementary SchoolWest Middlesex Area School District4-6