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Report School Search, Year 2022

Reference School

Scott Middle School in Coatesville Area School District (Chester, IU 24)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade6Max State Tested Grade6
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged57% Tested English Learner12
% Tested IEP32% Graduation RateN/A

Comparison Schools

For Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Math

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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SchoolDistrictTested GradesGrowth MeasureStd Errsorted ascendingAverage Growth IndexGrade 6Across Grades
% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total
Link to School Value AddedScott Middle SchoolCoatesville Area School District6-6-4.00.7-6.0310.11.211.310.11.211.3
Link to School Value AddedMarsh Creek Sixth Grade CenterDowningtown Area School District6-6-7.50.4-18.8926.314.841.026.314.841.0
Link to School Value AddedEphrata Intermediate SchoolEphrata Area School District5-6-6.30.5-13.2926.310.837.026.98.535.4
Link to School Value AddedTitusville Middle SchoolTitusville Area School District6-8-7.80.6-13.2717.59.827.310.15.015.1
Link to School Value AddedLenape Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District6-9-6.80.5-12.4324.76.631.3
Link to School Value AddedStrath Haven Middle SchoolWallingford-Swarthmore School District6-8-5.20.4-11.6827.424.051.423.520.744.2
Link to School Value AddedEaston Area Middle SchoolEaston Area School District6-8-4.00.4-11.1715.33.719.
Link to School Value AddedReach Cyber Charter SchoolReach Cyber Charter School3-11-6.60.6-
Link to School Value AddedCommonwealth Charter Academy Charter SchoolCommonwealth Charter Academy Charter School3-12-6.10.6-9.8013.63.817.416.28.624.8
Link to School Value AddedSusquenita Middle SchoolSusquenita School District5-8-5.00.5-9.5821.47.629.
Link to School Value AddedGovernor Mifflin Middle SchoolGovernor Mifflin School District6-8-4.90.5-8.9812.22.514.6
Link to School Value AddedPennsylvania Cyber Charter SchoolPennsylvania Cyber Charter School3-12-3.10.4-8.7110.22.612.915.36.021.4
Link to School Value AddedPennsylvania Leadership Charter SchoolPennsylvania Leadership Charter School3-11-4.20.5-8.4320.112.532.620.513.333.7
Link to School Value AddedWaynesboro Area Middle School (8408)Waynesboro Area School District6-8-3.20.4-8.3016.910.427.314.99.124.1
Link to School Value AddedMifflin County Middle SchoolMifflin County School District6-7-3.70.4-8.2015.46.421.915.06.521.6
Link to School Value AddedHamburg Area Middle SchoolHamburg Area School District6-8-4.50.6-7.9321.
Link to School Value AddedPennridge South Middle SchoolPennridge School District6-8-4.80.6-7.8215.90.716.614.12.416.5
Link to School Value AddedManheim Township Middle SchoolManheim Township School District6-8-3.30.4-7.7123.713.136.8
Link to School Value AddedPennfield Middle SchoolNorth Penn School District5-9-4.00.5-7.4720.49.730.1
Link to School Value AddedWest Greene Elementary CenterWest Greene School District3-6-7.11.0-7.420.
Link to School Value AddedSharpsville Area Middle SchoolSharpsville Area School District6-8-6.00.8-7.4221.64.025.714.02.216.2
Link to School Value AddedArmstrong Junior/Senior High SchoolArmstrong School District6-11-4.00.5-7.3921.08.929.9
Link to School Value AddedDefranco Elementary School (8450)Bangor Area School District5-6-4.60.6-7.3418.214.833.023.914.638.5
Link to School Value AddedAmbridge Area Middle SchoolAmbridge Area School District6-8-4.30.6-
Link to School Value AddedSolomon/Plains Middle SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District6-8-4.60.6-
Link to School Value AddedBellefonte Area Middle SchoolBellefonte Area School District6-8-3.70.5-7.2122.412.234.722.07.629.7
Link to School Value AddedAgora Cyber Charter SchoolAgora Cyber Charter School3-12-4.10.6-
Link to School Value AddedPhilipsburg-Osceola Area Middle SchoolPhilipsburg-Osceola Area School District6-8-4.40.6-7.1429.411.941.317.85.123.0
Link to School Value AddedTamanend Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District6-9-3.60.5-6.8825.49.334.7
Link to School Value AddedUnami Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District6-9-3.70.6-6.7224.714.339.0
Link to School Value AddedChartiers Valley Middle SchoolChartiers Valley School District6-8-2.90.4-6.5721.26.627.817.25.422.5
Link to School Value AddedElizabethtown Area Middle SchoolElizabethtown Area School District6-8-2.90.4-6.4723.713.437.223.010.633.6
Link to School Value AddedBangor Area Middle SchoolBangor Area School District6-8-4.20.7-6.4520.210.530.7
Link to School Value AddedNorth Star East Middle SchoolNorth Star School District5-8-4.30.7-6.3918.82.521.219.93.523.4
Link to School Value AddedCollegium Charter SchoolCollegium Charter School3-12-2.30.4-
Link to School Value AddedFloyd C Fretz Middle SchoolBradford Area School District6-8-3.20.5-6.1515.810.926.818.110.929.0
Link to School Value AddedBrownsville Area Middle SchoolBrownsville Area School District6-11-4.70.8-
Link to School Value AddedScott Middle SchoolCoatesville Area School District6-6-4.00.7-6.0310.11.211.310.11.211.3
Link to School Value AddedConemaugh Valley Elementary SchoolConemaugh Valley School District3-6-5.20.9-5.9920.80.020.816.51.818.4
Link to School Value AddedExeter Township Junior High SchoolExeter Township School District6-8-3.10.5-5.9621.77.629.3
Link to School Value AddedPennridge Central Middle SchoolPennridge School District6-10-3.20.5-5.9522.98.831.819.65.224.8
Link to School Value AddedKnoch Middle SchoolKnoch School District6-8-3.20.6-5.8915.615.631.218.79.328.0
Link to School Value AddedSusquehanna Township Middle SchoolSusquehanna Township School District6-8-2.90.5-5.834.
Link to School Value AddedVictory Elementary SchoolFranklin Area School District3-6-6.61.1-5.8027.610.337.922.96.129.0
Link to School Value AddedBala-Cynwyd Middle SchoolLower Merion School District6-8-2.20.4-5.6324.847.372.128.437.465.7
Link to School Value AddedLower Macungie Middle SchoolEast Penn School District6-8-2.20.4-5.6123.28.631.818.06.224.1
Link to School Value AddedJ R Fugett Middle SchoolWest Chester Area School District6-8-2.80.5-5.5728.821.450.222.011.934.0
Link to School Value AddedTwin Valley Middle SchoolTwin Valley School District5-8-2.30.4-5.5324.
Link to School Value AddedPennridge North Middle SchoolPennridge School District6-8-2.70.5-5.4327.
Link to School Value AddedWest Allegheny Middle SchoolWest Allegheny School District6-8-2.30.4-5.4229.138.967.928.427.455.8
Link to School Value AddedSlippery Rock Area Middle SchoolSlippery Rock Area School District6-8-3.10.6-5.4027.526.153.623.417.641.1
Link to School Value AddedKennett Middle SchoolKennett Consolidated School District6-8-2.20.4-5.4022.116.738.821.212.333.5
Link to School Value AddedFort Leboeuf Middle SchoolFort Leboeuf School District6-8-2.90.5-5.3525.530.656.023.621.545.0
Link to School Value AddedSandycreek Elementary SchoolFranklin Area School District3-6-5.00.9-5.3222.07.329.326.97.534.4
Link to School Value AddedWilson Southern Middle SchoolWilson School District6-8-3.20.6-5.2815.99.725.615.05.820.8
Link to School Value AddedHampton Middle SchoolHampton Township School District6-8-2.50.5-5.2834.518.252.728.923.652.5
Link to School Value AddedNorthley Middle SchoolPenn-Delco School District6-8-2.40.5-5.2621.89.331.017.37.925.2
Link to School Value AddedDonegal Intermediate SchoolDonegal School District3-6-2.50.5-5.2321.910.532.425.014.439.4
Link to School Value AddedSt Marys Area Middle SchoolSaint Marys Area School District6-9-3.20.6-5.1823.35.028.318.43.522.0
Link to School Value AddedBrookville Junior/Senior High SchoolBrookville Area School District6-11-4.20.8-5.1514.117.431.5
Link to School Value AddedBlue Mountain Middle SchoolBlue Mountain School District6-8-2.60.5-5.1226.38.134.422.75.928.6
Link to School Value AddedRiver Valley Middle SchoolRiver Valley School District6-9-3.60.7-5.0615.49.925.318.88.827.6
Link to School Value AddedCentral York Middle SchoolCentral York School District6-8-2.30.4-5.0215.45.821.2
Link to School Value AddedGreater Johnstown Middle SchoolGreater Johnstown School District5-7-2.80.6-4.965.
Link to School Value AddedCentral Dauphin Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-2.30.5-4.9427.516.644.122.911.234.1
Link to School Value AddedEyer Middle SchoolEast Penn School District6-8-2.10.4-4.9325.57.833.326.811.838.6
Link to School Value AddedShaler Area Elementary SchoolShaler Area School District4-6-1.90.4-4.8920.010.930.924.910.235.1
Link to School Value AddedNorthwestern Middle SchoolNorthwestern School District6-8-3.40.7-4.8822.311.734.018.15.723.8
Link to School Value AddedSpring Cove Middle SchoolSpring Cove School District6-8-2.90.6-4.8612.66.719.312.65.418.0
Link to School Value AddedChester Community Charter SchoolChester Community Charter School3-8-2.10.4-4.812.
Link to School Value AddedPunxsutawney Area Elementary SchoolPunxsutawney Area School District3-6-2.60.6-4.7527.211.638.825.716.242.0
Link to School Value AddedJamison Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-6-3.60.8-4.7425.329.154.431.626.658.2
Link to School Value AddedMahanoy Area Elementary SchoolMahanoy Area School District3-6-3.70.8-4.716.
Link to School Value AddedEphrata Middle SchoolEphrata Area School District6-8-2.40.5-4.6919.74.023.6
Link to School Value AddedBear Creek Community Charter SchoolBear Creek Community Charter School3-8-3.30.7-4.6314.64.218.824.07.131.1
Link to School Value AddedLehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter SchoolLehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School3-12-2.10.5-4.6224.37.131.422.67.430.0
Link to School Value AddedRedbank Valley High SchoolRedbank Valley School District6-12-3.60.8-4.5525.47.532.821.44.826.2
Link to School Value AddedOswayo Valley Middle SchoolOswayo Valley School District6-8-5.61.3-4.4318.83.121.915.48.824.2
Link to School Value AddedPalisades Middle SchoolPalisades School District6-8-3.00.7-4.4225.24.029.328.07.135.0
Link to School Value AddedConemaugh Township Area Middle/Senior High SchoolConemaugh Township Area School District6-11-3.70.9-4.3932.814.947.829.721.651.3
Link to School Value AddedPort Allegany Elementary SchoolPort Allegany School District3-6-3.50.8-4.3714.310.024.317.36.223.5
Link to School Value AddedMarshall Middle SchoolNorth Allegheny School District6-8-1.90.4-4.3628.735.163.832.029.661.6
Link to School Value AddedMaple Point Middle SchoolNeshaminy School District5-8-1.60.4-4.3521.87.329.120.46.627.0
Link to School Value AddedDuquesne Elementary SchoolDuquesne City School District3-6-4.31.0-4.314.
Link to School Value AddedFranklin Regional Middle SchoolFranklin Regional School District6-8-1.90.4-4.2931.622.053.628.620.048.6
Link to School Value AddedLycoming Valley Intermediate SchoolWilliamsport Area School District4-6-2.20.5-4.2923.614.938.525.413.438.9
Link to School Value AddedPaxon Hollow Middle SchoolMarple Newtown School District6-8-2.00.5-4.2527.719.146.928.016.744.7
Link to School Value AddedHolicong Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District6-9-2.10.5-4.2330.611.041.6
Link to School Value AddedFrancis D Raub Middle SchoolAllentown City School District6-8-2.50.6-
Link to School Value AddedEast Hills Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-8-2.70.7-4.1818.04.422.416.75.221.9
Link to School Value AddedArts Academy Charter SchoolArts Academy Charter School5-8-3.90.9-
Link to School Value AddedLower Dauphin Middle SchoolLower Dauphin School District6-8-1.80.4-4.1625.96.332.223.47.531.0
Link to School Value AddedPennsylvania Virtual Charter SchoolPennsylvania Virtual Charter School3-11-2.50.6-4.1516.45.722.017.57.825.3
Link to School Value AddedKutztown Area Middle SchoolKutztown Area School District6-8-3.60.9-4.1320.59.029.520.86.827.6
Link to School Value AddedLine Mountain Middle SchoolLine Mountain School District5-8-2.70.7-4.1011.99.020.913.15.018.1
Link to School Value AddedCarson Middle SchoolNorth Allegheny School District6-8-2.00.5-4.1028.522.050.527.619.146.7
Link to School Value AddedWest Forest Elementary SchoolForest Area School District3-6-6.71.6-4.0921.47.128.620.66.427.0
Link to School Value AddedLakeview Middle-High SchoolLakeview School District6-11-3.50.9-4.0818.917.035.821.612.534.1
Link to School Value AddedCentral Mountain Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-8-1.60.4-4.0617.66.824.315.08.023.0
Link to School Value AddedFounders Hall Middle SchoolMckeesport Area School District6-8-2.00.5-3.959.72.412.
Link to School Value AddedCurwensville Area Elementary SchoolCurwensville Area School District3-6-3.40.9-3.9338.
Link to School Value AddedHighlands Middle SchoolHighlands School District5-8-1.90.5-3.8710.54.314.817.54.722.3
Link to School Value AddedMountain View Elementary SchoolGreater Latrobe School District3-6-2.70.7-3.8534.112.947.
Link to School Value AddedCamp Hill Middle SchoolCamp Hill School District6-8-2.80.7-3.8342.523.065.528.79.137.8
Link to School Value AddedLehman Intermediate SchoolEast Stroudsburg Area School District6-8-2.70.7-3.7814.60.615.28.91.710.6
Link to School Value AddedBenjamin Franklin Middle SchoolBristol Township School District6-8-1.90.5-3.746.
Link to School Value AddedSnyder Elementary SchoolSayre Area School District3-6-3.10.8-3.7123.01.624.629.69.639.2
Link to School Value AddedClarion-Limestone Elementary SchoolClarion-Limestone Area School District3-6-3.20.9-3.6632.813.145.932.017.149.1
Link to School Value AddedSheffield M/HsWarren County School District6-11-4.31.2-3.6514.30.014.314.21.815.9
Link to School Value AddedInsight PA Cyber Charter SchoolInsight PA Cyber Charter School3-12-3.71.0-3.634.
Link to School Value AddedPenn's Grove SchoolOxford Area School District6-8-2.00.6-3.6018.38.827.1
Link to School Value AddedAcmetonia Elementary SchoolAllegheny Valley School District3-6-3.00.8-3.5912.96.419.418.25.723.9
Link to School Value AddedNorth Hills Elementary SchoolCentral York School District4-6-1.80.5-3.5816.35.421.719.04.423.4
Link to School Value AddedCurtin Intermediate SchoolWilliamsport Area School District4-6-1.80.5-3.5712.911.724.514.99.924.8
Link to School Value AddedNorthern Middle SchoolNorthern York County School District6-8-1.60.4-3.4924.513.638.219.98.728.6
Link to School Value AddedConneaut Valley Middle SchoolConneaut School District5-8-2.40.7-3.4620.39.429.722.48.130.5
Link to School Value AddedMaplewood Elementary SchoolPenncrest School District3-6-2.80.8-3.4613.61.515.
Link to School Value AddedJersey Shore Middle SchoolJersey Shore Area School District6-8-1.90.5-3.4322.714.236.920.09.829.8
Link to School Value AddedTamaqua Area Middle SchoolTamaqua Area School District6-8-2.00.6-3.4224.69.834.416.45.121.4
Link to School Value AddedDanville Area Middle SchoolDanville Area School District6-8-1.90.5-3.4118.818.237.024.618.543.1
Link to School Value AddedFrederick Douglass Mastery Charter SchoolFrederick Douglass Mastery Charter School3-8-3.61.1-3.401.
Link to School Value AddedGroveland Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-6-2.00.6-3.3823.814.838.528.114.542.6
Link to School Value AddedRadnor Middle SchoolRadnor Township School District6-8-1.50.4-3.3531.339.370.632.033.565.5
Link to School Value AddedSandburg Middle SchoolNeshaminy School District5-8-1.70.5-3.3520.69.630.119.96.926.8
Link to School Value AddedEastern Lebanon County Middle SchoolEastern Lebanon County School District6-8-1.70.5-3.3113.17.820.910.23.413.6
Link to School Value AddedDallastown Area Intermediate SchoolDallastown Area School District4-6-1.10.3-3.2921.612.734.428.618.446.9
Link to School Value AddedMinersville Area Elementary CenterMinersville Area School District3-6-2.70.8-3.2517.73.821.522.26.929.1
Link to School Value AddedKeystone Elementary SchoolKeystone School District3-6-2.80.9-3.2230.612.943.634.318.152.3
Link to School Value AddedLinden Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-6-3.00.9-3.2127.120.347.537.722.860.5
Link to School Value AddedMillersburg Area Middle SchoolMillersburg Area School District6-8-2.90.9-3.2028.321.750.
Link to School Value AddedParadise Elementary SchoolPequea Valley School District3-6-2.60.8-
Link to School Value AddedPennsylvania Distance Learning Charter SchoolPennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School3-11-2.20.7-
Link to School Value AddedWyoming Valley West Middle SchoolWyoming Valley West School District6-8-1.40.5-
Link to School Value AddedWilson West Middle SchoolWilson School District6-8-1.70.5-3.0619.813.
Link to School Value AddedIndian Valley Middle SchoolSouderton Area School District6-8-1.40.4-3.0535.217.853.032.117.849.9
Link to School Value AddedRowland AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-8-1.60.5-
Link to School Value AddedArthur Chester A SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-7.82.6-3.0214.220.634.8
Link to School Value AddedBentworth Middle SchoolBentworth School District5-8-1.90.6-3.0119.812.432.120.76.327.0
Link to School Value AddedUpper Merion Middle SchoolUpper Merion Area School District5-8-1.20.4-2.9921.022.643.623.216.139.4
Link to School Value AddedWattsburg Area Middle SchoolWattsburg Area School District5-8-1.80.6-2.9623.423.446.822.311.133.4
Link to School Value AddedSalisbury Middle SchoolSalisbury Township School District5-8-1.80.6-2.9410.
Link to School Value AddedJ T Lambert Intermediate SchoolEast Stroudsburg Area School District6-8-1.70.6-2.9312.42.715.18.72.711.4
Link to School Value AddedWalnut Creek Middle SchoolMillcreek Township School District6-8-1.70.6-2.9328.130.558.627.620.848.4
Link to School Value AddedMazie Gable Elementary SchoolRed Lion Area School District3-6-2.40.8-2.8817.53.521.
Link to School Value AddedSmoketown Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-6-2.20.8-2.8725.09.734.728.412.440.8
Link to School Value AddedLinglestown Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-1.30.5-2.8520.
Link to School Value AddedLamberton Middle SchoolCarlisle Area School District6-8-1.70.6-2.8426.37.734.021.010.431.3
Link to School Value AddedOctorara Intermediate SchoolOctorara Area School District5-6-2.20.8-2.8313.43.917.316.95.422.2
Link to School Value AddedCanton Area Elementary SchoolCanton Area School District3-6-2.50.9-2.8232.77.740.431.214.345.4
Link to School Value AddedBellwood Antis Middle SchoolBellwood-Antis School District5-8-1.70.6-2.7920.06.326.318.67.326.0
Link to School Value AddedSpring Grove Area Intermediate SchoolSpring Grove Area School District5-6-1.40.5-2.7429.614.443.929.412.942.2
Link to School Value AddedMiddletown Area Middle SchoolMiddletown Area School District6-8-1.50.6-2.7113.
Link to School Value AddedMartic Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-6-2.71.0-2.6923.318.641.930.320.851.1
Link to School Value AddedIngomar Middle SchoolNorth Allegheny School District6-8-1.40.5-2.6731.233.364.530.627.157.6
Link to School Value AddedFerndale Elementary SchoolFerndale Area School District3-6-2.71.0-2.6711.14.415.616.89.626.4
Link to School Value AddedCorry Area Middle SchoolCorry Area School District6-8-1.60.6-2.6722.716.439.117.36.623.9
Link to School Value AddedTitus Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-6-1.90.7-2.6624.719.444.129.921.151.0
Link to School Value AddedCharles A Huston Middle SchoolBurrell School District6-8-1.90.7-2.6512.52.515.013.45.318.7
Link to School Value AddedEagle View Middle SchoolCumberland Valley School District6-8-1.10.4-2.6425.719.945.726.216.442.5
Link to School Value AddedWilliams Valley Elementary SchoolWilliams Valley School District3-6-2.20.8-2.6311.70.011.718.04.322.3
Link to School Value AddedUnion Area Middle SchoolUnion Area School District6-8-2.51.0-2.5719.
Link to School Value AddedMount Nittany Middle SchoolState College Area School District5-8-1.30.5-2.5623.430.053.322.221.844.0
Link to School Value AddedPropel Charter School-MontourPropel Charter School-Montour3-11-1.70.7-2.554.
Link to School Value AddedPennwood Middle SchoolPennsbury School District6-8-1.20.5-2.5217.312.029.220.913.134.1
Link to School Value AddedWilliam Penn Middle SchoolPennsbury School District6-8-1.10.4-2.5123.114.437.622.813.636.3
Link to School Value AddedKnapp Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-6-2.10.8-2.5111.19.320.425.412.337.7
Link to School Value AddedJohn Beck Elementary SchoolWarwick School District3-6-2.10.9-2.5026.326.352.632.623.856.5
Link to School Value Added21st Century Cyber Charter School21st Century Cyber Charter School6-12-2.91.2-2.4820.65.926.518.511.329.8
Link to School Value AddedCharles F Patton Middle SchoolUnionville-Chadds Ford School District6-8-1.00.4-2.4831.724.356.030.723.954.6
Link to School Value AddedFort Cherry Elementary CenterFort Cherry School District3-6-2.00.8-2.4726.615.642.236.314.150.4
Link to School Value AddedA J Mcmullen SchoolUniontown Area School District6-8-2.81.2-2.4119.45.625.013.33.516.8
Link to School Value AddedRice Avenue Middle SchoolGirard School District5-8-1.30.6-2.4019.820.840.621.020.141.2
Link to School Value AddedPottstown Middle SchoolPottstown School District5-8-1.10.5-2.407.
Link to School Value AddedWaring Laura W SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-6.82.9-2.382.11.43.6
Link to School Value AddedMusser Elementary SchoolSharon City School District3-6-2.71.1-2.370.02.72.716.01.417.4
Link to School Value AddedMontessori Regional Charter SchoolMontessori Regional Charter School3-6-1.90.8-2.3613.83.417.214.46.921.3
Link to School Value AddedSouthern Huntingdon County HS/MSSouthern Huntingdon County School District6-11-1.80.8-2.3514.14.718.814.92.017.0
Link to School Value AddedNew Cumberland Middle SchoolWest Shore School District6-8-1.20.5-2.3413.310.824.013.26.820.0
Link to School Value AddedTohickon Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District6-9-1.20.5-2.3426.414.040.4
Link to School Value AddedSugar Valley Rural Charter SchoolSugar Valley Rural Charter School3-11-2.10.9-2.3115.63.118.818.74.122.8
Link to School Value AddedMoss Side Middle School (8489)Gateway School District5-8-0.90.4-2.2819.013.332.318.89.228.0
Link to School Value AddedMastery Charter School - Mann CampusMastery Charter School-Mann Campus3-6-2.51.1-
Link to School Value AddedAvella Elementary CenterAvella Area School District3-6-2.51.1-
Link to School Value AddedShamokin Area Intermediate SchoolShamokin Area School District5-6-1.50.7-2.2512.53.115.615.14.419.5
Link to School Value AddedRidley Middle SchoolRidley School District6-8-0.80.4-2.2016.67.924.614.06.020.0
Link to School Value AddedHalifax Area Middle SchoolHalifax Area School District5-8-1.60.7-2.1622.74.627.318.55.824.2
Link to School Value AddedLehighton Area Middle SchoolLehighton Area School District6-8-1.20.6-2.1418.56.224.717.94.322.1
Link to School Value AddedWestern Wayne Middle SchoolWestern Wayne School District6-8-1.40.7-2.1419.25.825.018.55.724.2
Link to School Value AddedSwatara Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-1.10.5-
Link to School Value AddedAvonworth Elementary SchoolAvonworth School District3-6-1.20.5-2.1229.728.458.
Link to School Value AddedWest York Area Middle SchoolWest York Area School District6-8-1.00.5-2.1210.66.016.612.07.019.0
Link to School Value AddedGrove City Area Middle SchoolGrove City Area School District6-8-1.30.6-2.1124.520.845.322.514.236.7
Link to School Value AddedButler Middle SchoolButler Area School District5-6-0.90.4-2.1131.218.649.930.315.245.5
Link to School Value AddedArcola Intermediate SchoolMethacton School District6-8-1.00.5-2.1124.811.936.7
Link to School Value AddedNorthern Lebanon Middle School (8310)Northern Lebanon School District6-8-1.20.6-2.0919.28.727.915.64.820.4
Link to School Value AddedNorth Schuylkill Elementary SchoolNorth Schuylkill School District3-6-1.10.5-
Link to School Value AddedCatasauqua Middle SchoolCatasauqua Area School District5-8-1.30.6-2.0818.37.726.016.45.822.2
Link to School Value AddedAvon Grove Charter SchoolAvon Grove Charter School3-11-1.00.5-2.0723.19.532.622.816.238.9
Link to School Value AddedBridge Valley Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-6-1.40.7-2.0624.530.655.134.328.362.6
Link to School Value AddedUnion City Middle SchoolUnion City Area School District6-8-1.70.8-2.0618.88.727.519.38.227.5
Link to School Value AddedBrecknock Elementary SchoolEastern Lancaster County School District3-6-1.70.8-2.0612.57.820.318.913.432.4
Link to School Value AddedSusquehanna Community Elementary SchoolSusquehanna Community School District3-6-1.70.9-2.059.814.824.625.99.235.1
Link to School Value AddedTroy Intermediate SchoolTroy Area School District3-6-1.30.6-
Link to School Value AddedBeaty-Warren Middle SchoolWarren County School District5-8-1.00.5-2.0211.28.820.016.85.622.5
Link to School Value AddedSteel Valley Middle SchoolSteel Valley School District5-8-1.30.7-2.0211.93.014.812.44.516.9
Link to School Value AddedDavid E Williams Middle SchoolMontour School District5-8-0.80.4-1.9528.924.253.129.526.756.2
Link to School Value AddedCentral Columbia Middle SchoolCentral Columbia School District5-8-0.90.5-1.9223.939.062.925.625.350.9
Link to School Value AddedBerwick Area Middle SchoolBerwick Area School District5-8-0.80.4-1.9124.011.835.819.77.427.1
Link to School Value AddedEden Hall Upper Elementary SchoolPine-Richland School District4-6-0.70.4-1.9032.836.369.035.329.865.1
Link to School Value AddedDubois Area Middle SchoolDubois Area School District5-8-0.70.4-1.8920.511.231.822.59.832.4
Link to School Value AddedWestmont Hilltop Elementary SchoolWestmont Hilltop School District3-6-1.20.6-1.8817.06.623.625.416.441.7
Link to School Value AddedDallas Middle SchoolDallas School District6-8-1.10.6-1.8722.
Link to School Value AddedHope For Hyndman Charter SchoolHope For Hyndman Charter School3-11-3.51.8-1.874.44.48.8
Link to School Value AddedCocalico Middle SchoolCocalico School District6-8-0.80.5-1.8624.129.753.823.714.638.3
Link to School Value AddedPenns Valley Area Junior/Senior High SchoolPenns Valley Area School District6-11-1.60.8-1.8635.219.154.3
Link to School Value AddedBeverly Hills Middle SchoolUpper Darby School District6-8-0.80.4-1.844.
Link to School Value AddedSalisbury-Elk Lick Elementary SchoolSalisbury-Elk Lick School District3-6-2.81.6-1.8221.015.836.829.616.946.5
Link to School Value AddedBald Eagle Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBald Eagle Area School District6-12-1.20.7-1.7924.625.450.
Link to School Value AddedWoodland Elementary SchoolCameron County School District3-6-1.81.0-1.7920.06.726.730.317.047.3
Link to School Value AddedAllegheny-Clarion Valley ElementaryAllegheny-Clarion Valley School District3-6-1.71.0-1.777.19.516.722.215.337.5
Link to School Value AddedSpring Forge Intermediate SchoolNortheastern York School District4-6-1.10.6-1.7725.814.640.429.913.243.1
Link to School Value AddedMonessen Middle SchoolMonessen City School District6-8-2.01.2-1.776.
Link to School Value AddedTilden William T Middle SchoolPhiladelphia City School District5-8-3.72.1-1.772.
Link to School Value AddedVida Charter SchoolVida Charter School3-6-2.11.2-1.7716.
Link to School Value AddedWarwick Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-6-1.30.8-1.7714.622.036.630.122.552.5
Link to School Value AddedCircle Of Seasons Charter SchoolCircle Of Seasons Charter School3-8-1.50.8-1.7722.26.728.922.88.531.3
Link to School Value AddedSteelton-Highspire Elementary SchoolSteelton-Highspire School District3-6-1.40.8-1.762.
Link to School Value AddedEisenhower M/HsWarren County School District6-12-1.60.9-1.7620.012.532.520.58.829.3
Link to School Value AddedPleasant Hills Middle SchoolWest Jefferson Hills School District6-8-0.80.4-1.7522.716.639.222.311.533.8
Link to School Value AddedSullivan Co Elementary School (8180)Sullivan County School District3-6-1.71.0-1.7315.22.217.424.43.628.0
Link to School Value AddedIndian Crest Middle SchoolSouderton Area School District6-8-0.80.5-1.7323.517.240.723.213.837.0
Link to School Value AddedGettysburg Montessori Charter SchoolGettysburg Montessori Charter School3-6-2.21.3-1.7233.30.033.320.913.234.1
Link to School Value AddedHarlan Rowe Middle SchoolAthens Area School District6-8-1.00.6-1.7122.66.128.720.45.125.6
Link to School Value AddedFleetwood Middle SchoolFleetwood Area School District5-8-0.80.5-1.7024.
Link to School Value AddedBlue Ball Elementary SchoolEastern Lancaster County School District3-6-1.50.9-1.7025.413.639.027.411.839.2
Link to School Value AddedDrexel Hill Middle SchoolUpper Darby School District6-8-0.70.4-1.698.53.311.
Link to School Value AddedMidd-West Middle SchoolMidd-West School District6-7-1.20.7-1.6827.318.746.026.514.440.9
Link to School Value AddedForest City Regional Elementary SchoolForest City Regional School District3-6-1.60.9-1.6736.47.343.630.59.540.0
Link to School Value AddedFranklin Towne Charter Elementary SchoolFranklin Towne Charter Elementary School3-8-1.40.8-1.6713.61.014.625.66.432.0
Link to School Value AddedDingman-Delaware Middle SchoolDelaware Valley School District6-8-1.00.6-1.6627.67.234.921.16.928.0
Link to School Value AddedHighland Middle SchoolBlackhawk School District5-8-0.80.5-1.6634.921.055.926.510.036.5
Link to School Value AddedMaST Community Charter School IIIMaST Community Charter School III3-7-0.80.5-1.633.
Link to School Value AddedTrinity Middle SchoolTrinity Area School District6-8-0.70.4-1.6331.319.751.023.79.733.5
Link to School Value AddedGreenville Elementary SchoolGreenville Area School District3-6-1.10.7-1.6319.06.325.325.712.438.1
Link to School Value AddedClairton Middle/High SchoolClairton City School District6-11-1.40.9-1.600.
Link to School Value AddedMeyersdale Area Middle SchoolMeyersdale Area School District6-8-1.40.9-1.5941.
Link to School Value AddedMercer Area Elementary SchoolMercer Area School District3-6-1.30.8-1.5729.83.533.336.317.854.1
Link to School Value AddedMahantongo Elementary SchoolTri-Valley School District3-6-2.21.4-1.5713.69.122.727.47.134.5
Link to School Value AddedWallenpaupack Area Middle SchoolWallenpaupack Area School District6-8-0.80.5-1.5514.44.318.622.06.128.1
Link to School Value AddedClarion Area Elementary SchoolClarion Area School District3-6-1.30.9-1.5421.213.534.626.015.441.4
Link to School Value AddedSwift Middle SchoolSolanco School District6-8-1.10.7-1.5423.314.637.916.49.826.1
Link to School Value AddedPleasant View Elementary SchoolRed Lion Area School District3-6-1.30.9-1.5328.36.735.028.110.338.4
Link to School Value AddedLaboratory Charter SchoolLaboratory Charter School3-8-1.40.9-1.512.
Link to School Value AddedDunmore Elementary CenterDunmore School District3-6-1.00.7-1.5017.44.421.725.313.638.9
Link to School Value AddedCommodore Perry SchoolCommodore Perry School District3-6-1.81.2-1.5032.39.741.929.615.244.7
Link to School Value AddedAvalon Elementary SchoolNorthgate School District3-6-1.91.3-1.4911.57.719.219.38.427.7
Link to School Value AddedMellon Middle SchoolMt Lebanon School District4-8-0.80.5-1.4728.832.361.128.227.956.1
Link to School Value AddedCentral Manor Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-6-1.10.7-1.4722.427.149.434.625.460.0
Link to School Value AddedPoquessing Middle SchoolNeshaminy School District5-8-0.60.4-1.4623.113.536.520.99.029.9
Link to School Value AddedWest Oak Lane Charter SchoolWest Oak Lane Charter School3-8-0.90.6-1.453.
Link to School Value AddedMount Union Area Junior High SchoolMount Union Area School District6-8-1.10.7-1.4511.62.914.68.41.910.3
Link to School Value Added