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Report School Search, Year 2021

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Twin Valley High School in Twin Valley School District (Berks, IU 14)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade9Max State Tested Grade12
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged22% Tested English Learner1
% Tested IEP14% Graduation RateN/A

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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SchoolDistrictTested GradesGrowth MeasureStd Errsorted ascendingAverage Growth Index% Prof% Adv% Total
Twin Valley High SchoolTwin Valley School District9-12-4.02.1-1.8649.67.156.8
Dauphin County Technical SchoolDauphin County Technical School9-11-45.52.6-17.7214.42.516.9
William Penn Senior High SchoolYork City School District9-12-29.52.1-13.906.00.36.2
Pennridge High SchoolPennridge School District9-10-17.11.4-11.9146.88.054.9
Penncrest High SchoolRose Tree Media School District9-10-25.92.4-10.9354.86.461.2
Mccaskey CampusLancaster School District8-11-16.01.6-10.2617.23.020.2
Shikellamy High SchoolShikellamy School District9-10-22.72.5-9.0933.36.139.5
Erie High SchoolErie City School District9-12-17.41.9-8.988.90.59.4
West Side CTCWest Side CTC9-10-37.44.3-8.648.80.08.8
Norristown Area High SchoolNorristown Area School District9-12-12.91.6-7.9224.82.427.2
Owen J Roberts High SchoolOwen J Roberts School District9-11-12.61.6-7.8457.011.969.0
Hatboro-Horsham Senior High SchoolHatboro-Horsham School District9-11-13.21.7-7.7245.67.252.8
Philipsburg-Osceola Area High SchoolPhilipsburg-Osceola Area School District9-11-25.23.3-7.5819.72.622.4
Truman Senior High SchoolBristol Township School District9-11-14.32.0-7.3131.03.734.7
Northwestern Senior High SchoolNorthwestern School District9-11-25.33.5-7.2442.62.945.6
Chambersburg Area Career Magnet SchoolChambersburg Area School District9-11-15.52.2-7.1246.75.552.3
Curwensville Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCurwensville Area School District7-11-28.34.1-6.8342.54.146.6
Mifflinburg Area Senior High SchoolMifflinburg Area School District9-11-16.22.5-6.4742.44.046.4
Lackawanna Trail Junior/Senior High SchoolLackawanna Trail School District7-10-22.03.5-6.3238.51.540.0
Ringgold Senior High SchoolRinggold School District9-11-15.12.4-6.2241.57.949.4
Abington Senior High SchoolAbington School District10-10-11.81.9-6.1856.211.667.8
Lawrence County CTCLawrence County CTC10-11-21.73.6-6.0519.80.019.8
Springfield Township High SchoolSpringfield Township School District9-11-19.23.2-5.9862.63.666.3
Solanco High SchoolSolanco School District9-11-11.32.0-5.7741.64.546.1
Exeter Township Senior High SchoolExeter Township School District9-11-10.81.9-5.6750.62.753.3
Southern Fulton Junior/Senior High SchoolSouthern Fulton School District7-11-24.14.4-5.4534.210.544.7
Plum Senior High SchoolPlum Borough School District9-11-11.72.2-5.3751.19.060.1
Mastery Charter School-Gratz CampusMastery Charter School - Gratz Campus7-10-23.94.5-
Titusville Senior High SchoolTitusville Area School District9-11-13.62.6-5.1543.24.848.0
North Penn-Liberty Junior/Senior High SchoolSouthern Tioga School District7-11-20.44.0-5.1040.05.345.3
Southern Columbia High SchoolSouthern Columbia Area School District9-11-15.03.0-5.0655.04.059.0
Schuylkill Haven Senior High SchoolSchuylkill Haven Area School District8-11-15.63.1-5.0049.72.452.1
Tulpehocken Junior/Senior High SchoolTulpehocken Area School District7-12-14.12.8-4.9636.72.839.4
Bucks County Technical High SchoolBucks County Technical High School9-10-12.02.5-4.8435.93.239.2
Frazier High SchoolFrazier School District9-11-17.63.6-4.8237.11.638.7
Tacony Academy Charter SchoolTacony Academy Charter School3-11-14.73.0-4.8222.41.824.1
Phoenix AcademyLancaster School District7-12-16.13.4-4.806.80.06.8
Riverside High SchoolRiverside Beaver County School District9-11-14.43.0-4.7749.48.858.2
Pittsburgh Brashear High SchoolPittsburgh School District9-11-10.62.3-4.6817.60.017.6
Penns Manor Area Junior/Senior High SchoolPenns Manor Area School District6-12-17.43.7-4.6329.73.132.8
Annville Cleona High SchoolAnnville-Cleona School District9-12-12.52.7-4.6134.97.842.6
Butler Area Senior High SchoolButler Area School District10-11-6.91.5-4.5442.59.451.9
Lampeter-Strasburg Senior High SchoolLampeter-Strasburg School District9-12-8.92.0-4.5255.19.864.8
West Mifflin Area High SchoolWest Mifflin Area School District8-12-12.72.9-4.3838.89.648.3
South Park Senior High SchoolSouth Park School District7-11-11.62.7-4.3753.513.767.3
Chambersburg Area Senior High SchoolChambersburg Area School District9-11-6.81.6-4.3640.810.150.9
Wellsboro Area High SchoolWellsboro Area School District8-11-12.73.0-4.2449.211.961.1
Big Spring High SchoolBig Spring School District9-11-10.22.4-4.1738.68.947.5
Columbia-Montour AVTSColumbia-Montour AVTS9-10-12.53.0-4.1622.30.622.9
Jefferson County-Dubois AVTSJefferson County-Dubois AVTS9-11-16.23.9-4.1623.00.023.0
Catasauqua Senior High SchoolCatasauqua Area School District9-12-12.43.0-4.1436.87.644.3
Avonworth High SchoolAvonworth School District9-10-12.93.1-4.1359.84.664.4
Southern Huntingdon County HS/MSSouthern Huntingdon County School District6-11-13.43.2-4.1232.52.535.0
Northwest PA Collegiate AcademyErie City School District6-11-10.12.5-4.1162.78.671.4
East Juniata Junior/Senior High SchoolJuniata County School District7-12-13.93.4-4.0839.05.244.2
Bradford Area High SchoolBradford Area School District9-12-9.62.4-4.0245.88.354.2
Minersville Area Junior/Senior High SchoolMinersville Area School District7-11-14.83.7-4.0239.33.342.6
Marion Center Area Jr/Sr High SchoolMarion Center Area School District7-10-12.43.1-4.0133.71.134.8
Northern Lehigh Senior High SchoolNorthern Lehigh School District9-12-10.92.7-3.9828.09.337.3
Youngsville Middle/High SchoolWarren County School District6-11-14.83.9-3.8223.30.824.1
Propel Charter School-Braddock HillsPropel Charter School - Braddock Hills3-11-13.63.6-3.819.71.611.3
Milton High SchoolMilton Area School District8-11-9.42.5-3.7945.47.252.7
Berwick Area High SchoolBerwick Area School District9-11-9.62.6-3.7542.15.547.6
Johnsonburg Area High SchoolJohnsonburg Area School District7-11-14.53.9-3.7354.04.658.6
Sun Valley High SchoolPenn-Delco School District9-11-7.21.9-3.7246.63.249.8
Clearfield Area Junior/Senior High SchoolClearfield Area School District7-10-9.72.6-3.7143.03.146.1
Moniteau Junior/Senior High SchoolMoniteau School District7-11-12.23.3-3.6850.06.356.3
Ridgway Area High SchoolRidgway Area School District9-11-14.84.1-3.6449.09.858.8
Interboro Senior High SchoolInterboro School District7-12-7.72.1-3.6346.64.851.4
Williamsburg Community Junior/Senior High SchoolWilliamsburg Community School District7-11-14.84.1-3.5928.30.028.3
Elizabeth Forward Senior High SchoolElizabeth Forward School District9-11-8.72.4-3.5751.74.055.7
Steelton-Highspire High SchoolSteelton-Highspire School District7-11-12.33.5-3.5514.50.014.5
Neshannock Junior/Senior High SchoolNeshannock Township School District7-10-10.12.9-3.4762.45.667.9
Tamaqua Area Senior High SchoolTamaqua Area School District9-12-8.62.5-3.4244.51.946.4
Boyertown Area Senior High SchoolBoyertown Area School District9-11-5.01.5-3.4155.211.366.5
Waynesboro Area Senior High SchoolWaynesboro Area School District9-12-6.41.9-3.4050.06.856.8
Maritime Academy Charter SchoolMaritime Academy Charter School3-10-11.43.5-3.2915.20.015.2
Wallenpaupack Area High SchoolWallenpaupack Area School District8-11-7.52.3-3.2640.82.443.1
Dubois Area Senior High SchoolDubois Area School District8-11-6.62.0-3.2650.913.464.3
Central Mountain High SchoolKeystone Central School District9-11-6.92.1-3.2542.95.147.9
Easton Area High SchoolEaston Area School District9-12-4.51.4-3.2239.94.043.9
Palisades High SchoolPalisades School District9-11-9.02.8-3.1853.86.760.5
Vaux High School: A Big Picture SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-12-10.23.2-
Penn Hills Senior High SchoolPenn Hills School District9-11-8.02.6-3.1333.10.733.8
North East High SchoolNorth East School District9-11-9.63.0-3.1362.614.477.0
Conneaut Area Senior HighConneaut School District9-12-7.92.6-3.0738.47.445.8
Nazareth Area High SchoolNazareth Area School District9-11-5.01.7-3.0459.29.969.0
Philadelphia Academy Charter SchoolPhiladelphia Academy Charter School3-11-8.92.9-3.0450.52.953.4
Williamson Senior High SchoolNorthern Tioga School District7-10-10.43.4-3.0351.31.352.6
Pittsburgh Perry High SchoolPittsburgh School District8-11-11.93.9-3.0216.10.016.1
Union City High SchoolUnion City Area School District9-12-10.83.6-3.0043.33.346.7
Carlisle Area High SchoolCarlisle Area School District9-11-5.71.9-3.0054.06.360.3
Rochester High SchoolRochester Area School District9-11-13.64.6-2.9819.51.320.8
Northern Potter Junior/Senior High SchoolNorthern Potter School District7-12-13.54.6-2.9437.50.037.5
Carmichaels Area High SchoolCarmichaels Area School District9-10-9.73.3-2.9435.11.436.5
Quakertown Community High SchoolQuakertown Community School District9-12-4.81.6-2.9356.510.066.6
Highlands Senior High SchoolHighlands School District9-11-7.82.7-2.9244.43.748.2
Franklin Benjamin High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-11-10.43.6-2.913.70.03.7
Redbank Valley High SchoolRedbank Valley School District6-11-9.93.4-2.9031.54.936.4
Trinity Senior High SchoolTrinity Area School District9-11-5.82.0-2.8948.311.860.1
Forest Hills Junior/Senior High SchoolForest Hills School District7-11-7.72.6-2.8941.113.754.8
Propel Charter School-HomesteadPropel Charter School-Homestead3-11-11.74.1-2.8415.90.015.9
New Castle Senior High SchoolNew Castle Area School District7-12-6.92.4-2.8432.54.336.8
South Allegheny High SchoolSouth Allegheny School District8-11-9.13.2-2.8340.50.040.5
Harbor Creek Senior High SchoolHarbor Creek School District8-11-7.42.6-2.8048.815.264.0
Pine Grove Area High SchoolPine Grove Area School District9-11-8.12.9-2.7942.37.750.0
Dunmore Junior/Senior High SchoolDunmore School District7-11-8.12.9-2.7634.07.241.2
Blue Mountain High SchoolBlue Mountain School District9-10-6.22.3-2.7346.68.555.1
Propel Charter School-MontourPropel Charter School-Montour3-10-10.73.9-2.7113.70.013.7
Northwest Area High SchoolNorthwest Area School District7-10-10.43.8-2.7034.67.341.8
Slippery Rock Area High SchoolSlippery Rock Area School District9-11-6.72.5-2.6556.29.565.7
North Star High SchoolNorth Star School District9-11-9.13.5-2.6147.86.053.7
Mahanoy Area Junior/Senior High SchoolMahanoy Area School District7-10-9.43.6-2.6126.21.627.9
Yough Senior High SchoolYough School District9-10-7.02.7-2.5950.84.054.8
Mohawk Senior High SchoolMohawk Area School District9-11-7.83.1-2.5749.411.060.4
Farrell Area High School/Upper Middle SchoolFarrell Area School District7-11-10.94.3-2.5219.00.019.0
Freedom Area Senior High SchoolFreedom Area School District9-11-7.53.0-2.5143.84.247.9
Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High SchoolChartiers-Houston School District7-10-8.93.5-2.5059.74.564.2
School Of The FuturePhiladelphia City School District9-10-6.82.7-2.5016.10.016.1
Upper Moreland High SchoolUpper Moreland Township School District9-11-5.42.2-2.4857.94.061.9
Oxford Area High SchoolOxford Area School District9-11-4.71.9-2.4741.38.049.3
Coatesville Area School District Cyber AcademyCoatesville Area School District3-11-16.36.6-2.4723.80.023.8
South Williamsport Area Junior/Senior High SchoolSouth Williamsport Area School District7-10-6.02.4-2.4745.54.550.0
Sugar Valley Rural Charter SchoolSugar Valley Rural Charter School3-11-11.04.5-2.4614.90.014.9
Jefferson-Morgan Middle/High SchoolJefferson-Morgan School District7-10-10.24.2-2.4443.84.247.9
Innovative Arts Academy Charter SchoolInnovative Arts Academy Charter School6-11-9.13.7-2.449.50.09.5
Indiana Area Senior High SchoolIndiana Area School District9-11-5.62.3-2.4247.618.466.1
Universal Audenried Charter SchoolUniversal Audenried Charter School9-11-5.82.4-2.4014.60.014.6
Perkiomen Valley High SchoolPerkiomen Valley School District9-11-3.81.6-2.4053.813.467.2
Southmoreland Senior High SchoolSouthmoreland School District9-11-8.63.6-2.4056.87.264.0
Hughesville Junior/Senior High SchoolEast Lycoming School District7-11-6.42.7-2.3748.34.252.5
Salisbury-Elk Lick Junior/Senior High SchoolSalisbury-Elk Lick School District7-11-13.95.9-2.3727.80.027.8
Portage Area Junior/Senior High SchoolPortage Area School District7-10-8.43.6-2.3640.69.450.0
Windber Area High SchoolWindber Area School District9-11-7.53.2-2.3555.47.262.6
Jim Thorpe Area High SchoolJim Thorpe Area School District9-11-6.22.7-2.3533.37.440.7
Meadville Area Senior High SchoolCrawford Central School District9-11-5.92.5-2.3537.26.843.9
La Academia Partnership Charter SchoolLa Academia Partnership Charter School6-11-11.04.7-2.346.80.06.8
Coatesville Area Senior High SchoolCoatesville Area School District10-11-4.01.7-2.3337.24.541.7
Susquehanna Township High SchoolSusquehanna Township School District9-12-6.22.7-2.3236.05.641.6
West Middlesex Area Junior/Senior High SchoolWest Middlesex Area School District7-10-8.83.8-2.3134.92.837.6
Muncy Junior/Senior High SchoolMuncy School District7-11-8.43.7-2.3042.03.845.8
West Scranton High SchoolScranton School District9-12-6.52.9-2.2743.41.945.3
Williams Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolWilliams Valley School District7-11-7.83.4-2.2623.20.023.2
Benton Area High SchoolBenton Area School District9-10-10.14.5-2.2543.25.448.6
Pittsburgh Milliones 6-12Pittsburgh School District6-11-10.84.8-
Aliquippa Junior/Senior High SchoolAliquippa School District7-11-9.44.2-2.2511.00.011.0
West Philadelphia High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-11-9.34.1-
Roosevelt Campus of the Norristown Area High SchoolNorristown Area School District9-12-12.85.8-
York County School Of TechnologyYork Co School Of Technology9-12-3.81.7-2.2239.15.644.7
Middletown Area High SchoolMiddletown Area School District9-11-5.72.6-2.2046.45.351.7
Keystone Education Center Charter SchoolKeystone Education Center Charter School3-12-12.95.9-2.1928.00.028.0
Academy at WestinghousePittsburgh School District5-11-8.84.0-
Philadelphia Learning Academy - SouthPhiladelphia City School District9-11-13.86.4-
Karns City High SchoolKarns City Area School District7-11-6.32.9-2.1553.18.361.5
Moshannon Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolMoshannon Valley School District7-10-7.43.4-2.1448.50.048.5
California Area Senior High SchoolCalifornia Area School District9-10-7.73.6-2.1242.69.852.5
Corry Area High SchoolCorry Area School District9-11-5.62.6-2.1238.16.044.1
Mount Union Area Senior High SchoolMount Union Area School District9-10-6.53.1-2.1132.23.435.6
Upper Dauphin Area High SchoolUpper Dauphin Area School District9-11-6.73.2-2.1137.44.842.2
Forest City Regional High SchoolForest City Regional School District7-12-6.43.0-2.1044.10.044.1
Somerset Area Jr-Sr High SchoolSomerset Area School District6-11-4.82.3-2.0944.414.959.3
Mount Pleasant Area High SchoolMount Pleasant Area School District9-11-5.42.6-2.0952.60.052.6
Executive Education Academy Charter SchoolExecutive Education Academy Charter School3-10-6.53.1-2.0823.72.225.8
Bermudian Springs High SchoolBermudian Springs School District9-11-5.92.8-2.0656.46.863.2
Gettysburg Area High SchoolGettysburg Area School District9-11-4.32.1-2.0545.314.059.3
Kiski Area High SchoolKiski Area School District8-11-4.02.0-2.0357.410.467.8
Greensburg-Salem High SchoolGreensburg Salem School District9-11-4.82.3-2.0347.64.952.4
Blairsville Senior High SchoolBlairsville-Saltsburg School District9-11-7.73.8-2.0337.85.443.2
The New Academy Charter SchoolThe New Academy Charter School8-11-10.45.2-
East Allegheny Junior/Senior High SchoolEast Allegheny School District7-11-6.73.3-1.9931.99.741.7
Central Columbia Senior High SchoolCentral Columbia School District9-12-5.12.6-1.9753.714.868.5
Harrisburg High School - SciTech CmpHarrisburg City School District9-11-6.13.1-1.9732.21.133.3
Brandywine Heights High SchoolBrandywine Heights Area School District9-11-5.32.7-1.9649.28.257.4
Montrose Area Junior/Senior High SchoolMontrose Area School District7-10-5.93.0-1.9546.75.452.2
Western Beaver County Junior/Senior High SchoolWestern Beaver County School District6-11-8.14.2-1.9556.56.563.0
Brownsville Area High SchoolBrownsville Area School District7-12-7.63.9-1.9334.46.140.5
Washington High SchoolWashington School District9-11-5.32.8-1.9230.12.432.5
Pequea Valley High SchoolPequea Valley School District9-11-6.13.2-1.9039.89.148.9
Canton Junior/Senior High SchoolCanton Area School District7-11-6.03.2-1.8840.72.343.0
Pottstown Senior High SchoolPottstown School District9-12-4.52.4-1.8729.81.231.0
Twin Valley High SchoolTwin Valley School District9-12-4.02.1-1.8649.67.156.8
East Pennsboro Area Senior High SchoolEast Pennsboro Area School District9-11-4.52.4-1.8560.88.569.3
Pittston Area Senior High SchoolPittston Area School District9-11-10.35.6-1.8538.19.547.6
Old Forge Junior/Senior High SchoolOld Forge School District7-12-6.33.4-1.8552.97.160.0
Brentwood Senior High SchoolBrentwood Borough School District9-11-5.63.0-1.8452.06.158.2
Chester High SchoolChester-Upland School District9-11-8.24.5-1.842.40.02.4
Saltsburg Middle/High SchoolBlairsville-Saltsburg School District6-11-7.64.3-1.7636.78.945.6
Fairfield Area High SchoolFairfield Area School District8-11-6.03.4-1.7657.94.061.8
Perseus House Charter School Of ExcellencePerseus House Charter School Of Excellence6-11-5.23.0-1.7216.50.016.5
The U School: Innovative LabPhiladelphia City School District9-11-7.14.2-1.672.20.02.2
Tri-Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolTri-Valley School District7-10-6.84.1-1.6737.04.441.3
Fort Cherry Junior/Senior High SchoolFort Cherry School District7-10-6.33.8-1.6655.25.260.3
Shamokin Area High SchoolShamokin Area School District8-11-8.04.8-1.6638.13.241.3
Pittsburgh Carrick High SchoolPittsburgh School District9-10-4.83.0-1.6022.33.225.5
Carbon Career & Technical InstituteCarbon Career & Technical Institute9-11-5.73.6-1.5934.51.235.7
Preparatory Charter School Of Mathematics, Science, Tech, And CareersPreparatory Charter School Of Mathematics, Science, Tech, And Careers9-10-4.02.5-1.5915.00.015.0
MaST Community Charter SchoolMaST Community Charter School3-10-4.12.7-1.5244.09.553.4
Westmont Hilltop Junior/Senior High SchoolWestmont Hilltop School District7-11-4.32.8-1.5236.313.349.6
Claysburg-Kimmel High SchoolClaysburg-Kimmel School District7-11-6.04.0-1.5242.98.251.0
Greencastle-Antrim Senior High SchoolGreencastle-Antrim School District9-11-3.32.2-1.5162.49.972.3
Cambria Heights Senior High SchoolCambria Heights School District9-10-4.53.1-1.4451.06.057.0
Ferndale Area Junior/Senior High SchoolFerndale Area School District7-10-6.14.3-1.4240.00.040.0
East Stroudsburg Senior High School NorthEast Stroudsburg Area School District9-11-3.32.3-1.4141.87.949.7
Greater Johnstown Senior High SchoolGreater Johnstown School District8-11-3.62.6-1.4026.10.026.1
Bristol High SchoolBristol Borough School District9-12-4.73.4-1.3939.71.341.0
Lincoln Junior/Senior High SchoolEllwood City Area School District7-11-4.53.2-1.3954.114.168.2
Troy Area Junior/Senior High SchoolTroy Area School District7-10-4.73.4-1.3843.25.748.9
Elk Lake Junior/Senior High SchoolElk Lake School District7-11-4.53.2-1.3746.23.349.4
Shade Junior/Senior High SchoolShade-Central City School District7-11-6.34.6-1.3627.80.027.8
Chichester Senior High SchoolChichester School District9-11-3.12.3-1.3344.66.651.2
Apollo-Ridge High SchoolApollo-Ridge School District9-12-5.03.7-1.3250.010.060.0
Beaver Falls Area Senior High SchoolBig Beaver Falls Area School District9-11-4.33.3-1.3034.13.537.6
Chestnut Ridge Senior High SchoolChestnut Ridge School District8-12-3.82.9-1.2946.65.852.4
North Penn-Mansfield Junior/Senior High SchoolSouthern Tioga School District7-10-4.33.4-1.2953.27.260.4
Kane Area High SchoolKane Area School District9-10-4.13.1-1.2939.59.949.4
Riverview Junior/Senior High SchoolRiverview School District7-11-4.83.8-1.2857.915.873.7
Dallas Senior High SchoolDallas School District9-11-2.92.2-1.2854.97.662.4
Jeannette High SchoolJeannette City School District7-11-4.83.8-1.2446.77.554.2
Oil City Senior High SchoolOil City Area School District9-11-3.32.6-1.2444.45.850.2
Antietam Middle/High SchoolAntietam School District7-10-4.73.8-1.2336.45.441.8
Seneca Valley High SchoolSeneca Valley School District7-11-1.71.4-1.2357.211.468.6
Riverside Junior/Senior High SchoolRiverside School District7-11-3.62.9-1.2243.09.052.0
Juniata Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolJuniata Valley School District6-11-4.33.5-1.2144.43.547.8
Conemaugh Township Area Middle/Senior High SchoolConemaugh Township Area School District6-12-4.03.4-1.1953.817.671.4
Quaker Valley High SchoolQuaker Valley School District9-11-3.12.6-1.1955.213.268.4
North Hills Senior High SchoolNorth Hills School District9-11-2.11.8-1.1459.114.173.2
Lewisburg High SchoolLewisburg Area School District9-11-2.92.6-1.1357.018.575.6
West Greene Junior/Senior High SchoolWest Greene School District7-11-4.94.3-1.1236.67.343.9
Rocky Grove Junior/Senior High SchoolValley Grove School District7-10-4.13.7-1.1151.26.157.3
Wyoming Valley West Senior High SchoolWyoming Valley West School District9-11-2.62.4-1.0849.43.052.4
Lebanon Senior High SchoolLebanon School District9-11-2.01.9-1.0624.42.627.0
Montour High SchoolMontour School District9-11-2.12.1-1.0361.415.176.5
Columbia High SchoolColumbia Borough School District8-12-3.63.5-1.0229.51.931.4
Chartiers Valley High SchoolChartiers Valley School District9-11-2.02.0-1.0054.78.463.1
Charleroi Area High SchoolCharleroi School District8-11-2.93.0-0.9955.77.463.1
Overbrook High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-11-4.44.4-0.998.70.08.7
Elmer L Meyers Junior/Senior High SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District7-11-4.74.8-0.9833.33.036.4
Phoenixville Area High SchoolPhoenixville Area School District9-11-2.02.1-0.9859.910.670.5
Sullivan County Junior/Senior High SchoolSullivan County School District7-10-4.34.4-0.9766.72.669.2
Roxborough High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-10-3.13.2-0.9714.12.216.3
Central Bucks High School -WestCentral Bucks School District10-11-1.41.5-0.9363.916.180.0
Austin Area Junior/Senior High SchoolAustin Area School District7-11-6.06.4-0.9333.35.638.9
G A R Middle SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District7-11-5.15.5-0.9225.90.025.9
Imhotep Institute Charter High SchoolImhotep Institute Charter High School9-11-5.35.8-0.9225.00.025.0
Bartram John - MainPhiladelphia City School District8-11-2.93.3-0.895.00.05.0
Shenango High SchoolShenango Area School District7-11-2.93.3-0.8850.613.964.6
West Forest Junior/Senior High SchoolForest Area School District7-11-5.56.2-0.8822.23.725.9
Bald Eagle Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBald Eagle Area School District6-11-2.42.7-0.8848.49.457.7
Lehighton Area High SchoolLehighton Area School District9-11-2.02.3-0.8751.15.656.7
Mt Lebanon Senior High SchoolMt Lebanon School District8-11-1.31.5-0.8761.924.085.9
Northeast Bradford Junior/Senior High SchoolNortheast Bradford School District7-10-3.54.0-0.8733.93.437.3
Huntingdon Area Senior High SchoolHuntingdon Area School District9-11-2.42.7-0.8636.810.347.0
Conemaugh Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolConemaugh Valley School District7-12-3.54.1-0.8648.25.653.7
Cheltenham High SchoolCheltenham School District9-11-1.72.0-0.8446.110.056.1
Turkeyfoot Valley Area Junior/Senior High SchoolTurkeyfoot Valley Area School District7-12-4.65.6-0.8322.05.127.1
Manheim Township High SchoolManheim Township School District8-12-1.21.6-0.7753.215.568.7
Gillingham Charter SchoolGillingham Charter School3-11-4.45.6-0.7720.88.329.2
King Martin Luther High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-10-3.64.7-0.7613.30.013.3
North Pocono High SchoolNorth Pocono School District9-11-2.63.4-0.7652.016.468.5
Susquehanna Community Junior/Senior High SchoolSusquehanna Community School District7-11-3.14.2-0.7449.46.956.3
Fannett-Metal Senior High SchoolFannett-Metal School District9-11-3.85.1-0.7338.78.146.8
Burgettstown Middle/High SchoolBurgettstown Area School District6-11-2.53.4-0.7350.01.451.4
Canon-Mcmillan Senior High SchoolCanon-Mcmillan School District9-11-1.11.6-0.6958.715.974.6
Mid Valley Secondary CenterMid Valley School District7-10-2.02.9-0.6945.17.852.9
Elizabethtown Area Senior High SchoolElizabethtown Area School District9-12-1.21.8-0.6750.011.261.2
Sayre William L Middle SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-12-2.84.2-0.678.20.08.2
Waynesburg Central High SchoolCentral Greene School District9-11-1.92.8-0.6754.22.857.0
Clarion-Limestone Area Junior/Senior High SchoolClarion-Limestone Area School District7-12-2.84.1-0.6756.86.863.6
Maplewood Junior/Senior High SchoolPenncrest School District7-11-2.43.6-0.6646.35.251.5
Bangor Area High SchoolBangor Area School District9-12-1.32.0-0.6644.34.749.0
Wyoming Area Sec CenterWyoming Area School District7-10-1.72.6-0.6453.810.864.6
Shaler Area High SchoolShaler Area School District9-11-1.21.9-0.6349.19.658.7
Cochranton Junior/Senior High SchoolCrawford Central School District7-11-2.33.8-0.6247.918.366.2
New Oxford Senior High SchoolConewago Valley School District7-12-1.22.0-0.6251.79.661.3
South Side High SchoolSouth Side Area School District9-11-2.03.3-0.5950.06.856.8
North Schuylkill Junior/Senior High SchoolNorth Schuylkill School District7-11-1.42.4-0.5841.85.146.8
Palmerton Area High SchoolPalmerton Area School District9-11-1.63.0-0.5257.45.062.4
Pittsburgh Allderdice High SchoolPittsburgh School District9-10-1.02.0-0.5144.413.958.3
Bellwood-Antis High SchoolBellwood-Antis School District9-10-1.63.2-0.5055.110.165.2
Sharpsville Area Senior High SchoolSharpsville Area School District7-11-1.73.5-0.4855.213.468.7
Cowanesque Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolNorthern Tioga School District7-12-2.14.4-0.4856.31.257.5
Center For Student Lrng Charter School PennsburyCenter For Student Learning Charter School At Pennsbury6-12-2.96.1-0.4742.90.042.9
Penn Manor High SchoolPenn Manor School District7-11-0.81.6-0.4751.912.664.5
Albert Gallatin Area Senior High SchoolAlbert Gallatin Area School District8-11-1.12.4-0.4754.510.064.6
James Buchanan High SchoolTuscarora School District9-11-1.02.3-0.4345.18.153.2
Cornell High SchoolCornell School District7-11-2.05.0-0.3933.81.535.4
Glendale Junior/Senior High SchoolGlendale School District7-10-1.33.7-0.3450.05.455.4
Girard High SchoolGirard School District9-11-0.92.7-0.3353.915.669.6
Lakeview Middle-High SchoolLakeview School District6-11-1.23.7-0.3360.33.263.5
Bellefonte Area High SchoolBellefonte Area School District9-11-0.72.2-0.3347.610.658.2
Mount Carmel Area High SchoolMount Carmel Area School District6-11-1.03.1-0.3245.32.147.4
Hope For Hyndman Charter SchoolHope For Hyndman Charter School3-11-2.06.1-0.3233.30.033.3
Crestwood Secondary CampusCrestwood School District7-11-0.72.3-0.3157.417.074.4
Southern Lehigh Senior High SchoolSouthern Lehigh School District9-11-0.72.3-0.3166.111.978.0
Panther Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolPanther Valley School District7-12-1.03.3-0.3147.94.352.1
Oley Valley Senior High SchoolOley Valley School District9-11-0.82.7-0.2943.112.956.0
Millville Area Junior/Senior High SchoolMillville Area School District7-12-1.14.7-0.2451.45.456.8
Mcconnellsburg High SchoolCentral Fulton School District9-11-0.83.5-0.2351.48.660.0
Blue Ridge High SchoolBlue Ridge School District9-11-0.83.6-0.2344.63.147.7
Otto-Eldred Junior/Senior High SchoolOtto-Eldred School District7-11-1.04.2-0.2356.26.262.5
Mercer Area Senior High SchoolMercer Area School District8-11-0.83.3-0.2356.88.164.9
Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolNew Kensington-Arnold School District7-11-0.83.8-0.2240.73.744.4
Westinghouse Arts Academy Charter SchoolWestinghouse Arts Academy Charter School9-10-0.73.6-0.1959.28.467.6
Achievement House Charter SchoolAchievement House Charter School7-11-0.74.0-0.1732.52.635.1
Philadelphia Electrical & Tech Charter High SchoolPhiladelphia Electrical & Tech Charter High School10-10-0.52.9-
Kutztown Area Senior High SchoolKutztown Area School District9-12-0.53.2-0.1555.413.368.7
Hempfield Senior High SchoolHempfield School District9-11-0.21.4-0.1558.29.968.2
Susquenita High SchoolSusquenita School District9-11-0.42.8-0.1447.710.157.8
Penn Cambria High SchoolPenn Cambria School District9-11-0.32.7-0.1261.57.769.2
Philadelphia Military Acad At ElversonPhiladelphia City School District9-10-0.43.7-
Avella Area Junior/Senior High SchoolAvella Area School District7-12-0.64.7-0.1149.314.563.8
South Philadelphia High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-10-0.44.3-0.0820.00.020.0
West Branch Area High SchoolWest Branch Area School District9-11-0.23.8-0.0447.21.949.1
Northern Lebanon Senior High SchoolNorthern Lebanon School District9-11-0.02.4-0.0128.03.031.0
Cedar Cliff High SchoolWest Shore School District9-
Danville Area Senior High SchoolDanville Area School District9-
Jersey Shore Area Senior High SchoolJersey Shore Area School District9-
Smethport Area Junior/Senior High SchoolSmethport Area School District7-
Reynolds Junior/Senior High SchoolReynolds School District7-
Brockway Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBrockway Area School District7-
Juniata Senior High SchoolJuniata County School District8-
Parkway NorthwestPhiladelphia City School District9-
Bloomsburg Area High SchoolBloomsburg Area School District8-
Insight PA Cyber Charter SchoolInsight PA Cyber Charter School3-
Greater Latrobe Senior High SchoolGreater Latrobe School District9-
Cougar AcademyHarrisburg City School District3-
Greenville Junior/Senior High SchoolGreenville Area School District7-
Lower Dauphin High SchoolLower Dauphin School District9-
Wyomissing Area Junior/Senior High SchoolWyomissing Area School District7-
Gateway Senior High SchoolGateway School District9-
Sheffield M/HsWarren County School District6-
Edison High School/Fareira SkillsPhiladelphia City School District8-
Kennard-Dale High SchoolSouth Eastern School District9-
Lakeland Junior/Senior High SchoolLakeland School District7-
Strath Haven High SchoolWallingford-Swarthmore School District9-
Tussey Mountain High SchoolTussey Mountain School District9-
West Shamokin Junior/Senior High SchoolArmstrong School District7-
Warren Area High SchoolWarren County School District8-
Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter SchoolLehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School3-
Newport High SchoolNewport School District9-
Mastery Charter School - Thomas CampusMastery Charter School - Thomas Campus3-
Purchase Line Junior/Senior High SchoolPurchase Line School District7-
Biglerville High SchoolUpper Adams School District9-
Galeton Area SchoolGaleton Area School District3-
Union Area High SchoolUnion Area School District9-
Radnor Senior High SchoolRadnor Township School District8-
Pittsburgh Science And Technology Academy 6-12Pittsburgh School District6-
Hanover Area Junior/Senior High SchoolHanover Area School District7-
Schuylkill Valley High SchoolSchuylkill Valley School District9-
Mastery Charter High School-Lenfest CampusMastery Charter High School-Lenfest Campus7-
Roberto Clemente Charter SchoolRoberto Clemente Charter School3-
Union High SchoolUnion School District6-
Laurel High SchoolLaurel School District9-
Athens Area High SchoolAthens Area School District9-
Forbes Road Junior/Senior High SchoolForbes Road School District7-
Commodore Perry Junior/Senior High SchoolCommodore Perry School District7-
United Junior/Senior High SchoolUnited School District7-
Wilkes-Barre Area Sd Stem AcademyWilkes-Barre Area School District9-
Central Bucks High School -EastCentral Bucks School District9-
Creative And Performing ArtsPhiladelphia City School District8-
Strawberry Mansion High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Kensington Creative & Performing Arts High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District8-
Mapletown Junior/Senior High SchoolSoutheastern Greene School District7-
Mcguffey High SchoolMcguffey School District9-
Harmony Area Junior/Senior High SchoolHarmony Area School District7-
Camp Hill Senior High SchoolCamp Hill School District9-
Marple Newtown Senior High SchoolMarple Newtown School District9-
Scranton High SchoolScranton School District9-
Thomas Jefferson High SchoolWest Jefferson Hills School District8-
Bensalem Township High SchoolBensalem Township School District7-
Urban Pathways 6-12 Charter SchoolUrban Pathways 6-12 Charter School6-
Baldwin Senior High SchoolBaldwin-Whitehall School District7-
South Fayette Township High SchoolSouth Fayette Township School District9-
Northwestern Lehigh High SchoolNorthwestern Lehigh School District9-
Bedford Senior High SchoolBedford Area School District9-
North Clarion County Junior/Senior High SchoolNorth Clarion County School District7-
Louis E Dieruff High SchoolAllentown City School District8-
Lower Moreland High SchoolLower Moreland Township School District8-
Hopewell Senior High SchoolHopewell Area School District9-
Clairton Middle/High SchoolClairton City School District6-
Keystone Junior/Senior High SchoolKeystone School District7-
Williamsport Area Senior High SchoolWilliamsport Area School District9-
Tunkhannock High SchoolTunkhannock Area School District8-
Manheim Central Senior High SchoolManheim Central School District9-
Franklin Regional Senior High SchoolFranklin Regional School District9-
Berlin Brothersvalley Senior High SchoolBerlin Brothersvalley School District9-
General Mclane High SchoolGeneral Mclane School District8-
Building 21 AllentownAllentown City School District9-
East Stroudsburg Senior High School SouthEast Stroudsburg Area School District9-
Stem At ShowalterChester-Upland School District7-
Lehigh Career & Technical InstituteLehigh Career & Technical Institute10-
Mastery Charter School-Pickett CampusMastery Charter School - Pickett Campus6-
Meyersdale Area High SchoolMeyersdale Area School District9-
GampPhiladelphia City School District5-
Leechburg Area High SchoolLeechburg Area School District8-
Morrisville High School (8381)Morrisville Borough School District6-
Central Cambria High SchoolCentral Cambria School District9-
Woodland Hills High SchoolWoodland Hills School District8-
Port Allegany Junior/Senior High SchoolPort Allegany School District7-
Tidioute Community Charter SchoolTidioute Community Charter School3-
Halifax Area High SchoolHalifax Area School District9-
Bucktail High SchoolKeystone Central School District9-
Line Mountain High SchoolLine Mountain School District9-
Donegal High SchoolDonegal School District8-
Esperanza Cyber Charter SchoolEsperanza Cyber Charter School3-
Constitution High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District8-
Pottsgrove Senior High SchoolPottsgrove School District9-
Shanksville-Stonycreek High SchoolShanksville-Stonycreek School District9-
Harrisburg High SchoolHarrisburg City School District9-
Science Leadership AcademyPhiladelphia City School District8-
Central High SchoolSpring Cove School District9-
Fairview High SchoolFairview School District9-
Ligonier Valley High SchoolLigonier Valley School District9-
West York Area High SchoolWest York Area School District8-
Methacton High SchoolMethacton School District9-
Towanda Area Junior/Senior High SchoolTowanda Area School District7-
Cambridge Springs Junior/Senior High SchoolPenncrest School District7-
Punxsutawney Area High SchoolPunxsutawney Area School District7-
Fels Samuel High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Mastery Charter School -Shoemaker CampusMastery Charter School - Shoemaker Campus7-
Lankenau High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Kensington High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Loyalsock Township Senior High SchoolLoyalsock Township School District8-
New Brighton Area High SchoolNew Brighton Area School District9-
Armstrong Junior/Senior High SchoolArmstrong School District6-
MaST Community Charter School IIMaST Community Charter School II3-
Everett Area High SchoolEverett Area School District9-
Pleasant Valley High SchoolPleasant Valley School District9-
Burrell High SchoolBurrell School District9-
Capital Area School for the Arts Charter SchoolCapital Area School for the Arts Charter School9-
KIPP Dubois Charter SchoolKIPP Dubois Charter School9-
Warrior Run High SchoolWarrior Run School District8-
Knoch High SchoolSouth Butler County School District9-
James M Coughlin Junior/Senior High SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District9-
Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter SchoolLincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School7-
Pittsburgh Capa 6-12Pittsburgh School District6-
Hickory High SchoolHermitage School District7-
Conrad Weiser High SchoolConrad Weiser Area School District9-
Central Dauphin East Senior High SchoolCentral Dauphin School District9-
Millersburg Area Senior High SchoolMillersburg Area School District8-
Furness Horace High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District8-
Allegheny-Clarion Valley High SchoolAllegheny-Clarion Valley School District7-
Esperanza Academy Charter SchoolEsperanza Academy Charter School4-
Oswayo Valley High SchoolOswayo Valley School District9-
Bentworth Senior High SchoolBentworth School District9-
Northgate Middle School High SchoolNorthgate School District7-
Laurel Highlands Senior High SchoolLaurel Highlands School District9-
Sto-Rox Junior/Senior High SchoolSto-Rox School District7-
Salisbury Senior High SchoolSalisbury Township School District9-
Hanover Senior High SchoolHanover Public School District9-
Pittsburgh Obama 6-12Pittsburgh School District6-
Reach Cyber Charter SchoolReach Cyber Charter School3-
Sharon High SchoolSharon City School District8-
Uniontown Area Senior High SchoolUniontown Area School District9-
Washington George High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Monessen Senior High SchoolMonessen City School District8-
Altoona Area High SchoolAltoona Area School District9-
Blacklick Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolBlacklick Valley School District7-
Steel Valley Senior High SchoolSteel Valley School District9-
York Academy Regional Charter SchoolYork Academy Regional Charter School3-
Pottsville Area High SchoolPottsville Area School District9-
West Allegheny Senior High SchoolWest Allegheny School District9-
Beaver Area Senior High SchoolBeaver Area School District9-
Randolph A. Philip AVT High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Western Wayne High SchoolWestern Wayne School District9-
Mcdowell High SchoolMillcreek Township School District9-
Blackhawk High SchoolBlackhawk School District8-
Central Valley High SchoolCentral Valley School District9-
Muhlenberg High SchoolMuhlenberg School District10-
South Western Senior High SchoolSouth Western School District9-
Bodine William W High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District8-
Garden Spot Senior High SchoolEastern Lancaster County School District8-
Grove City Area High SchoolGrove City Area School District8-
Keystone Oaks High SchoolKeystone Oaks School District9-
Coudersport Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCoudersport Area School District7-
Motivation High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Chester Charter Scholars Academy Charter SchoolChester Charter Scholars Academy Charter School3-
Dr Robert Ketterer Charter School IncDr Robert Ketterer Charter School Inc6-1210.15.02.0414.90.415.3
Penn Treaty SchoolPhiladelphia City School District6-
Parkway WestPhiladelphia City School District9-
Kensington Health SciencesPhiladelphia City School District9-1013.76.52.0930.87.738.5
Springdale Junior/Senior High SchoolAllegheny Valley School District7-
Carlynton Junior/Senior High SchoolCarlynton School District7-
Governor Mifflin Senior High SchoolGovernor Mifflin School District9-
Community Academy Of Philadelphia Charter SchoolCommunity Academy Of Philadelphia Charter School3-
Pennsylvania Leadership Charter SchoolPennsylvania Leadership Charter School3-
Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCarbondale Area School District7-
Pocono Mountain West High SchoolPocono Mountain School District9-
Saul W B Agricultural SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Wilson Area High SchoolWilson Area School District9-
Brookville Junior/Senior High SchoolBrookville Area School District7-
Richland High SchoolRichland School District7-
Franklin Area Junior/Senior High SchoolFranklin Area School District7-
Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter SchoolPennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School3-
Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter SchoolLincoln Leadership Academy Charter School3-1214.26.42.2223.50.023.5
Eisenhower M/HsWarren County School District6-
Hampton High SchoolHampton Township School District9-
Agora Cyber Charter SchoolAgora Cyber Charter School3-
Northampton Area High SchoolNorthampton Area School District9-
Seneca High SchoolWattsburg Area School District9-
Belle Vernon Area High SchoolBelle Vernon Area School District9-
Collegium Charter SchoolCollegium Charter School3-
Bethlehem-Center Senior High SchoolBethlehem-Center School District9-
Wilmington Area High SchoolWilmington Area School District8-
Shenandoah Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolShenandoah Valley School District7-
New Foundations Charter SchoolNew Foundations Charter School3-
People For People Charter SchoolPeople For People Charter School3-1213.35.52.4313.50.013.5
Clarion Area Junior/Senior High SchoolClarion Area School District7-
Belmont Charter SchoolBelmont Charter School3-1016.06.52.4564.30.064.3
Kennett High SchoolKennett Consolidated School District9-
21st Century Cyber Charter School21st Century Cyber Charter School6-
New Hope-Solebury High SchoolNew Hope-Solebury School District9-
Renaissance Academy Charter SchoolRenaissance Academy Charter School3-
Spring Grove Area High SchoolSpring Grove Area School District9-
Academy At PalumboPhiladelphia City School District8-
Warwick Senior High SchoolWarwick School District9-
Wyalusing Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolWyalusing Area School District7-
Building 21Philadelphia City School District9-
Homer-Center Junior/Senior High SchoolHomer-Center School District7-
Peters Township High SchoolPeters Township School District8-
Mars Area Senior High SchoolMars Area School District8-
Central Bucks High School -SouthCentral Bucks School District10-
Hempfield Area Senior High SchoolHempfield Area School District9-
Lincoln High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Multicultural Academy Charter SchoolMulticultural Academy Charter School9-
Dobbins Avt High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District9-
Stroudsburg High SchoolStroudsburg Area School District10-
Daniel Boone Area High SchoolDaniel Boone Area School District9-
Central Dauphin Senior High SchoolCentral Dauphin School District9-
Hollidaysburg Area Senior High SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District10-
Dover Area High SchoolDover Area School District9-
Jenkintown Middle/High SchoolJenkintown School District6-1112.24.42.7954.629.684.1
Neshaminy High SchoolNeshaminy School District9-
Palmyra Area Senior High SchoolPalmyra Area School District9-
The LincPhiladelphia City School District9-1111.94.22.8129.30.029.3
Lehigh Valley Charter High School For The ArtsLehigh Valley Charter High School For The Arts9-
Connellsville Area Senior High SchoolConnellsville Area School District9-
Montgomery Junior/Senior High SchoolMontgomery Area School District7-1110.43.62.8848.712.461.1
Northeastern Senior High SchoolNortheastern York School District8-
St Marys Area Senior High SchoolSaint Mar