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Report School Search, Year 2021

Reference School

Antietam Middle/High School in Antietam School District (Berks, IU 14)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade7Max State Tested Grade10
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged42% Tested English Learner9
% Tested IEP18% Graduation RateN/A

Comparison Schools

For Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) English Language Arts

All schools in Pennsylvania with at least one tested grade in common with the reference school

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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Schoolsorted ascendingDistrictTested GradesGrowth MeasureStd ErrAverage Growth IndexGrade 7Grade 8Across Grades
% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total
Antietam Middle/High SchoolAntietam School District7-
21st Century Cyber Charter School21st Century Cyber Charter School6-12-
Abington Heights Middle SchoolAbington Heights School District5-11-
Abington Junior High SchoolAbington School District7-9-5.20.5-5.5049.611.661.341.410.451.846.211.157.4
Achievement House Charter SchoolAchievement House Charter School7-11-3.11.6-0.7352.
Ad Prima Charter SchoolAd Prima Charter School3-
Agora Cyber Charter SchoolAgora Cyber Charter School3-11-2.50.6-0.9129.02.831.728.32.030.330.74.835.5
Albert Gallatin North Middle SchoolAlbert Gallatin Area School District6-8-
Albert Gallatin South Middle SchoolAlbert Gallatin Area School District6-
Aliquippa Junior/Senior High SchoolAliquippa School District7-
Springdale Junior/Senior High SchoolAllegheny Valley School District7-11-
Allegheny-Clarion Valley High SchoolAllegheny-Clarion Valley School District7-
Alliance For Progress Charter SchoolAlliance For Progress Charter School3-8-
Altoona Area Jr High SchoolAltoona Area School District6-
Ambridge Area Middle SchoolAmbridge Area School District6-8-1.20.7-0.7935.28.844.037.86.744.536.79.246.0
Annville-Cleona Middle SchoolAnnville-Cleona School District6-8-3.30.9-1.5054.612.767.332.417.650.043.615.158.7
Antietam Middle/High SchoolAntietam School District7-
Antonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolAntonia Pantoja Community Charter School3-
Apollo-Ridge Middle SchoolApollo-Ridge School District6-8-
West Shamokin Junior/Senior High SchoolArmstrong School District7-
Armstrong Junior/Senior High SchoolArmstrong School District6-
Arts Academy Charter SchoolArts Academy Charter School5-8-3.51.1-1.7349.11.950.945.23.248.446.62.048.6
Aspira Bilingual Cyber Charter SchoolAspira Bilingual Cyber Charter School3-
Harlan Rowe Middle SchoolAthens Area School District6-
Austin Area Junior/Senior High SchoolAustin Area School District7-11-
Avella Area Junior/Senior High SchoolAvella Area School District7-
Avon Grove Charter SchoolAvon Grove Charter School3-
Fred S Engle Middle SchoolAvon Grove School District7-8-2.40.5-2.5359.714.874.547.317.064.353.815.969.7
Avonworth Middle SchoolAvonworth School District6-8-
Bald Eagle Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBald Eagle Area School District6-
Baldwin Senior High SchoolBaldwin-Whitehall School District7-11-
Bangor Area Middle SchoolBangor Area School District7-
Bear Creek Community Charter SchoolBear Creek Community Charter School3-
Beaver Area Middle SchoolBeaver Area School District7-8-3.90.8-1.6966.413.379.653.616.169.660.014.774.7
Bedford Middle SchoolBedford Area School District6-
Belle Vernon Area Middle SchoolBelle Vernon Area School District7-
Bellefonte Area Middle SchoolBellefonte Area School District6-8-1.50.5-1.5350.66.056.632.28.841.040.411.451.8
Bellwood Antis Middle SchoolBellwood-Antis School District5-
Belmont Charter SchoolBelmont Charter School3-
Cecelia Snyder Middle SchoolBensalem Township School District7-
Robert K Shafer Middle SchoolBensalem Township School District6-8-3.40.6-3.3230.35.635.926.810.036.828.67.836.4
Benton Area Middle SchoolBenton Area School District7-
Bentworth Middle SchoolBentworth School District5-
Berlin Brothersvalley Middle SchoolBerlin Brothersvalley School District5-8-
Bermudian Springs Middle SchoolBermudian Springs School District5-
Berwick Area Middle SchoolBerwick Area School District5-8-
Independence Middle SchoolBethel Park School District5-
Northeast Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-
Nitschmann Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-8-2.30.7-1.1544.55.950.435.59.244.737.48.145.5
Broughal Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-
East Hills Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-
Bethlehem-Center Middle SchoolBethlehem-Center School District6-8-
Beaver Falls Middle SchoolBig Beaver Falls Area School District6-8-2.30.7-1.2829.75.034.627.82.129.929.53.032.5
Big Spring Middle SchoolBig Spring School District6-8-
Highland Middle SchoolBlackhawk School District5-8-3.20.5-1.9552.54.957.439.76.746.448.07.555.5
Blacklick Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolBlacklick Valley School District7-11-
Blairsville Middle SchoolBlairsville-Saltsburg School District6-8-
Saltsburg Middle/High SchoolBlairsville-Saltsburg School District6-11-
Bloomsburg Area Middle SchoolBloomsburg Area School District6-8-0.60.7-0.6936.67.944.650.56.156.643.49.753.1
Blue Mountain Middle SchoolBlue Mountain School District6-8-0.70.6-1.1852.
Blue Ridge Middle SchoolBlue Ridge School District6-
Boyertown Area Middle School-EastBoyertown Area School District6-8-3.60.6-3.0947.114.962.045.08.553.544.013.457.4
Boyertown Area Middle School-WestBoyertown Area School District6-8-4.90.6-3.8945.89.955.639.68.548.140.810.451.2
Boys Latin Of Philadelphia Charter SchoolBoys Latin Of Philadelphia Charter School6-
Floyd C Fretz Middle SchoolBradford Area School District6-
Brentwood Middle SchoolBrentwood Borough School District6-8-1.80.8-0.7133.34.637.948.66.955.639.48.147.5
Bristol Middle SchoolBristol Borough School District7-
Roosevelt Middle SchoolBristol Township School District6-8-4.60.6-3.6727.
Neil A Armstrong Middle SchoolBristol Township School District6-8-3.20.7-3.1733.92.536.421.63.425.
Brockway Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBrockway Area School District7-
Brookville Junior/Senior High SchoolBrookville Area School District7-11-4.70.8-2.4134.40.835.245.07.352.339.33.843.2
Brownsville Area Middle SchoolBrownsville Area School District6-
Burgettstown Middle/High SchoolBurgettstown Area School District6-11-
Charles A Huston Middle SchoolBurrell School District6-8-4.90.9-2.6846.86.553.
Butler Area IhsButler Area School District7-9-1.70.4-0.8944.89.554.348.
California Area Middle SchoolCalifornia Area School District7-
Cambria Heights Middle SchoolCambria Heights School District6-
Cameron County Junior/Senior High SchoolCameron County School District7-12-4.71.4-2.2539.
Camp Hill Middle SchoolCamp Hill School District6-8-
Canonsburg Middle SchoolCanon-Mcmillan School District7-
Canton Junior/Senior High SchoolCanton Area School District7-11-3.81.2-0.9740.
Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCarbondale Area School District7-
Wilson Middle SchoolCarlisle Area School District6-
Lamberton Middle SchoolCarlisle Area School District6-
Carlynton Junior/Senior High SchoolCarlynton School District7-11-0.50.9-0.2630.87.538.340.87.948.735.07.642.6
Carmichaels Area Middle SchoolCarmichaels Area School District6-8-
Catasauqua Middle SchoolCatasauqua Area School District5-8-
Klinger Middle SchoolCentennial School District6-
Log College Middle SchoolCentennial School District6-
Center For Student Lrng Charter School PennsburyCenter For Student Learning Charter School At Pennsbury6-
Lenape Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District7-9-4.40.6-1.1755.
Tamanend Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District7-9-3.10.6-2.0854.213.467.653.820.
Unami Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District7-9-4.30.6-3.1656.017.973.942.516.959.449.117.466.4
Holicong Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District7-9-3.10.5-1.5155.415.971.354.812.467.
Tohickon Middle SchoolCentral Bucks School District7-9-
Central Cambria Middle SchoolCentral Cambria School District6-8-3.60.7-2.3148.24.452.638.94.843.640.27.447.6
Central Columbia Middle SchoolCentral Columbia School District5-
Central Dauphin East Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-
Linglestown Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-
Swatara Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-
Central Dauphin Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-
Mcconnellsburg Middle SchoolCentral Fulton School District6-
Miller Middle SchoolCentral Greene School District7-8-
Central Valley Middle SchoolCentral Valley School District6-8-
Central York Middle SchoolCentral York School District7-85.80.512.0654.410.865.
Centre Learning Community Charter SchoolCentre Learning Community Charter School5-8-
Chambersburg Area Middle School - SouthChambersburg Area School District6-8-
Chambersburg Area Middle School - NorthChambersburg Area School District6-
Charleroi Area Middle SchoolCharleroi School District6-8-
Chartiers Valley Middle SchoolChartiers Valley School District6-8-2.50.5-2.7246.58.755.242.97.650.545.210.555.7
Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High SchoolChartiers-Houston School District7-
Cedarbrook Middle SchoolCheltenham School District7-8-3.00.8-2.4448.39.457.735.27.742.943.28.751.9
Chester Charter Scholars Academy Charter SchoolChester Charter Scholars Academy Charter School3-
Chester Community Charter SchoolChester Community Charter School3-
Toby Farms Intermediate SchoolChester-Upland School District5-
Stem At ShowalterChester-Upland School District7-10-3.32.2-0.7135.70.035.715.
Chestnut Ridge Middle SchoolChestnut Ridge School District3-7-
Chestnut Ridge Senior High SchoolChestnut Ridge School District8-
Chichester Middle SchoolChichester School District5-8-
Circle Of Seasons Charter SchoolCircle Of Seasons Charter School3-811.41.39.0244.419.463.950.818.669.5
Clairton Middle/High SchoolClairton City School District6-
Clarion Area Junior/Senior High SchoolClarion Area School District7-
Clarion-Limestone Area Junior/Senior High SchoolClarion-Limestone Area School District7-12-0.71.3-0.1441.716.758.344.712.857.443.214.757.9
Claysburg-Kimmel High SchoolClaysburg-Kimmel School District7-
Clearfield Area Junior/Senior High SchoolClearfield Area School District7-10-
Coatesville Intermediate High SchoolCoatesville Area School District8-9-1.30.9-1.4426.43.029.426.43.029.4
North Brandywine Middle SchoolCoatesville Area School District7-
Cocalico Middle SchoolCocalico School District6-8-3.20.5-4.5750.97.057.935.914.150.044.614.759.3
Collegium Charter SchoolCollegium Charter School3-10-4.50.5-1.7426.31.127.425.03.428.431.53.234.7
Colonial Middle SchoolColonial School District6-8-
Columbia Middle SchoolColumbia Borough School District5-8-
Commodore Perry Junior/Senior High SchoolCommodore Perry School District7-11-
Commonwealth Charter Academy Charter SchoolCommonwealth Charter Academy Charter School3-10-3.10.9-0.4449.18.857.939.64.243.845.310.155.4
Community Academy Of Philadelphia Charter SchoolCommunity Academy Of Philadelphia Charter School3-11-
Conemaugh Township Area Middle/Senior High SchoolConemaugh Township Area School District6-
Conemaugh Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolConemaugh Valley School District7-
Gerald G Huesken Middle SchoolConestoga Valley School District7-
New Oxford Middle SchoolConewago Valley School District7-8-
Conneaut Lake Middle SchoolConneaut School District5-
Conneaut Valley Middle SchoolConneaut School District5-8-
Connellsville Area Middle SchoolConnellsville Area School District6-8-
Conrad Weiser Middle SchoolConrad Weiser Area School District5-8-
Cornell High SchoolCornell School District7-11-
Cedar Crest Middle SchoolCornwall-Lebanon School District6-8-
Corry Area Middle SchoolCorry Area School District6-
Coudersport Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCoudersport Area School District7-11-3.71.2-2.1135.83.839.630.
Newtown Middle SchoolCouncil Rock School District7-8-
Holland Middle School (8447)Council Rock School District7-8-5.60.5-7.8851.16.257.341.89.751.546.58.054.5
Cranberry Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCranberry Area School District7-
Cochranton Junior/Senior High SchoolCrawford Central School District7-
Meadville Middle SchoolCrawford Central School District7-
Crestwood Secondary CampusCrestwood School District7-11-1.10.8-0.8352.25.257.549.613.062.650.99.260.1
Mountain View Middle SchoolCumberland Valley School District6-8-
Eagle View Middle SchoolCumberland Valley School District5-
Curwensville Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCurwensville Area School District7-11-
Dallas Middle SchoolDallas School District6-8-6.80.6-3.6649.23.252.448.714.363.049.610.159.7
Dallastown Area Middle SchoolDallastown Area School District7-8-4.00.5-4.8045.99.555.444.211.255.445.210.355.4
Daniel Boone Area Middle SchoolDaniel Boone Area School District6-
Danville Area Middle SchoolDanville Area School District6-
Deer Lakes Middle SchoolDeer Lakes School District6-8-0.30.7-0.4042.410.653.045.110.855.944.814.659.4
Delaware Valley Middle SchoolDelaware Valley School District6-
Dingman-Delaware Middle SchoolDelaware Valley School District6-
Derry Area Middle SchoolDerry Area School District6-
Hershey Middle SchoolDerry Township School District6-8-
Discovery Charter SchoolDiscovery Charter School3-
Donegal Junior High SchoolDonegal School District7-
Dover Area Middle SchoolDover Area School District6-8-0.90.5-0.4649.06.855.845.35.851.145.510.255.7
Lionville Middle SchoolDowningtown Area School District7-8-
Downingtown Middle SchoolDowningtown Area School District7-8-1.11.0-0.1360.718.078.747.226.473.656.620.677.1
Dubois Area Middle SchoolDubois Area School District5-8-
Dunmore Junior/Senior High SchoolDunmore School District7-11-3.90.9-2.1345.91.847.734.56.040.540.93.644.6
East Allegheny Junior/Senior High SchoolEast Allegheny School District7-11-2.70.9-1.4330.82.633.322.63.926.526.13.329.4
Hughesville Junior/Senior High SchoolEast Lycoming School District7-11-3.10.8-0.6857.810.768.643.012.455.450.411.662.0
Lower Macungie Middle SchoolEast Penn School District6-
Eyer Middle SchoolEast Penn School District6-
East Pennsboro Area Middle SchoolEast Pennsboro Area School District6-
J T Lambert Intermediate SchoolEast Stroudsburg Area School District6-8-2.80.8-0.1541.42.944.
Lehman Intermediate SchoolEast Stroudsburg Area School District5-8-3.20.9-1.3040.04.644.640.
Garden Spot Middle SchoolEastern Lancaster County School District7-8-
Eastern Lebanon County Middle SchoolEastern Lebanon County School District6-8-
Eastern York Middle SchoolEastern York School District6-
Easton Area Middle SchoolEaston Area School District6-
Elizabeth Forward Middle SchoolElizabeth Forward School District6-8-0.30.6-0.5356.911.
Elizabethtown Area Middle SchoolElizabethtown Area School District7-8-5.10.6-5.3946.44.751.
Elk Lake Junior/Senior High SchoolElk Lake School District7-
Lincoln Junior/Senior High SchoolEllwood City Area School District7-11-2.60.8-2.1543.310.854.241.38.349.542.49.652.0
Environmental Charter School At Frick ParkEnvironmental Charter School At Frick Park3-9-
Ephrata Middle SchoolEphrata Area School District6-9-1.90.5-2.1041.
Woodrow Wilson Middle SchoolErie City School District6-8-3.90.5-4.6118.
East Middle SchoolErie City School District6-8-
Strong Vincent Middle SchoolErie City School District6-8-3.40.5-3.3321.42.323.724.
Erie Rise Leadership Academy Charter SchoolErie Rise Leadership Academy Charter School3-
Esperanza Academy Charter SchoolEsperanza Academy Charter School4-
Esperanza Cyber Charter SchoolEsperanza Cyber Charter School3-11-2.31.3-0.1012.
Eugenio Maria De Hostos Charter SchoolEugenio Maria De Hostos Charter School3-8-
Everett Area Middle SchoolEverett Area School District6-
Executive Education Academy Charter SchoolExecutive Education Academy Charter School3-10-5.51.6-1.5338.
Exeter Township Junior High SchoolExeter Township School District7-
Fairfield Area Middle SchoolFairfield Area School District5-8-
Fairview Middle SchoolFairview School District5-8-
Fannett-Metal Middle SchoolFannett-Metal School District6-8-
Farrell Area High School/Upper Middle SchoolFarrell Area School District7-
Fell Charter SchoolFell Charter School3-
Ferndale Area Junior/Senior High SchoolFerndale Area School District7-
First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolFirst Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School3-8-3.50.7-1.447.60.07.618.
Fleetwood Middle SchoolFleetwood Area School District5-8-
Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter SchoolFolk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School3-
Forbes Road Junior/Senior High SchoolForbes Road School District7-
East Forest Junior/Senior High SchoolForest Area School District7-11-0.53.7-0.1254.60.054.650.05.655.6
West Forest Junior/Senior High SchoolForest Area School District7-11-3.11.9-1.0719.211.530.815.
Forest City Regional High SchoolForest City Regional School District7-
Forest Hills Junior/Senior High SchoolForest Hills School District7-11-9.00.8-6.3430.
Fort Cherry Junior/Senior High SchoolFort Cherry School District7-10-
Fort Leboeuf Middle SchoolFort Leboeuf School District6-8-
Dorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District4-8-
Franklin Area Junior/Senior High SchoolFranklin Area School District7-11-
Franklin Regional Middle SchoolFranklin Regional School District6-
Franklin Towne Charter Elementary SchoolFranklin Towne Charter Elementary School3-8-
Frazier Middle SchoolFrazier School District6-8-
Frederick Douglass Mastery Charter SchoolFrederick Douglass Mastery Charter School3-
Freedom Area Middle SchoolFreedom Area School District5-8-
Freeport Area Middle SchoolFreeport Area School District6-
Freire Charter SchoolFreire Charter School5-
Galeton Area SchoolGaleton Area School District3-
Garnet Valley Middle SchoolGarnet Valley School District6-8-4.50.4-4.4653.810.564.353.412.265.652.815.468.2
Gateway Middle SchoolGateway School District7-
James W Parker Middle SchoolGeneral Mclane School District5-
Gettysburg Area Middle SchoolGettysburg Area School District6-
Gillingham Charter SchoolGillingham Charter School3-
Rice Avenue Middle SchoolGirard School District5-
Glendale Junior/Senior High SchoolGlendale School District7-
Global Leadership Academy Charter SchoolGlobal Leadership Academy Charter School3-
Global Leadership Academy Charter School Southwest at HueyGlobal Leadership Academy Charter School Southwest at Huey3-8-0.41.8-0.0021.40.021.411.10.011.1
Governor Mifflin Middle SchoolGovernor Mifflin School District7-
Great Valley Middle SchoolGreat Valley School District6-8-2.20.4-2.0052.816.769.657.218.675.851.222.673.8
Greater Johnstown Senior High SchoolGreater Johnstown School District8-
Greater Johnstown Middle SchoolGreater Johnstown School District5-7-1.40.6-0.4826.70.627.323.31.124.4
Greater Latrobe Junior High SchoolGreater Latrobe School District7-8-
Greater Nanticoke Area Educational CenterGreater Nanticoke Area School District6-
Green Woods Charter SchoolGreen Woods Charter School3-
Greencastle-Antrim Middle SchoolGreencastle-Antrim School District6-
Greensburg-Salem Middle SchoolGreensburg Salem School District6-8-
Greenville Junior/Senior High SchoolGreenville Area School District7-
Greenwood Middle SchoolGreenwood School District6-
Grove City Area Middle SchoolGrove City Area School District6-
Halifax Area Middle SchoolHalifax Area School District6-
Hamburg Area Middle SchoolHamburg Area School District6-8-
Hampton Middle SchoolHampton Township School District6-
Hanover Area Junior/Senior High SchoolHanover Area School District7-11-3.31.3-0.8915.50.015.514.32.416.715.01.016.0
Hanover Middle SchoolHanover Public School District5-
Harbor Creek Junior High SchoolHarbor Creek School District7-8-5.40.7-3.7855.913.369.245.412.357.850.512.863.3
Harmony Area Junior/Senior High SchoolHarmony Area School District7-
Rowland AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Marshall Math Science AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Camp Curtin AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Marshall AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Cougar AcademyHarrisburg City School District3-
Keith Valley Middle SchoolHatboro-Horsham School District6-
Haverford Middle SchoolHaverford Township School District6-
Freeland Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Heights Terrace Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Valley Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
West Hazleton Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-8-
Drums Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Hazleton Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Mcadoo-Kelayres Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Maple Manor Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-8-
Harrold Middle SchoolHempfield Area School District6-
Wendover Middle SchoolHempfield Area School District6-
West Hempfield Middle SchoolHempfield Area School District6-8-3.00.6-1.9646.410.957.248.411.559.844.613.358.0
Centerville Middle SchoolHempfield School District7-
Landisville Middle SchoolHempfield School District7-8-
Hickory High SchoolHermitage School District7-
Delahunty Middle SchoolHermitage School District6-
Highlands Middle SchoolHighlands School District5-8-
Hollidaysburg Area Junior High SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District7-9-
Homer-Center Junior/Senior High SchoolHomer-Center School District7-1110.21.09.7848.
Hope For Hyndman Charter SchoolHope For Hyndman Charter School3-
Hopewell Junior High SchoolHopewell Area School District5-8-
Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter SchoolHoward Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School3-8-
Huntingdon Area Middle SchoolHuntingdon Area School District6-
Independence Charter SchoolIndependence Charter School3-8-2.10.7-0.3038.311.149.450.97.057.935.611.947.5
Independence Charter School WestIndependence Charter School West3-7-3.21.8-1.3815.80.015.815.02.617.7
Indiana Area Junior High SchoolIndiana Area School District6-
Infinity Charter SchoolInfinity Charter School3-8-
Innovative Arts Academy Charter SchoolInnovative Arts Academy Charter School6-11-
Insight PA Cyber Charter SchoolInsight PA Cyber Charter School3-11-
Glenolden SchoolInterboro School District3-8-
Norwood SchoolInterboro School District3-
Tinicum SchoolInterboro School District3-
Prospect Park SchoolInterboro School District3-8-
Iroquois Junior/Senior High SchoolIroquois School District7-
Jamestown Area Junior/Senior High SchoolJamestown Area School District7-
Jeannette High SchoolJeannette City School District7-
Jefferson-Morgan Middle/High SchoolJefferson-Morgan School District7-
Jenkintown Middle/High SchoolJenkintown School District6-
Jersey Shore Middle SchoolJersey Shore Area School District6-
L B Morris Elementary SchoolJim Thorpe Area School District3-8-3.50.8-0.7531.66.338.042.04.446.439.78.047.7
Penn-Kidder CampusJim Thorpe Area School District3-8-
John B. Stetson Charter SchoolJohn B. Stetson Charter School5-
Johnsonburg Area High SchoolJohnsonburg Area School District7-11-3.31.3-0.9941.99.351.244.22.346.543.05.848.8
East Juniata Junior/Senior High SchoolJuniata County School District7-
Tuscarora Middle SchoolJuniata County School District6-
Juniata Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolJuniata Valley School District6-11-
Kane Area Middle SchoolKane Area School District6-
Karns City High SchoolKarns City Area School District7-11-4.00.8-3.0147.81.749.641.11.943.044.61.846.4
Kennett Middle SchoolKennett Consolidated School District6-
Keystone Academy Charter SchoolKeystone Academy Charter School3-
Central Mountain Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-
Bucktail Area Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-8-
Keystone Education Center Charter SchoolKeystone Education Center Charter School3-
Keystone Oaks Middle SchoolKeystone Oaks School District6-8-2.40.7-1.0745.113.358.441.112.553.640.517.257.7
Keystone Junior/Senior High SchoolKeystone School District7-11-2.61.1-0.9650.
KIPP Philadelphia Charter SchoolKIPP Philadelphia Charter School3-
KIPP West Philadelphia Charter SchoolKIPP West Philadelphia Charter School3-8-
Kiski Area IhsKiski Area School District7-8-
Kutztown Area Middle SchoolKutztown Area School District6-9-
La Academia Partnership Charter SchoolLa Academia Partnership Charter School6-11-4.81.8-1.414.
Laboratory Charter SchoolLaboratory Charter School3-
Lackawanna Trail Junior/Senior High SchoolLackawanna Trail School District7-10-5.91.0-3.6445.15.650.731.64.035.538.14.842.9
Lakeland Junior/Senior High SchoolLakeland School District7-11-
Lake-Lehman Junior/Senior High SchoolLake-Lehman School District7-
Lakeview Middle-High SchoolLakeview School District6-11-3.60.9-3.0937.18.1