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Report School Search, Year 2021

Reference School

Ross Elementary School in North Hills School District (Allegheny, IU 3)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade3Max State Tested Grade5
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged18% Tested English Learner1
% Tested IEP24% Graduation RateN/A

Comparison Schools

For Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Math

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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SchoolDistrictTested GradesGrowth Measuresorted ascendingStd ErrAverage Growth IndexGrade 5Across Grades
% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total
Ross Elementary SchoolNorth Hills School District3-5-3.61.4-2.6139.217.656.840.016.856.8
Spring-Ford Intermediate School 5th/6thSpring-Ford Area School District5-
Dubois Area Middle SchoolDubois Area School District5-
Central Mountain Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-
Maple Point Middle SchoolNeshaminy School District5-8-0.50.4-1.2327.77.535.222.65.828.4
Butler Middle SchoolButler Area School District5-64.60.411.1036.813.950.629.79.539.2
Eagle View Middle SchoolCumberland Valley School District5-
Landis Run Intermediate SchoolManheim Township School District5-6-0.90.4-2.0229.817.146.931.520.251.7
Twin Valley Middle SchoolTwin Valley School District5-
Dorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District4-
Upper Merion Middle SchoolUpper Merion Area School District5-8-1.30.4-2.9734.416.751.125.310.736.0
David E Williams Middle SchoolMontour School District5-85.00.411.4432.225.457.629.028.257.1
Manheim Central Middle SchoolManheim Central School District5-
Collegium Charter SchoolCollegium Charter School3-10-1.00.4-2.2015.63.018.614.43.417.8
Conrad Weiser Middle SchoolConrad Weiser Area School District5-8-1.90.4-4.2315.41.817.314.42.316.7
Abington Heights Middle SchoolAbington Heights School District5-11-1.70.4-3.9029.213.342.527.49.136.5
Hillcrest Intermediate SchoolNorwin School District5-
Ringgold Middle SchoolRinggold School District5-8-4.90.4-10.8513.51.815.
Dallastown Area Intermediate SchoolDallastown Area School District4-
Poquessing Middle SchoolNeshaminy School District5-8-0.50.5-1.0430.112.242.321.96.528.4
Stroudsburg Middle SchoolStroudsburg Area School District5-
Eden Hall Upper Elementary SchoolPine-Richland School District4-6-3.60.5-7.7935.121.756.834.317.852.1
West Mifflin Area Middle SchoolWest Mifflin Area School District4-11-8.50.5-18.3618.65.724.
Highland Middle SchoolBlackhawk School District5-8-1.60.5-3.4238.08.846.726.06.532.5
Skyview Upper Elementary SchoolMethacton School District5-6-2.60.5-5.5630.514.244.729.312.041.4
Esperanza Academy Charter SchoolEsperanza Academy Charter School4-
Pennsylvania Cyber Charter SchoolPennsylvania Cyber Charter School3-
Pennsylvania Leadership Charter SchoolPennsylvania Leadership Charter School3-11-1.40.5-2.9324.711.536.223.912.436.4
James W Parker Middle SchoolGeneral Mclane School District5-
Berwick Area Middle SchoolBerwick Area School District5-8-3.70.5-7.8218.56.825.317.14.121.2
Arcola Intermediate SchoolMethacton School District5-8-0.40.5-0.9323.611.935.4
Fleetwood Middle SchoolFleetwood Area School District5-8-1.90.5-3.8521.83.825.621.13.824.8
Lengel Middle SchoolPottsville Area School District5-8-0.60.5-1.3321.412.233.617.15.622.7
Pottstown Middle SchoolPottstown School District5-8-5.00.5-
Avon Grove Intermediate SchoolAvon Grove School District3-
Central Columbia Middle SchoolCentral Columbia School District5-
Highlands Middle SchoolHighlands School District5-
Ephrata Intermediate SchoolEphrata Area School District5-
Wilson Area Intermediate SchoolWilson Area School District5-8-11.70.5-23.1617.
Mcmurray Elementary SchoolPeters Township School District4-6-0.20.5-0.4237.832.670.438.529.267.8
C E Mccall Middle SchoolMontoursville Area School District5-8-1.90.5-3.7031.313.044.326.29.035.2
Fairview Middle SchoolFairview School District5-8-0.60.5-1.1831.812.744.429.211.941.1
Nazareth Area Intermediate SchoolNazareth Area School District4-6-0.60.5-1.1130.613.143.630.511.642.1
Boyce Middle SchoolUpper Saint Clair School District5-
Shaler Area Elementary SchoolShaler Area School District4-6-12.10.5-23.4826.25.832.
Oil City Area Middle SchoolOil City Area School District5-8-3.70.5-7.1315.52.818.39.51.511.0
Conewago Valley Intermediate SchoolConewago Valley School District4-
Hanover Middle SchoolHanover Public School District5-8-2.30.5-4.4324.44.629.018.64.322.9
Saucon Valley Middle SchoolSaucon Valley School District5-86.70.512.9632.025.457.432.415.848.2
Hopewell Junior High SchoolHopewell Area School District5-8-1.70.5-3.2331.38.239.623.26.830.1
Haine Middle SchoolSeneca Valley School District5-
Moon Area Lower Middle SchoolMoon Area School District5-6-2.10.5-3.9332.115.848.029.412.441.8
Reiffton SchoolExeter Township School District5-
Schuylkill Valley Middle SchoolSchuylkill Valley School District5-8-1.00.5-1.7924.88.533.318.76.925.7
Tyrone Area Middle SchoolTyrone Area School District5-8-0.70.5-1.3218.03.821.815.34.019.3
Beaty-Warren Middle SchoolWarren County School District5-
Bear Creek SchoolElizabethtown Area School District4-
Independence Middle SchoolBethel Park School District5-
Lehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter SchoolLehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School3-11-3.00.5-5.6722.57.530.017.44.421.8
Yough Intermediate/Middle SchoolYough School District5-8-4.90.5-9.1119.25.424.615.13.318.4
Sandburg Middle SchoolNeshaminy School District5-8-0.60.5-1.1720.35.726.016.15.721.8
Central Middle SchoolReading School District5-8-0.60.5-
Evans City Middle SchoolSeneca Valley School District5-6-1.70.5-3.1828.610.038.530.79.440.1
Spring Grove Area Intermediate SchoolSpring Grove Area School District5-6-2.10.5-3.8931.011.642.631.213.845.0
Bermudian Springs Middle SchoolBermudian Springs School District5-
Pine Grove Area Middle SchoolPine Grove Area School District5-8-2.20.5-4.0323.24.227.420.02.222.2
C E Cole Intermediate SchoolMuhlenberg School District4-6-6.10.5-
Holiday Park Elementary SchoolPlum Borough School District5-6-1.60.6-2.9134.58.442.933.114.747.8
Susquenita Middle SchoolSusquenita School District5-
Avon Grove Charter SchoolAvon Grove Charter School3-
Greater Johnstown Middle SchoolGreater Johnstown School District5-7-1.70.6-2.985.
Penn Cambria Middle SchoolPenn Cambria School District5-8-1.70.6-3.0023.61.925.516.81.418.2
Agora Cyber Charter SchoolAgora Cyber Charter School3-11-0.30.6-0.469.
Intermediate SchoolGovernor Mifflin School District5-
Pleasant Valley Intermediate SchoolPleasant Valley School District4-6-4.60.6-8.1920.46.226.718.85.123.9
Rice Avenue Middle SchoolGirard School District5-
Moss Side Middle SchoolGateway School District5-6-5.80.6-10.2315.67.623.116.17.323.4
Kiski Area Upper Elementary SchoolKiski Area School District5-6-8.70.6-15.2915.55.621.113.43.516.9
Rowland AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
MaST Community Charter SchoolMaST Community Charter School3-10-8.70.6-15.1630.
Camp Curtin AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Tredyffrin-Easttown Middle SchoolTredyffrin-Easttown School District5-
Neil Armstrong 5-6 Middle SchoolBethel Park School District5-6-0.50.6-0.8031.617.749.329.417.446.8
Rock L Butler Middle SchoolWellsboro Area School District5-
Chester Community Charter SchoolChester Community Charter School3-
John B. Stetson Charter SchoolJohn B. Stetson Charter School5-
St Marys Area Middle SchoolSaint Marys Area School District5-8-3.20.6-5.3714.82.717.6
South Park Middle SchoolSouth Park School District5-
Hopewell Elementary SchoolOxford Area School District5-67.00.611.7424.
Wind Gap Middle SchoolPen Argyl Area School District4-
Valley Forge Middle SchoolTredyffrin-Easttown School District5-
Wattsburg Area Middle SchoolWattsburg Area School District5-
Warrior Run Middle SchoolWarrior Run School District4-8-0.70.6-1.1729.
The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences at HR EdmundsThe Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences at HR Edmunds3-
Donegal Intermediate SchoolDonegal School District3-
Mars Area Centennial SchoolMars Area School District5-
East Norriton Middle SchoolNorristown Area School District5-8-3.10.6-5.0316.81.618.414.42.817.2
Salisbury Middle SchoolSalisbury Township School District5-8-2.30.6-3.6414.98.523.414.83.818.7
Bellwood Antis Middle SchoolBellwood-Antis School District5-
Southern Lehigh Intermediate SchoolSouthern Lehigh School District4-6-1.20.6-1.8533.921.054.831.623.855.4
Catasauqua Middle SchoolCatasauqua Area School District5-
Maritime Academy Charter SchoolMaritime Academy Charter School3-10-3.70.6-5.883.
Southern Columbia Middle SchoolSouthern Columbia Area School District5-
Cecil Intermediate SchoolCanon-Mcmillan School District5-6-0.10.6-0.2232.823.456.134.517.852.3
Freire Charter SchoolFreire Charter School5-
Freedom Area Middle SchoolFreedom Area School District5-8-0.80.6-1.2313.63.717.316.42.619.0
South Eastern Intermediate SchoolSouth Eastern School District5-
Sinking Springs Elementary SchoolCentral York School District4-610.80.616.8921.714.135.926.810.036.9
First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolFirst Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School3-8-2.30.6-3.621.
Pennsylvania Virtual Charter SchoolPennsylvania Virtual Charter School3-
North Hills Elementary SchoolCentral York School District3-
Colonial Elementary SchoolColonial School District4-
Eisenhower Middle SchoolNorristown Area School District5-8-0.50.7-0.747.
Richard Allen Preparatory Charter SchoolRichard Allen Preparatory Charter School5-
Lycoming Valley Intermediate SchoolWilliamsport Area School District4-
Curtin Intermediate SchoolWilliamsport Area School District4-
Wissahickon Charter SchoolWissahickon Charter School3-8-0.80.7-
Environmental Charter School At Frick ParkEnvironmental Charter School At Frick Park3-9-0.20.7-0.2518.210.428.622.613.436.0
Bentworth Middle SchoolBentworth School District5-8-1.70.7-2.4729.97.837.719.14.323.4
North Star East Middle SchoolNorth Star School District5-8-2.80.7-4.1212.810.323.115.04.619.6
Defranco Elementary School (8450)Bangor Area School District5-
MaST Community Charter School IIMaST Community Charter School II3-10-8.40.7-12.335.02.06.912.63.215.8
West Hills Intermediate SchoolArmstrong School District4-
Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter SchoolPennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School3-12-1.70.7-2.556.
North Strabane Intermediate SchoolCanon-Mcmillan School District5-6-6.30.7-9.2425.821.247.022.613.936.6
Independence Charter SchoolIndependence Charter School3-
Universal Institute Charter SchoolUniversal Institute Charter School3-8-2.30.7-3.431.
Universal Creighton Charter SchoolUniversal Creighton Charter School3-
J.E. Harrison Education CenterBaldwin-Whitehall School District3-6-3.90.7-5.7722.57.229.721.35.026.3
Steel Valley Middle SchoolSteel Valley School District5-8-2.90.7-4.2612.02.414.513.14.417.4
Chichester Middle SchoolChichester School District5-8-3.80.7-5.546.
Line Mountain Middle SchoolLine Mountain School District5-8-0.50.7-0.6519.712.131.814.35.920.2
Renaissance Academy Charter SchoolRenaissance Academy Charter School3-11-5.70.7-8.2916.711.127.818.75.724.4
Elmwood AcademyMechanicsburg Area School District4-
Lindley Academy Charter School At BirneyLindley Academy Charter School At Birney3-8-3.00.7-
Northwood Academy Charter SchoolNorthwood Academy Charter School3-8-3.70.7-5.336.
Stewart Middle SchoolNorristown Area School District5-8-3.40.7-4.804.
Avonworth Elementary SchoolAvonworth School District3-
Upper Dauphin Area Middle SchoolUpper Dauphin Area School District5-
Chestnut Ridge Middle SchoolChestnut Ridge School District3-
Conneaut Lake Middle SchoolConneaut School District5-
School Lane Charter SchoolSchool Lane Charter School3-11-4.80.7-6.6826.97.534.321.06.527.5
West Oak Lane Charter SchoolWest Oak Lane Charter School3-
Marshall Math Science AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-8-2.30.7-
Philadelphia Academy Charter SchoolPhiladelphia Academy Charter School3-11-2.50.7-3.5522.16.528.624.39.834.2
South Fayette Intermediate SchoolSouth Fayette Township School District3-
Tussey Mountain Middle SchoolTussey Mountain School District5-
Tunkhannock Area Intermediate SchoolTunkhannock Area School District3-
Jefferson Hills Intermediate SchoolWest Jefferson Hills School District3-
Shamokin Area Intermediate SchoolShamokin Area School District5-6-1.80.7-2.4417.34.321.613.13.616.7
Columbia Middle SchoolColumbia Borough School District5-8-4.80.7-6.5715.11.416.
West Branch Middle SchoolWest Branch Area School District5-
Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter SchoolPhiladelphia Performing Arts Charter School3-9-0.40.7-0.5719.
Pittston Area Middle SchoolPittston Area School District5-8-8.40.7-11.515.
L B Morris Elementary SchoolJim Thorpe Area School District3-8-3.60.7-4.9115.40.015.415.94.320.2
North Schuylkill Elementary SchoolNorth Schuylkill School District3-6-2.90.7-3.908.33.011.313.93.517.4
Forest Hills Elementary SchoolForest Hills School District3-
New Foundations Charter SchoolNew Foundations Charter School3-11-1.50.7-2.1018.55.624.117.12.920.0
Propel Charter School-MontourPropel Charter School-Montour3-10-2.80.7-3.844.
Clearfield Area Elementary SchoolClearfield Area School District3-6-5.00.7-6.7116.53.319.814.62.717.3
Glenolden SchoolInterboro School District3-8-3.90.7-
Conneaut Valley Middle SchoolConneaut School District5-
Dutch Ridge Elementary SchoolBeaver Area School District3-
Pittsburgh Colfax K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-4.80.7-6.4830.123.353.427.718.646.3
Zephyr Elementary SchoolWhitehall-Coplay School District4-5-2.50.7-3.3023.46.630.023.57.430.9
Ramsay Elementary SchoolMount Pleasant Area School District4-6-7.40.7-9.8618.01.619.717.21.718.9
Schuylkill Haven Middle SchoolSchuylkill Haven Area School District5-7-2.10.7-2.7712.21.213.413.02.015.0
Memphis Street Academy Charter School @ Jp JonesMemphis Street Academy Charter School @ JP Jones5-
Propel Charter School-Braddock HillsPropel Charter School - Braddock Hills3-11-2.40.8-
Landisville Intermediate CenterHempfield School District4-68.10.810.7729.920.450.430.022.051.9
Keystone Academy Charter SchoolKeystone Academy Charter School3-
Edgar Fahs Smith Steam AcademyYork City School District3-8-0.80.8-
Upper Adams Intermediate SchoolUpper Adams School District4-
Punxsutawney Area Elementary SchoolPunxsutawney Area School District3-
Ad Prima Charter SchoolAd Prima Charter School3-
West Reading Elementary CenterWyomissing Area School District5-6-0.80.8-1.0932.213.645.831.110.541.7
Pan American Academy Charter SchoolPan American Academy Charter School3-
Tacony Academy Charter SchoolTacony Academy Charter School3-11-3.30.8-
Towanda Area Elementary SchoolTowanda Area School District3-
Northern Cambria Middle SchoolNorthern Cambria School District5-11-0.40.8-0.5216.43.620.014.41.816.2
Pittsburgh Sterrett 6-8Pittsburgh School District5-8-3.40.8-4.323.51.34.8
MaST Community Charter School IIIMaST Community Charter School III3-6-3.60.8-4.683.
Green Woods Charter SchoolGreen Woods Charter School3-8-0.30.8-0.3816.73.320.021.38.329.6
Groveland Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Wilmington Area Middle SchoolWilmington Area School District5-8-0.80.8-0.9936.810.547.422.64.827.4
Fairfield Area Middle SchoolFairfield Area School District5-8-1.20.8-1.4831.21.632.821.71.723.5
Devers SchoolYork City School District3-
Chartiers Valley Intermediate SchoolChartiers Valley School District3-5-1.20.8-1.4833.814.748.531.717.148.9
Mckinley SchoolYork City School District3-
Hartman Intermediate SchoolEllwood City Area School District5-6-0.80.8-1.0720.67.828.419.75.024.8
Copper Beech SchoolAbington School District3-6-1.20.8-1.5418.
Mid Valley Elementary CenterMid Valley School District3-
Octorara Intermediate SchoolOctorara Area School District5-
Ferguson SchoolYork City School District3-
Goodnoe Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-6-3.90.8-4.9623.726.850.533.629.463.0
Elkins Park SchoolCheltenham School District5-6-1.00.8-1.2019.816.736.520.811.332.0
York Academy Regional Charter SchoolYork Academy Regional Charter School3-11-4.40.8-5.5810.011.721.718.49.527.9
Prospect Park SchoolInterboro School District3-8-4.40.8-5.4814.54.819.413.44.618.0
Berlin Brothersvalley Middle SchoolBerlin Brothersvalley School District5-
Mount Carmel Area Elementary SchoolMount Carmel Area School District3-
Panther Valley Intermediate SchoolPanther Valley School District4-
Universal Daroff Charter SchoolUniversal Daroff Charter School3-
Belmont Charter SchoolBelmont Charter School3-10-0.80.8-0.981.
Goode SchoolYork City School District3-
Shallow Brook Inter SchoolNortheastern York School District4-
Southern Middle SchoolReading School District5-
Sol Feinstone Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-6-4.90.8-6.0040.521.662.139.124.563.6
Waynesburg Central Elementary SchoolCentral Greene School District3-6-2.30.8-2.7916.83.019.817.43.921.2
Bear Creek Community Charter SchoolBear Creek Community Charter School3-
Wyoming Area Intermediate CenterWyoming Area School District4-6-4.10.8-5.0222.18.831.012.14.816.9
Upper Moreland Intermediate SchoolUpper Moreland Township School District3-
Roy A. Hunt Elementary SchoolNew Kensington-Arnold School District3-
Upper Perkiomen 4th And 5th Grade CenterUpper Perkiomen School District4-
Riverside Elementary School EastRiverside School District3-
Lewistown Intermediate SchoolMifflin County School District4-
Spring Forge Intermediate SchoolNortheastern York School District4-
Mohawk Elementary SchoolMohawk Area School District3-
Mill Creek Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Penns Valley Area Elementary and Intermediate SchoolPenns Valley Area School District3-611.00.813.1943.918.462.237.816.053.8
Rice Elementary SchoolCrestwood School District3-6-4.30.8-5.1415.71.817.626.07.733.7
Washington Intermediate SchoolNew Castle Area School District3-
Russell Byers Charter SchoolRussell Byers Charter School3-
Lehman Intermediate SchoolEast Stroudsburg Area School District5-8-4.80.8-5.778.92.311.2
Troy Intermediate SchoolTroy Area School District3-6-2.10.8-2.5011.
Antonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolAntonia Pantoja Community Charter School3-8-3.90.8-4.621.
Westmont Hilltop Elementary SchoolWestmont Hilltop School District3-
Universal Alcorn Charter SchoolUniversal Alcorn Charter School3-8-0.70.8-0.877.
Chester Charter Scholars Academy Charter SchoolChester Charter Scholars Academy Charter School3-12-3.30.8-3.920.
Shippensburg Intermediate SchoolShippensburg Area School District4-5-0.50.8-0.6317.112.629.618.213.031.2
Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter SchoolRobert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter School3-
Commonwealth Charter Academy Charter SchoolCommonwealth Charter Academy Charter School3-10-2.60.8-3.0725.43.428.823.95.729.6
Richland Elementary SchoolRichland School District3-
Garnet Valley Elementary SchoolGarnet Valley School District3-5-3.70.8-4.3323.222.245.429.221.150.2
Frankstown Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-
Penn-Kidder CampusJim Thorpe Area School District3-8-0.60.9-0.6414.32.416.714.23.718.0
Lenape Elementary SchoolArmstrong School District3-
Hickory Grove Elementary SchoolBrookville Area School District3-69.00.910.4616.813.930.724.611.636.1
Saint Clair Area Elementary/Middle SchoolSaint Clair Area School District3-
Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter SchoolLincoln Leadership Academy Charter School3-12-1.20.9-1.380.
Washington Park Elementary SchoolWashington School District3-6-4.00.9-4.6513.52.916.413.04.217.2
Norwood SchoolInterboro School District3-8-0.90.9-1.0310.
Martin SchoolLancaster School District3-8-2.80.9-
Butler Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Northeast Middle SchoolReading School District5-
Selinsgrove Intermediate SchoolSelinsgrove Area School District3-5-2.90.9-3.3326.
Newtown Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-6-3.70.9-4.2128.313.141.433.923.657.5
Discovery Charter SchoolDiscovery Charter School3-
Wyalusing Valley Elementary SchoolWyalusing Area School District3-
Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter SchoolMariana Bracetti Academy Charter School3-10-3.10.9-3.588.
Hannah PennYork City School District3-
Rommelt Elementary SchoolSouth Williamsport Area School District5-6-3.20.9-3.5920.
Bridge Valley Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Lower Pottsgrove Elementary SchoolPottsgrove School District3-5-0.80.9-0.9327.26.533.725.05.130.0
Central Manor Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-6-1.00.9-1.1832.
Reach Cyber Charter SchoolReach Cyber Charter School3-11-2.40.9-2.7119.49.729.021.34.726.0
Daniel Boone Area Intermediate CenterDaniel Boone Area School District3-5-0.40.9-0.4827.710.738.430.48.438.7
KIPP Philadelphia Charter SchoolKIPP Philadelphia Charter School3-
Elco Intermd SchoolEastern Lebanon County School District3-
Montgomery Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
Springfield Township Elementary School-ErdenhmSpringfield Township School District3-5-0.70.9-0.7631.312.343.636.914.251.1
Slatington Elementary SchoolNorthern Lehigh School District3-6-1.90.9-2.1322.
Mastery Charter School - Thomas CampusMastery Charter School - Thomas Campus3-
Pittsburgh Carmalt K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-3.30.9-3.6811.35.717.012.92.915.7
Elk Lake Elementary SchoolElk Lake School District3-
Carbondale Elementary SchoolCarbondale Area School District3-6-3.60.9-3.9710.
Cranberry Elementary SchoolCranberry Area School District3-
Sabold Elementary SchoolSpringfield School District3-5-1.70.9-1.8839.425.765.
Annville Elementary SchoolAnnville-Cleona School District3-6-1.50.9-1.6633.812.546.226.98.735.6
Greencastle-Antrim Elementary SchoolGreencastle-Antrim School District3-
Dassa Mckinney Elementary SchoolMoniteau School District3-6-0.80.9-0.8932.58.441.029.512.742.2
Propel Charter School-NorthsidePropel Charter School-Northside3-8-1.60.9-1.740.
Greenville Elementary SchoolGreenville Area School District3-
Roberto Clemente Charter SchoolRoberto Clemente Charter School3-12-4.00.9-4.425.
Logan Elementary SchoolEast Allegheny School District3-6-3.10.9-3.369.13.412.
Sto-Rox Upper Elementary SchoolSto-Rox School District4-
Hershey Intermediate Elementary SchoolDerry Township School District4-
Fritz Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-
Allison Park Elementary SchoolChartiers-Houston School District3-6-2.50.9-2.7425.612.237.832.810.243.0
School Street Elementary SchoolBradford Area School District3-
Titus Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Warren Snyder-John Girotti Elementary SchoolBristol Borough School District3-6-0.60.9-0.6421.32.724.018.65.624.2
Penn Hills Elementary SchoolPenn Hills School District3-5-5.80.9-
Hambright Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-
Penn Hills Charter School of EntrepreneurshipPenn Hills Charter School of Entrepreneurship3-8-0.20.9-0.2011.62.314.017.03.820.8
Scenic Hills Elementary SchoolSpringfield School District3-5-6.10.9-6.6130.213.844.035.623.759.4
Whitehall Elementary SchoolBaldwin-Whitehall School District3-5-3.20.9-3.4026.26.232.531.613.845.4
Baggaley Elementary SchoolGreater Latrobe School District3-6-1.90.9-1.9928.614.342.935.812.848.6
Pittsburgh Morrow K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-4.40.9-4.753.
Latrobe Elementary SchoolGreater Latrobe School District3-6-0.30.9-0.2945.
Dallas Intermediate SchoolDallas School District3-
Neshannock Memorial Elementary SchoolNeshannock Township School District3-
Pine Road Elementary SchoolLower Moreland Township School District3-
Mountain View Elementary SchoolGreater Latrobe School District3-6-0.50.9-0.4935.410.145.638.917.456.4
Hans Herr Elementary SchoolLampeter-Strasburg School District3-5-0.50.9-0.5138.613.552.239.018.557.6
Community Academy Of Philadelphia Charter SchoolCommunity Academy Of Philadelphia Charter School3-11-5.70.9-
Dunmore Elementary CenterDunmore School District3-6-0.40.9-0.4326.49.736.
Trimmer Elementary SchoolWest York Area School District4-
Valley Elementary SchoolBensalem Township School District3-
Swiftwater Intermediate School (8281)Pocono Mountain School District4-6-0.90.9-0.9427.612.239.821.98.930.9
Maureen M Welch Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-
Propel Charter School-MckeesportPropel Charter School-Mckeesport3-8-3.21.0-3.305.
Smoketown Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-
Liberty-Valley Elementary SchoolDanville Area School District3-
Iroquois Elementary SchoolIroquois School District3-
Southwest Middle SchoolReading School District5-8-0.71.0-0.720.
People For People Charter SchoolPeople For People Charter School3-12-1.11.0-
Foot Of Ten Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-
Barclay Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Thomas W Holtzman Jr Elementary SchoolSusquehanna Township School District3-
Jackson SchoolYork City School District3-
Darby Township SchoolSoutheast Delco School District3-8-2.61.0-2.690.
Lehighton Area Elementary CenterLehighton Area School District3-
Sugar Valley Rural Charter SchoolSugar Valley Rural Charter School3-11-0.51.0-0.5526.35.331.616.02.818.9
Brockway Area Elementary SchoolBrockway Area School District3-
Bridle Path Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
Davis SchoolYork City School District3-
Minersville Area Elementary CenterMinersville Area School District3-
Toby Farms Intermediate SchoolChester-Upland School District5-
Tinicum SchoolInterboro School District3-8-2.11.0-2.1218.92.721.620.61.922.4
John R Bonfield Elementary SchoolWarwick School District3-
Laurel Elementary SchoolLaurel School District3-6-1.51.0-1.5325.75.431.130.717.147.7
Walton Farm Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
Marshall Elementary SchoolNorth Allegheny School District3-
Northwest Middle SchoolReading School District5-
Mckinley SchoolAbington School District3-6-2.11.0-2.1725.013.638.628.411.239.5
South Butler Intermediate Elementary SchoolSouth Butler County School District4-
Brownstown Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-
Propel Charter School-HomesteadPropel Charter School-Homestead3-11-2.71.0-2.782.
Churchville Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-
Reynolds Elementary SchoolReynolds School District3-6-5.41.0-5.5013.01.414.516.31.818.2
Propel Charter School-EastPropel Charter School - East3-8-4.21.0-
Karen A. Ionta Elementary SchoolHermitage School District4-5-3.91.0-3.9339.77.847.534.317.351.7
Case Avenue Elementary SchoolSharon City School District3-
Larry J. Macaluso Elementary SchoolRed Lion Area School District3-
East Coventry Elementary SchoolOwen J Roberts School District3-
Provident Charter SchoolProvident Charter School3-
West Vincent Elementary SchoolOwen J Roberts School District3-
Jamison Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter SchoolFolk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School3-7-1.81.0-1.7622.76.829.628.16.234.4
Ward L Myers Elementary SchoolMuncy School District3-
Pittsburgh Brookline K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-6.41.0-6.3818.45.323.716.92.719.6
Port Allegany Elementary SchoolPort Allegany School District3-
Mill Creek Elementary SchoolBristol Township School District3-5-1.01.0-1.0310.53.514.
Shenango Elementary SchoolShenango Area School District3-
Pittsburgh Langley K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-1.91.0-1.922.
Todd Lane Elementary SchoolCentral Valley School District3-5-4.21.0-4.1724.64.929.632.212.144.3
Steelton-Highspire Elementary SchoolSteelton-Highspire School District3-
Southwest Leadership Academy Charter SchoolSouthwest Leadership Academy Charter School3-
East Petersburg Elementary SchoolHempfield School District3-
East Vincent Elementary SchoolOwen J Roberts School District3-6-2.91.0-2.8927.916.244.134.518.052.6
Drums Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-8-3.31.0-3.2211.59.621.212.83.716.5
Montgomery Elementary SchoolMontgomery Area School District3-
Warwick Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Kissel Hill Elementary SchoolWarwick School District3-
Kulp Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
Maplewood Elementary SchoolPenncrest School District3-6-3.41.0-3.2610.
Iron Forge Elementary SchoolSouth Middleton School District3-
Samuel K Faust Elementary SchoolBensalem Township School District3-6-2.41.0-2.343.
Rolling Ridge Elementary SchoolHarbor Creek School District3-6-7.51.0-7.2932.110.742.932.621.654.2
Kutz Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Farmdale Elementary SchoolHempfield School District3-
Joseph C Ashkar Elementary SchoolEast Lycoming School District3-
Decatur Stephen SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
United Elementary SchoolUnited School District3-
Widener Partnership Charter SchoolWidener Partnership Charter School3-
Rydal East SchoolAbington School District3-6-1.21.0-1.1643.611.354.836.917.954.8
Mercer Area Elementary SchoolMercer Area School District3-
S S Palmer Elementary SchoolPalmerton Area School District3-
Winding Creek Elementary SchoolCumberland Valley School District3-
Paradise Elementary SchoolPequea Valley School District3-
East Juniata Elementary SchoolJuniata County School District3-6-2.51.0-2.4117.15.722.923.76.430.1
East Union Intermediate SchoolDeer Lakes School District3-5-2.41.0-2.2521.16.527.627.79.637.3
Delcroft SchoolSoutheast Delco School District3-8-0.71.1-0.632.
Cold Spring Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
French Creek Elementary SchoolOwen J Roberts School District3-
New Holland ElementaryEastern Lancaster County School District3-
Baden Academy Charter SchoolBaden Academy Charter School3-
Charles W Longer Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-
North Pocono Intmd SchoolNorth Pocono School District4-5-4.11.1-3.8933.66.239.831.810.542.3
Wallenpaupack North Intermediate SchoolWallenpaupack Area School District3-5-1.71.1-1.6324.
Hillcrest Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-
North Coventry Elementary SchoolOwen J Roberts School District3-6-4.21.1-3.9738.221.860.
Snyder Elementary SchoolSayre Area School District3-
Corry Area Intermediate SchoolCorry Area School District3-5-1.91.1-1.7925.47.933.327.411.839.2
Skippack Elementary SchoolPerkiomen Valley School District3-