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Report School Search, Year 2021

Reference School

Pittsburgh Sunnyside K-8 in Pittsburgh School District (Allegheny, IU 2)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade3Max State Tested Grade8
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged73% Tested English Learner0
% Tested IEP20% Graduation RateN/A

Comparison Schools

For Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) English Language Arts

All schools in Pennsylvania with at least one tested grade in common with the reference school

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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SchoolDistrictTested GradesGrowth MeasureStd ErrAverage Growth IndexGrade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Across Grades
% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Profsorted ascending% Adv% Total
Pittsburgh Sunnyside K-8Pittsburgh School District3-
Steelton-Highspire High SchoolSteelton-Highspire School District7-11-3.80.9-
Key Francis Scott SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-6-6.51.7-3.7510.
Amy At MartinPhiladelphia City School District6-8-6.41.9-3.3931.
Frances Willard #32Scranton School District3-5-10.23.3-3.0615.40.015.434.40.034.4
Pittsburgh Miller K-5Pittsburgh School District3-5-9.03.1-2.9413.30.013.314.30.014.3
Lurgan Elementary SchoolChambersburg Area School District3-5-9.33.2-2.8942.90.042.929.80.029.8
Pittsburgh Milliones 6-12Pittsburgh School District6-11-4.41.6-2.824.
Monessen Elementary CenterMonessen City School District3-5-5.62.0-2.7720.
La Academia Partnership Charter SchoolLa Academia Partnership Charter School6-11-4.81.8-2.6014.
Shade Junior/Senior High SchoolShade-Central City School District7-11-4.71.9-2.4925.
East Middle SchoolErie City School District6-8-1.40.6-2.3110.
Pittsburgh Grandview K-5Pittsburgh School District3-5-5.32.8-1.8627.80.027.812.30.012.3
Olney Elementary SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-3.11.8-1.7818.80.018.821.40.021.417.40.017.414.00.014.0
Edison Elementary SchoolErie City School District3-5-3.21.8-1.7110.
Mastery Charter School - Mann CampusMastery Charter School-Mann Campus3-6-2.71.7-1.6016.70.016.727.80.027.818.40.018.4
Stem At ShowalterChester-Upland School District7-10-3.32.2-1.4835.70.035.715.
Rhawnhurst SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-5-4.02.8-1.4031.60.031.622.00.022.0
Penrose SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-4.53.2-1.396.70.06.714.80.014.8
Sto-Rox Junior/Senior High SchoolSto-Rox School District7-10-2.21.6-1.380.
Propel Charter School-NorthsidePropel Charter School-Northside3-8-1.31.0-1.377.
Forrest Edwin SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-6-2.52.0-1.2816.
Penn Treaty SchoolPhiladelphia City School District6-11-3.63.5-
Alliance For Progress Charter SchoolAlliance For Progress Charter School3-8-1.11.2-0.9712.50.012.532.
Lafayette Middle SchoolUniontown Area School District6-8-1.11.4-0.8013.60.013.612.
Emlen Eleanor C SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-5-2.33.2-0.7218.80.018.825.60.025.6
Blacklick Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolBlacklick Valley School District7-11-0.81.3-0.6136.
New Day Charter SchoolNew Day Charter School7-11-1.73.2-0.5311.
Moffet John SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-5-1.83.5-0.5241.70.041.725.60.025.6
Southwest Middle SchoolReading School District5-8-0.51.0-0.4614.80.014.814.60.014.625.
Disston Hamilton SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-1.53.3-0.457.70.07.718.60.018.6
Lehigh Valley Dual Language Charter SchoolLehigh Valley Dual Language Charter School3-8-0.82.5-0.328.30.08.358.30.058.334.30.034.3
Academy at WestinghousePittsburgh School District5-11-0.31.1-0.2713.80.013.818.80.018.810.50.010.514.60.014.6
Global Leadership Academy Charter School Southwest at HueyGlobal Leadership Academy Charter School Southwest at Huey3-8-0.41.8-
Munoz-Marin LuisPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.73.7-0.1816.70.016.710.00.010.0
Comegys Benjamin B SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.43.4-0.1123.
Fitzpatrick Aloysius L SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.32.4-0.1029.40.029.436.40.036.429.00.029.0
Urban Pathways 6-12 Charter SchoolUrban Pathways 6-12 Charter School6-11-0.22.1-0.1022.
Blaine James G SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.12.3-0.0411.80.011.825.
Mitchell Elementary SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.13.7-
Steelton-Highspire Elementary SchoolSteelton-Highspire School District3-6-0.01.1-0.0021.90.021.911.50.011.512.10.012.1
Farrell Area High School/Upper Middle SchoolFarrell Area School District7-
Keystone Education Center Charter SchoolKeystone Education Center Charter School3-
Price Elementary SchoolLancaster School District3-
Pittsburgh Arsenal K-5Pittsburgh School District3-
Prince HallPhiladelphia City School District3-
Welsh John SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Duckrey Tanner SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Global Leadership Academy Charter SchoolGlobal Leadership Academy Charter School3-
Diehl SchoolErie City School District3-
Walnut Street Elementary SchoolWilliam Penn School District3-
Juniata Park AcademyPhiladelphia City School District3-
Middle Years AlternativePhiladelphia City School District5-
Deburgos Bilingual Magnet Middle SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Howe Julia Ward SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Bethune Mary Mcleod SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Forbes Road Junior/Senior High SchoolForbes Road School District7-
Feltonville Intermediate SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Mastery Charter School John Wister ElementaryMastery Charter School John Wister Elementary3-
Catharine Joseph SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Taggart John H SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Clemente Roberto Middle SchoolPhiladelphia City School District6-
Main Street SchoolChester-Upland School District3-
Cougar AcademyHarrisburg City School District3-
Marshall John SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Chester Upland School Of ArtsChester-Upland School District3-
Aspira Bilingual Cyber Charter SchoolAspira Bilingual Cyber Charter School3-
Feltonville School Of Arts & SciencesPhiladelphia City School District6-
Marshall AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Rhodes E Washington SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Mastery Charter School-Gratz CampusMastery Charter School - Gratz Campus7-
Camp Curtin AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Jackson Middle SchoolLancaster School District6-8-3.40.7-5.0519.00.919.
Goode SchoolYork City School District3-8-0.70.9-0.8112.
Hannah PennYork City School District3-
KIPP Philadelphia Charter SchoolKIPP Philadelphia Charter School3-
People For People Charter SchoolPeople For People Charter School3-
Pittsburgh Langley K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-0.91.1-0.8815.40.015.415.90.015.915.
Northwest Elementary SchoolLebanon School District3-
Davis SchoolYork City School District3-8-1.91.0-1.7813.
John B. Stetson Charter SchoolJohn B. Stetson Charter School5-
Hazleton Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Bethlehem-Center Middle SchoolBethlehem-Center School District6-8-2.10.9-2.4529.81.531.329.
Erie Rise Leadership Academy Charter SchoolErie Rise Leadership Academy Charter School3-
Mayfair SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.91.2-0.7827.
Northwest Middle SchoolReading School District5-
KIPP West Philadelphia Charter SchoolKIPP West Philadelphia Charter School3-8-0.41.2-0.3028.60.028.619.40.019.425.
Heights/Murray Elementary SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District3-
Duquesne Elementary SchoolDuquesne City School District3-
Devers SchoolYork City School District3-
Ferguson SchoolYork City School District3-
Washington Elementary SchoolLancaster School District3-5-3.91.9-2.1210.90.010.916.80.617.3
Memphis Street Academy Charter School @ Jp JonesMemphis Street Academy Charter School @ JP Jones5-
The Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences at HR EdmundsThe Philadelphia Charter School for Arts and Sciences at HR Edmunds3-8-1.20.7-1.8311.92.414.318.60.018.617.
Pittsburgh King K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-1.61.2-1.356.90.06.919.40.019.430.
Clairton Elementary SchoolClairton City School District3-
Greater Johnstown Senior High SchoolGreater Johnstown School District8-
Propel Charter School - HazelwoodPropel Charter School-Hazelwood3-8-0.71.2-0.566.70.06.714.30.014.314.34.819.
Deep Roots Charter SchoolDeep Roots Charter School3-6-2.51.4-1.7218.
Morrisville High School (8381)Morrisville Borough School District6-11-0.31.1-0.3019.21.921.
Pittsburgh Faison K-5Pittsburgh School District3-5-3.81.8-
Perseus House Charter School Of ExcellencePerseus House Charter School Of Excellence6-11-0.91.2-0.704.80.04.820.40.020.422.71.524.219.20.719.9
Chester Community Charter SchoolChester Community Charter School3-
Wilkins Elementary STEAM AcademyWoodland Hills School District3-5-1.81.9-0.9819.60.019.618.20.719.0
Founders Hall Middle SchoolMckeesport Area School District6-8-0.40.5-0.6629.11.330.424.
Jackson SchoolYork City School District3-
Aliquippa Elementary SchoolAliquippa School District3-6-3.01.2-2.5414.70.014.712.53.115.614.30.815.1
Esperanza Cyber Charter SchoolEsperanza Cyber Charter School3-11-2.31.3-1.7311.
Mastery Charter School-Francis D. Pastorius ElementaryMastery Charter School-Francis D. Pastorius Elementary3-8-1.71.5-
Mastery Charter School-Clymer ElementaryMastery Charter School - Clymer Elementary3-
Southern Middle SchoolReading School District5-
Young Scholars of Greater Allegheny Charter SchoolYoung Scholars of Greater Allegheny Charter School3-8-1.61.7-0.9326.30.026.340.
Shenandoah Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolShenandoah Valley School District7-11-1.81.2-1.5336.21.737.926.30.026.331.30.932.2
Frederick Douglass Mastery Charter SchoolFrederick Douglass Mastery Charter School3-
Mastery Charter School-Pickett CampusMastery Charter School - Pickett Campus6-
Marshall ThurgoodPhiladelphia City School District3-
Antietam Middle/High SchoolAntietam School District7-
Esperanza Academy Charter SchoolEsperanza Academy Charter School4-
Innovative Arts Academy Charter SchoolInnovative Arts Academy Charter School6-11-2.20.9-2.4515.41.917.319.
Bell Avenue SchoolWilliam Penn School District3-6-2.01.8-
Park Lane Elementary SchoolWilliam Penn School District3-
Pfeiffer-Burleigh SchoolErie City School District3-5-4.61.5-
Hanover Area Junior/Senior High SchoolHanover Area School District7-11-3.31.3-2.5815.50.015.514.32.416.715.01.016.0
Dodson Elementary SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District3-
Heights Terrace Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Turner Intermediate SchoolWilkinsburg Borough School District3-
Delcroft SchoolSoutheast Delco School District3-8-0.21.1-0.1638.90.038.937.50.037.515.40.015.434.
Greater Johnstown Middle SchoolGreater Johnstown School District5-7-1.40.6-2.4921.90.021.921.02.723.626.70.627.323.31.124.4
Vision Academy Charter SchoolVision Academy Charter School3-8-0.91.2-0.7235.70.035.736.
Monessen Middle SchoolMonessen City School District6-8-2.41.4-1.7418.02.620.513.
Mckinley Elementary SchoolErie City School District3-5-0.71.8-0.4115.50.015.511.71.112.8
West Hazleton Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-8-0.41.3-0.3329.70.029.714.72.917.636.44.640.925.
Richard Allen Preparatory Charter SchoolRichard Allen Preparatory Charter School5-
Pittsburgh Arlington K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-1.71.2-1.4019.
Mckinley SchoolYork City School District3-
Lincoln Charter SchoolLincoln Charter School3-
Toby Farms Intermediate SchoolChester-Upland School District5-
G A R Middle SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District7-
Boys Latin Of Philadelphia Charter SchoolBoys Latin Of Philadelphia Charter School6-
Pittsburgh Lincoln K-5Pittsburgh School District3-5-6.62.4-2.7911.
Central Middle SchoolReading School District5-
Universal Daroff Charter SchoolUniversal Daroff Charter School3-
Hamilton Elementary SchoolLancaster School District3-5-4.61.8-2.5916.70.016.718.31.319.6
Science Leadership Academy Middle SchoolPhiladelphia City School District5-8-2.91.5-2.0039.
Cornell High SchoolCornell School District7-11-1.61.5-1.0635.90.035.924.32.727.030.31.331.6
Allegheny-Clarion Valley High SchoolAllegheny-Clarion Valley School District7-
Anderson Add B SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-8.81.8-4.946.
Mount Carmel Area JHMount Carmel Area School District7-8-3.40.9-3.9830.60.030.629.02.631.629.81.331.1
Pittsburgh Westwood K-8Pittsburgh School District3-5-7.22.7-2.6430.
Washington Junior High SchoolWashington School District7-8-1.21.0-1.1328.01.229.323.51.525.026.01.327.3
Maple Manor Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-8-0.81.1-0.6817.
Pottstown Middle SchoolPottstown School District5-8-5.40.5-10.6522.51.223.720.
Edgar Fahs Smith Steam AcademyYork City School District3-
Propel Charter School-MckeesportPropel Charter School-Mckeesport3-8-7.21.0-7.1536.
Rockhill Elementary SchoolSouthern Huntingdon County School District3-
East Fallowfield Elementary SchoolCoatesville Area School District3-
Spruance Gilbert SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-4.02.8-1.4610.
Community Academy Of Philadelphia Charter SchoolCommunity Academy Of Philadelphia Charter School3-11-4.11.0-4.1622.50.022.527.30.027.333.32.836.
Widener Partnership Charter SchoolWidener Partnership Charter School3-7-1.61.1-1.434.60.04.615.82.618.414.
Rainbow Elementary SchoolCoatesville Area School District3-5-0.51.3-0.3631.
Aliquippa Junior/Senior High SchoolAliquippa School District7-
West Phila. Achievement CesWest Philadelphia Achievement Charter Elementary School3-
Mowrie A Ebner Elementary SchoolAltoona Area School District3-
Universal Institute Charter SchoolUniversal Institute Charter School3-
Pittsburgh Morrow K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-0.91.0-0.8820.81.922.622.
Penn Wood Middle SchoolWilliam Penn School District7-
Rowland AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Hanover Area Memorial Elementary SchoolHanover Area School District4-5-2.61.6-1.5929.80.029.823.41.625.0
First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter SchoolFirst Philadelphia Preparatory Charter School3-8-3.50.7-5.2813.71.014.722.
Bridesburg SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-6.71.4-4.6315.
Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh Charter SchoolUrban Academy Of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School3-5-8.21.9-4.3921.42.423.820.61.622.2
Sto-Rox Upper Elementary SchoolSto-Rox School District4-
Pittsburgh Allegheny 6-8Pittsburgh School District6-
Fountain Hill Elementary SchoolBethlehem Area School District3-5-0.92.2-0.4042.40.042.436.11.637.7
Pittsburgh Arsenal 6-8Pittsburgh School District6-
Muhlenberg Middle SchoolMuhlenberg School District7-9-3.70.5-7.0427.92.029.926.41.427.827.11.728.8
Canton Junior/Senior High SchoolCanton Area School District7-11-3.81.2-3.2740.
Manchester Academic Charter SchoolManchester Academic Charter School3-
Mahanoy Area Junior/Senior High SchoolMahanoy Area School District7-10-6.31.2-5.4220.
Roberto Clemente Charter SchoolRoberto Clemente Charter School3-12-5.11.0-5.2519.40.019.423.
Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolNew Kensington-Arnold School District7-11-0.71.0-0.6927.
New Castle Junior High SchoolNew Castle Area School District6-8-5.50.5-11.0218.24.222.418.
Universal Bluford Charter SchoolUniversal Bluford Charter School3-6-2.81.2-2.3719.
Carter And Macrae Elementary SchoolLancaster School District3-5-2.72.3-1.1320.62.923.516.11.817.9
Pocono Mountain West Junior High SchoolPocono Mountain School District7-8-1.21.2-0.9738.61.840.423.61.825.431.21.833.0
Karns City High SchoolKarns City Area School District7-11-4.00.8-4.8547.81.749.641.11.943.044.61.846.4
Childs George W SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.01.9-0.0211.
Chester Charter Scholars Academy Charter SchoolChester Charter Scholars Academy Charter School3-
Twin Rivers Elementary SchoolMckeesport Area School District3-
Bywood Elementary SchoolUpper Darby School District3-
Woodrow Wilson Middle SchoolErie City School District6-8-3.90.5-7.3914.42.116.618.
Webster SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-5-1.02.6-0.398.74.413.09.31.811.1
Belmont Charter SchoolBelmont Charter School3-
Mastery Charter School - Cleveland ElementaryMastery Charter School-Cleveland Elementary3-
Freire Charter SchoolFreire Charter School5-
Coudersport Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCoudersport Area School District7-11-3.71.2-3.0735.83.839.630.
Premier Arts And Science Charter SchoolPremier Arts And Science Charter School3-
Maritime Academy Charter SchoolMaritime Academy Charter School3-10-6.30.7-9.4816.30.016.318.12.420.524.13.427.622.70.022.719.41.921.3
Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5Pittsburgh School District3-
Morton Thomas G SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-512.42.94.3217.60.017.613.51.915.4
Propel Charter School-Braddock HillsPropel Charter School - Braddock Hills3-11-3.70.8-4.6419.61.821.415.83.519.319.
Brookwood Elementary SchoolBristol Township School District3-5-3.71.3-2.8025.30.025.326.21.928.2
Northwest Area High SchoolNorthwest Area School District7-10-1.71.2-1.4228.
Hamilton Andrew SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-5.03.5-1.430.
Mariana Bracetti Academy Charter SchoolMariana Bracetti Academy Charter School3-
Rhoads James SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Sheffield M/HsWarren County School District6-
Pan American Academy Charter SchoolPan American Academy Charter School3-
Harding Elementary SchoolLebanon School District3-
Pocono Mountain East Junior High SchoolPocono Mountain School District7-8-1.31.4-0.9545.41.847.351.12.253.348.02.050.0
Penn Hills Elementary SchoolPenn Hills School District3-5-6.51.0-6.8022.30.022.324.62.026.6
Mastery Charter School-Harrity CampusMastery Charter School - Harrity Campus3-
Mount Union Area Junior High SchoolMount Union Area School District6-
Aldan Elementary SchoolWilliam Penn School District3-6-0.62.1-0.2832.30.032.328.67.135.735.72.037.8
Arts Academy Charter SchoolArts Academy Charter School5-8-3.51.1-3.1141.
Washington Intermediate SchoolNew Castle Area School District3-5-3.30.9-3.8119.60.520.
King Elementary SchoolLancaster School District3-5-5.62.1-2.7213.52.716.
Paxinosa Elementary SchoolEaston Area School District3-5-1.71.8-0.9610.71.812.513.22.115.3
Caln Elementary SchoolCoatesville Area School District3-5-2.61.7-1.5429.31.731.
Richmond SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Brownsville Area Middle SchoolBrownsville Area School District6-
Harding SchoolErie City School District3-5-3.21.6-2.0521.
Hopkinson Francis SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-4.13.6-1.1323.
Mastery Charter School-Smedley CampusMastery Charter School - Smedley Campus3-6-4.01.3-3.1819.21.921.231.01.732.821.42.223.6
Clairton Middle/High SchoolClairton City School District6-
Propel Charter School-HomesteadPropel Charter School-Homestead3-11-1.01.0-0.9721.60.021.616.75.622.
Millersburg Area Middle SchoolMillersburg Area School District6-
Mastery Charter School - Thomas CampusMastery Charter School - Thomas Campus3-
Lindley Academy Charter School At BirneyLindley Academy Charter School At Birney3-
Kirkbride Eliza B SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-4.72.4-1.9737.50.037.525.
Arts Academy Elementary Charter SchoolArts Academy Elementary Charter School3-
Pittsburgh Mifflin K-8Pittsburgh School District3-
Turkeyfoot Valley Area Junior/Senior High SchoolTurkeyfoot Valley Area School District7-
Laboratory Charter SchoolLaboratory Charter School3-
Broughal Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-
Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter SchoolRobert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter School3-
Pleasant Valley Elementary SchoolAltoona Area School District3-
Mcclure Alexander K SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-5-9.23.0-
Tacony Academy Charter SchoolTacony Academy Charter School3-11-3.10.8-3.7926.51.527.921.74.426.148.01.449.317.15.722.925.62.428.0
Solomon/Plains Middle SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District7-8-3.61.0-3.6728.01.229.318.83.522.423.42.425.8
Carbondale Elementary SchoolCarbondale Area School District3-6-3.30.9-3.5034.50.034.523.32.225.626.42.428.7
Albert Gallatin North Middle SchoolAlbert Gallatin Area School District6-8-0.10.8-0.0938.34.342.647.81.148.932.31.533.840.22.442.6
Mcadoo-Kelayres Elementary/Middle SchoolHazleton Area School District3-
Salisbury-Elk Lick Junior/Senior High SchoolSalisbury-Elk Lick School District7-11-4.21.9-2.1930.
Ringgold Middle SchoolRinggold School District5-8-6.90.5-14.6122.71.223.929.50.630.121.83.525.331.74.336.026.62.529.0
Propel Charter School-PitcairnPropel Charter School-Pitcairn3-8-5.31.2-4.6312.
South Scranton Intermediate SchoolScranton School District6-8-1.10.9-1.2827.51.829.431.21.332.520.05.425.427.02.529.5
Daniel J Flood Elementary SchoolWilkes-Barre Area School District3-6-1.41.5-0.8923.30.023.322.63.225.8