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Report School Search, Year 2023

Reference School

Pittsburgh South Brook 6-8 in Pittsburgh School District (Allegheny, IU 2)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade6Max State Tested Grade8
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged77% Tested English Learner2
% Tested IEP27% Graduation RateN/A

Comparison Schools

For Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Math

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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SchoolDistrictTested Gradessorted ascendingGrowth MeasureStd ErrAverage Growth IndexGrade 6Grade 7Grade 8Across Grades
% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total
Link to School Value AddedPittsburgh South Brook 6-8Pittsburgh School District6-
Link to School Value AddedTurkeyfoot Valley Area Elementary SchoolTurkeyfoot Valley Area School District3-6-12.71.7-7.6412.
Link to School Value AddedBucktail Area Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-8-8.71.2-
Link to School Value AddedBrockway Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBrockway Area School District7-11-7.31.0-7.2532.97.940.822.219.441.730.211.141.2
Link to School Value AddedAchievement House Charter SchoolAchievement House Charter School7-12-7.31.9-3.746.
Link to School Value AddedJenkintown Middle/High SchoolJenkintown School District6-11-6.71.2-5.5533.310.543.920.
Link to School Value AddedWest Middlesex Area Junior/Senior High SchoolWest Middlesex Area School District7-12-6.51.2-5.5024.516.340.
Link to School Value AddedForbes Road Junior/Senior High SchoolForbes Road School District7-12-6.51.9-3.4422.66.429.
Link to School Value AddedMarsh Creek Sixth Grade CenterDowningtown Area School District6-6-5.90.4-16.0227.
Link to School Value AddedGlendale Junior/Senior High SchoolGlendale School District7-12-5.91.2-4.7634.04.338.39.31.811.124.310.534.9
Link to School Value AddedCornell High SchoolCornell School District7-12-5.81.5-3.8014.78.823.
Link to School Value AddedRedbank Valley High SchoolRedbank Valley School District6-12-5.70.8-7.1018.29.127.314.
Link to School Value AddedWest Forest Junior/Senior High SchoolForest Area School District7-11-5.63.3-1.6914.30.014.331.10.031.1
Link to School Value AddedFarrell Area High School/Upper Middle SchoolFarrell Area School District7-12-5.51.3-
Link to School Value AddedRockwood Area Junior/Senior High SchoolRockwood Area School District7-11-5.41.3-4.0942.911.954.828.36.534.834.313.347.6
Link to School Value AddedMontgomery Junior/Senior High SchoolMontgomery Area School District7-11-5.21.0-5.0627.413.741.120.318.839.125.515.941.4
Link to School Value AddedBenton Area Middle SchoolBenton Area School District7-10-5.21.2-4.2624.15.629.617.88.926.721.27.128.3
Link to School Value AddedKiski Area Upper Elementary SchoolKiski Area School District5-6-5.20.5-9.8525.16.831.929.09.638.6
Link to School Value AddedWyomissing Area Junior/Senior High SchoolWyomissing Area School District7-12-5.20.7-7.2222.013.335.315.88.924.718.012.030.0
Link to School Value AddedArts Academy Charter SchoolArts Academy Charter School5-8-5.20.9-5.558.
Link to School Value AddedAlloway Creek Elementary SchoolLittlestown Area School District3-6-5.20.7-7.2233.312.045.4
Link to School Value AddedFort Cherry Junior/Senior High SchoolFort Cherry School District7-11-5.11.1-4.6622.12.925.014.81.616.417.32.019.3
Link to School Value AddedHanover Middle SchoolHanover Public School District5-8-5.10.5-9.9422.38.130.415.33.018.318.34.923.220.47.628.0
Link to School Value AddedSandy Run Middle SchoolUpper Dublin School District6-8-5.00.4-12.3034.522.557.
Link to School Value AddedCoatesville Intermediate High SchoolCoatesville Area School District8-9-5.00.7-
Link to School Value AddedShenandoah Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolShenandoah Valley School District7-11-5.01.0-
Link to School Value AddedPlum Middle SchoolPlum Borough School District7-8-4.90.5-8.9728.915.544.422.46.729.125.410.836.3
Link to School Value AddedEast Allegheny Junior/Senior High SchoolEast Allegheny School District7-11-4.91.0-5.1010.
Link to School Value AddedWilliamson Senior High SchoolNorthern Tioga School District7-12-4.81.0-4.9711.99.521.417.26.924.117.36.924.2
Link to School Value AddedWest Shamokin Junior/Senior High SchoolArmstrong School District7-11-4.70.9-5.2920.93.524.415.
Link to School Value AddedTitusville Middle SchoolTitusville Area School District6-8-4.70.6-8.0215.
Link to School Value AddedOctorara Intermediate SchoolOctorara Area School District5-6-4.70.7-6.8214.52.216.724.26.030.2
Link to School Value AddedForest City Regional Elementary SchoolForest City Regional School District3-6-4.70.9-5.0320.31.722.
Link to School Value AddedHickory High SchoolHermitage School District7-12-4.71.0-4.5430.912.
Link to School Value AddedFairview Elementary SchoolWest Shore School District3-6-4.61.2-3.7334.929.464.4
Link to School Value AddedAntietam Middle/High SchoolAntietam School District7-11-4.61.0-4.745.
Link to School Value AddedDamascus Area SchoolWayne Highlands School District3-8-4.61.0-4.5531.237.568.831.48.640.
Link to School Value AddedConestoga Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-6-4.61.0-4.4840.012.552.540.815.556.3
Link to School Value AddedShenandoah Valley Elementary SchoolShenandoah Valley School District3-6-4.60.7-6.2410.15.615.716.36.823.0
Link to School Value AddedWest Hills Intermediate SchoolArmstrong School District4-6-4.40.5-8.2732.421.654.031.815.747.5
Link to School Value AddedSwift Middle SchoolSolanco School District6-8-4.40.7-6.4821.49.430.827.91.929.811.85.917.620.45.926.3
Link to School Value AddedYork Academy Regional Charter SchoolYork Academy Regional Charter School3-11-4.30.6-7.1210.59.219.714.51.415.
Link to School Value AddedMorrisville High School (8381)Morrisville Borough School District6-12-4.20.9-4.568.16.414.
Link to School Value AddedShamokin Area Intermediate SchoolShamokin Area School District5-6-4.20.7-6.3111.95.016.914.34.919.2
Link to School Value AddedElk Lake Junior/Senior High SchoolElk Lake School District7-11-4.20.9-4.5314.42.216.719.83.323.117.52.720.2
Link to School Value AddedAllegheny-Clarion Valley ElementaryAllegheny-Clarion Valley School District3-6-4.21.0-4.2314.910.625.530.913.344.2
Link to School Value AddedRoss Elementary SchoolLake-Lehman School District3-6-4.11.2-3.3632.
Link to School Value AddedShaler Area Elementary SchoolShaler Area School District4-6-4.10.4-10.6523.77.331.030.311.742.0
Link to School Value AddedHegins-Hubley Elementary SchoolTri-Valley School District3-6-4.11.0-4.2414.34.118.433.07.840.8
Link to School Value AddedBenjamin Franklin Middle SchoolBristol Township School District6-8-4.10.5-8.727.
Link to School Value AddedRocky Grove Junior/Senior High SchoolValley Grove School District7-11-4.11.1-3.5632.75.838.516.13.219.426.43.229.7
Link to School Value AddedLake-Noxen Elementary SchoolLake-Lehman School District3-6-4.01.1-3.7024.49.834.
Link to School Value AddedCarlynton Junior/Senior High SchoolCarlynton School District7-12-4.00.9-4.4420.
Link to School Value AddedValley Junior/Senior High SchoolNew Kensington-Arnold School District7-12-4.00.8-4.857.00.87.810.12.512.
Link to School Value AddedLaurel Middle SchoolLaurel School District7-8-3.91.0-4.0918.
Link to School Value AddedEvergreen Community Charter SchoolEvergreen Community Charter School6-11-3.92.4-1.6535.77.142.930.87.738.526.76.733.3
Link to School Value AddedHarmony Area Junior/Senior High SchoolHarmony Area School District7-10-3.92.0-1.9611.817.629.422.74.627.317.48.726.1
Link to School Value AddedNorthwood Academy Charter SchoolNorthwood Academy Charter School3-8-3.90.6-6.596.30.06.313.
Link to School Value AddedWilliams Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolWilliams Valley School District7-11-3.81.1-3.367.
Link to School Value AddedMidd-West High SchoolMidd-West School District7-11-3.81.1-3.6323.29.933.117.88.926.7
Link to School Value AddedLincoln Park Performing Arts Charter SchoolLincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School7-11-3.81.0-3.7926.913.440.319.
Link to School Value AddedLehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter SchoolLehigh Valley Academy Regional Charter School3-12-3.80.4-8.7615.36.621.918.67.926.
Link to School Value AddedNorthampton Area Middle SchoolNorthampton Area School District6-8-3.80.4-10.8524.
Link to School Value AddedBrookville Junior/Senior High SchoolBrookville Area School District7-12-3.80.9-4.3719.69.429.014.76.321.023.06.429.4
Link to School Value AddedClearfield Area Elementary SchoolClearfield Area School District3-6-3.80.5-6.9620.32.622.927.26.633.8
Link to School Value AddedSto-Rox Upper Elementary SchoolSto-Rox School District4-6-3.70.8-4.491.
Link to School Value AddedAvalon Elementary SchoolNorthgate School District3-6-3.71.2-3.2111.40.011.424.87.232.0
Link to School Value AddedPittsburgh Manchester K-8Pittsburgh School District3-8-3.71.7-2.1715.
Link to School Value AddedSugar Valley Rural Charter SchoolSugar Valley Rural Charter School3-11-3.70.9-
Link to School Value AddedMarion Center Area Jr/Sr High SchoolMarion Center Area School District7-11-3.70.9-4.0622.515.037.518.912.331.121.710.232.0
Link to School Value AddedRobert K Shafer Middle SchoolBensalem Township School District7-8-3.70.5-6.9318.66.425.
Link to School Value AddedLaurel Highlands Middle SchoolLaurel Highlands School District6-8-3.70.5-7.3319.
Link to School Value AddedNortheast Bradford Junior/Senior High SchoolNortheast Bradford School District7-11-3.71.3-2.7136.85.342.
Link to School Value AddedHughesville Junior/Senior High SchoolEast Lycoming School District7-12-3.70.8-4.4228.517.946.327.420.848.126.616.042.7
Link to School Value AddedPine Grove Area Middle SchoolPine Grove Area School District5-8-3.60.6-6.3727.38.135.425.54.730.
Link to School Value AddedPropel Charter School - HazelwoodPropel Charter School-Hazelwood3-8-3.61.1-3.403.
Link to School Value AddedKeystone Elementary SchoolKeystone School District3-6-3.60.9-4.1530.08.338.333.224.457.6
Link to School Value AddedOld Forge Junior/Senior High SchoolOld Forge School District7-12-3.61.0-3.4425.36.732.
Link to School Value AddedCommonwealth Charter Academy Charter SchoolCommonwealth Charter Academy Charter School3-12-3.60.4-8.9813.82.716.514.34.118.410.71.412.
Link to School Value AddedNorth Star East Middle SchoolNorth Star School District5-8-3.60.7-4.8129.77.837.515.76.021.710.83.113.820.96.827.8
Link to School Value AddedWest Greene Junior/Senior High SchoolWest Greene School District7-12-3.51.4-2.596.74.411.
Link to School Value AddedDallas Middle SchoolDallas School District6-8-3.50.5-6.7633.321.054.331.711.142.717.56.223.727.812.840.6
Link to School Value AddedSpring-Ford Middle School 8th Grade CenterSpring-Ford Area School District8-8-3.50.5-7.0432.011.943.932.011.943.9
Link to School Value AddedNorth Coventry Elementary SchoolOwen J Roberts School District3-6-3.50.7-4.8827.619.547.
Link to School Value AddedMahanoy Area Elementary SchoolMahanoy Area School District3-6-3.50.7-4.732.
Link to School Value AddedMercer Area Middle SchoolMercer Area School District7-11-3.41.1-3.1518.21.820.
Link to School Value AddedBaggaley Elementary SchoolGreater Latrobe School District3-6-3.40.8-4.3932.86.639.338.120.358.4
Link to School Value AddedTrafford Middle SchoolPenn-Trafford School District6-8-3.40.7-5.2032.033.665.634.918.453.225.89.335.031.121.452.6
Link to School Value AddedPenn Middle SchoolPenn-Trafford School District6-8-3.40.6-6.1743.625.068.629.831.060.832.720.253.035.325.360.6
Link to School Value AddedLiberty Elementary SchoolSouthern Tioga School District3-6-3.41.3-2.6033.33.336.729.23.132.3
Link to School Value AddedSpringhouse Middle SchoolParkland School District6-8-3.40.3-9.9936.125.962.029.629.959.529.020.349.331.625.557.1
Link to School Value AddedL B Morris Elementary SchoolJim Thorpe Area School District3-8-3.40.7-5.1224.35.730.019.01.720.720.91.522.428.04.832.8
Link to School Value AddedHollidaysburg Area Junior High SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District6-9-3.30.6-6.0728.119.847.925.99.535.327.115.042.0
Link to School Value AddedLa Academia Partnership Charter SchoolLa Academia Partnership Charter School6-12-3.31.5-
Link to School Value AddedShannock Valley Elementary SchoolArmstrong School District3-6-3.30.9-3.6341.714.656.233.022.855.8
Link to School Value AddedCentral Dauphin East Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-3.30.5-6.5813.
Link to School Value AddedLincoln Junior/Senior High SchoolEllwood City Area School District7-12-3.30.8-4.0022.012.834.915.81.717.517.96.224.1
Link to School Value AddedMeadville Middle SchoolCrawford Central School District7-8-3.30.7-4.8521.17.428.610.31.712.115.54.520.0
Link to School Value AddedSandycreek Elementary SchoolFranklin Area School District3-6-3.30.9-3.5224.
Link to School Value AddedOctorara Area Junior/Senior High SchoolOctorara Area School District7-12-3.20.8-4.2913.41.615.
Link to School Value AddedNorthern Lehigh Middle SchoolNorthern Lehigh School District7-8-3.20.9-3.7630.
Link to School Value AddedEast Juniata Junior/Senior High SchoolJuniata County School District7-12-3.21.1-2.9414.91.416.
Link to School Value AddedWoodland Elementary SchoolCameron County School District3-6-3.21.0-3.2729.66.836.442.110.752.8
Link to School Value AddedNorth Schuylkill Elementary SchoolNorth Schuylkill School District3-6-3.20.5-5.9613.92.316.
Link to School Value AddedTrinity Middle SchoolTrinity Area School District6-8-3.20.5-7.0141.321.562.825.314.039.322.05.327.329.313.642.9
Link to School Value AddedForest Hills Junior/Senior High SchoolForest Hills School District7-12-3.10.8-3.9724.615.139.727.94.532.425.39.334.6
Link to School Value AddedFranklin Area Junior/Senior High SchoolFranklin Area School District7-11-3.10.8-4.1615.65.721.317.33.620.921.34.826.1
Link to School Value AddedWilliamsburg Community Junior/Senior High SchoolWilliamsburg Community School District7-11-3.11.5-2.1624.221.245.426.37.934.
Link to School Value AddedNorthwest Area Intermediate SchoolNorthwest Area School District3-6-3.10.8-3.7234.94.839.734.411.245.6
Link to School Value AddedJ R Fugett Middle SchoolWest Chester Area School District6-8-3.10.4-7.3227.721.248.925.
Link to School Value AddedGreater Johnstown Middle SchoolGreater Johnstown School District5-7-3.10.5-5.684.
Link to School Value AddedOrefield Middle SchoolParkland School District6-8-3.10.4-7.5432.718.751.431.324.455.724.210.735.029.418.147.5
Link to School Value AddedPenndale Middle SchoolNorth Penn School District7-9-3.10.5-6.5527.212.639.819.45.324.723.28.832.0
Link to School Value AddedMountain View Elementary SchoolGreater Latrobe School District3-6-3.10.7-4.2837.113.550.635.118.653.7
Link to School Value AddedBristol Middle SchoolBristol Borough School District7-8-3.10.9-3.2418.23.421.613.83.417.216.03.419.4
Link to School Value AddedStrayer Middle SchoolQuakertown Community School District7-8-3.10.5-6.2824.210.935.219.08.928.021.49.831.2
Link to School Value AddedClarion Area Elementary SchoolClarion Area School District3-6-3.00.9-3.3520.34.725.023.618.942.4
Link to School Value AddedPocono Mountain West Junior High SchoolPocono Mountain School District7-8-3.00.5-5.9215.66.221.913.73.016.714.64.519.1
Link to School Value AddedPalisades Middle SchoolPalisades School District6-8-3.00.7-4.3436.09.345.423.55.929.428.88.136.929.17.736.8
Link to School Value AddedMercer Area Elementary SchoolMercer Area School District3-6-3.00.7-4.0345.610.355.935.418.553.9
Link to School Value AddedRichboro Elementary SchoolCouncil Rock School District3-6-3.00.9-3.4632.816.449.241.019.860.8
Link to School Value AddedSouthern Middle SchoolSouthern York County School District6-8-3.00.6-5.0225.418.143.521.16.928.
Link to School Value AddedWest Forest Elementary SchoolForest Area School District3-6-3.01.6-1.8413.30.013.324.13.427.6
Link to School Value AddedKutztown Area Middle SchoolKutztown Area School District6-8-3.00.7-4.1231.411.442.920.07.527.516.33.319.623.17.630.7
Link to School Value AddedE N Peirce Middle SchoolWest Chester Area School District6-8-3.00.4-7.6535.312.347.635.616.351.822.77.330.031.011.842.8
Link to School Value AddedStetson Middle SchoolWest Chester Area School District6-8-3.00.4-7.0130.08.638.626.114.640.723.66.630.226.59.836.4
Link to School Value AddedPittsburgh Obama 6-12Pittsburgh School District6-11-2.90.7-
Link to School Value AddedMitchell Elementary SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-2.91.1-2.650.
Link to School Value AddedKnoch Middle SchoolKnoch School District6-8-2.90.5-5.3031.
Link to School Value AddedLehman Intermediate SchoolEast Stroudsburg Area School District6-8-2.90.6-4.9920.
Link to School Value AddedLycoming Valley Intermediate SchoolWilliamsport Area School District4-6-2.90.5-5.7527.915.843.629.311.741.0
Link to School Value AddedNewport Middle SchoolNewport School District6-8-2.90.8-3.4534.69.043.621.05.326.314.55.319.723.76.630.3
Link to School Value AddedNorthern Bedford County Middle SchoolNorthern Bedford County School District6-8-2.90.9-3.1833.911.345.222.67.630.213.31.715.023.46.930.3
Link to School Value AddedWashington Grover Jr SchoolPhiladelphia City School District5-8-2.90.6-4.664.
Link to School Value AddedPottstown Middle SchoolPottstown School District3-8-2.90.4-6.607.
Link to School Value AddedNortheastern Middle SchoolNortheastern York School District7-8-2.90.5-5.6521.29.230.419.
Link to School Value AddedWest Allegheny Middle SchoolWest Allegheny School District6-8-2.90.4-6.5236.438.174.531.437.669.024.816.
Link to School Value AddedEast Hills Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-8-2.90.4-7.3217.34.321.617.94.622.68.84.613.314.64.519.1
Link to School Value AddedDanville Area Middle SchoolDanville Area School District6-8-2.80.6-5.1529.214.643.928.018.346.324.514.839.427.415.943.3
Link to School Value AddedOwen J Roberts Middle SchoolOwen J Roberts School District7-8-2.80.4-6.7934.823.758.521.412.734.
Link to School Value AddedSpring Grove Area Middle SchoolSpring Grove Area School District7-8-2.80.5-5.4926.412.939.320.58.529.023.410.634.0
Link to School Value AddedRyan Gloyer Middle SchoolSeneca Valley School District7-8-2.80.4-7.5131.816.
Link to School Value AddedSusquenita Middle SchoolSusquenita School District5-8-2.80.5-5.3930.43.133.522.17.429.48.31.810.
Link to School Value AddedNeshannock Junior/Senior High SchoolNeshannock Township School District7-12-2.81.0-2.8639.013.752.625.413.438.839.215.754.8
Link to School Value AddedScott Middle SchoolCoatesville Area School District6-6-2.80.6-4.526.
Link to School Value AddedTurkeyfoot Valley Area Junior/Senior High SchoolTurkeyfoot Valley Area School District7-12-2.81.8-1.5112.
Link to School Value AddedBeaver Area Middle SchoolBeaver Area School District7-8-2.70.7-3.7324.814.439.227.419.346.726.016.742.7
Link to School Value AddedSouth Williamsport Area Junior/Senior High SchoolSouth Williamsport Area School District7-11-2.70.9-3.1026.
Link to School Value AddedFannett-Metal Middle SchoolFannett-Metal School District6-8-2.71.5-1.7716.78.325.
Link to School Value AddedRochester Middle SchoolRochester Area School District6-8-2.71.0-2.6231.212.543.816.
Link to School Value AddedNorthwestern Middle SchoolNorthwestern School District6-8-2.70.7-3.6528.03.731.723.310.033.312.82.315.121.35.426.7
Link to School Value AddedChestnut Ridge Middle SchoolChestnut Ridge School District3-7-2.70.6-4.2621.68.129.723.210.133.328.913.542.4
Link to School Value AddedMars Area Middle SchoolMars Area School District7-8-2.70.6-4.6834.116.850.924.716.941.629.316.846.2
Link to School Value AddedUniversal Vare Charter SchoolUniversal Vare Charter School5-8-2.71.2-
Link to School Value AddedPennsylvania Leadership Charter SchoolPennsylvania Leadership Charter School3-11-2.70.5-5.2526.19.235.320.013.733.715.37.222.520.411.732.1
Link to School Value AddedDayton Elementary SchoolArmstrong School District3-6-2.71.4-1.9320.
Link to School Value AddedPortage Area Junior/Senior High SchoolPortage Area School District7-11-2.71.2-2.2130.410.941.318.014.832.827.49.236.6
Link to School Value AddedScience Leadership Academy Middle SchoolPhiladelphia City School District5-8-2.60.7-
Link to School Value AddedWilliams Valley Elementary SchoolWilliams Valley School District3-6-2.60.8-3.1522.70.022.722.04.326.4
Link to School Value AddedGovernor Mifflin Middle SchoolGovernor Mifflin School District6-8-2.60.5-5.1212.78.621.414.21.615.813.54.818.4
Link to School Value AddedLamberton Middle SchoolCarlisle Area School District6-8-2.60.6-4.6317.14.421.622.97.630.612.08.420.417.16.723.8
Link to School Value AddedKane Area Middle SchoolKane Area School District6-8-2.60.8-3.0821.04.925.928.821.
Link to School Value AddedMahantongo Elementary SchoolTri-Valley School District3-6-2.61.4-1.8332.
Link to School Value AddedConemaugh Township Area Middle/Senior High SchoolConemaugh Township Area School District6-11-2.60.9-2.8837.523.460.931.09.940.819.317.536.830.914.245.1
Link to School Value AddedMifflin County Middle SchoolMifflin County School District6-7-2.60.5-5.3915.12.217.314.09.723.714.65.820.4
Link to School Value AddedOswayo Valley Middle SchoolOswayo Valley School District6-8-2.51.3-1.9734.60.034.635.53.238.713.83.417.227.92.330.2
Link to School Value AddedMount Pleasant Area Junior High SchoolMount Pleasant Area School District7-8-2.50.7-3.4130.78.839.416.64.120.723.46.429.8
Link to School Value AddedGeorge A Ferrell Elementary SchoolEast Lycoming School District3-6-2.51.4-1.7347.415.863.240.213.453.7
Link to School Value AddedSouth Eastern Middle SchoolSouth Eastern School District7-8-2.50.6-4.0320.711.131.819.59.028.420.110.030.2
Link to School Value AddedHarmony Area Elementary SchoolHarmony Area School District3-6-2.52.4-1.0233.916.150.0
Link to School Value AddedYellow Breeches Middle SchoolSouth Middleton School District6-8-2.50.6-4.2232.716.048.820.913.734.520.46.827.325.212.537.6
Link to School Value AddedPurchase Line Junior/Senior High SchoolPurchase Line School District7-12-2.51.1-2.2911.
Link to School Value AddedPortage Area Elementary SchoolPortage Area School District3-6-2.50.8-2.9532.417.650.034.927.262.1
Link to School Value AddedBentworth Middle SchoolBentworth School District5-8-2.50.7-3.6815.35.620.819.39.628.919.86.626.422.18.230.3
Link to School Value AddedCowanesque Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolNorthern Tioga School District7-12-2.51.1-2.3015.71.417.116.43.319.722.51.824.3
Link to School Value AddedAmbridge Area Middle SchoolAmbridge Area School District6-8-2.50.6-4.1518.83.822.611.15.616.
Link to School Value AddedLinglestown Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-2.50.5-5.3624.68.032.620.48.729.
Link to School Value AddedNitschmann Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-8-2.40.5-5.3024.512.737.116.212.428.614.42.817.118.49.528.0
Link to School Value AddedSullivan County Junior/Senior High SchoolSullivan County School District7-11-2.41.3-1.9113.53.817.
Link to School Value AddedLandisville Middle SchoolHempfield School District7-8-2.40.6-4.1824.422.346.724.49.333.724.416.340.7
Link to School Value AddedBangor Area Middle SchoolBangor Area School District7-8-2.40.6-3.9620.515.235.720.85.025.720.610.230.8
Link to School Value AddedDrexel Hill Middle SchoolUpper Darby School District6-8-2.40.4-6.6813.63.216.911.83.615.
Link to School Value AddedUnion Area Middle SchoolUnion Area School District6-8-2.41.0-2.4543.115.558.623.
Link to School Value AddedMoniteau Junior/Senior High SchoolMoniteau School District7-11-2.40.9-2.6111.04.415.419.63.322.819.83.623.3
Link to School Value AddedUpper Merion Middle SchoolUpper Merion Area School District5-8-2.40.4-6.4131.120.251.324.914.939.817.55.623.127.816.444.1
Link to School Value AddedWest Mifflin Area Middle SchoolWest Mifflin Area School District4-8-2.30.4-5.3732.
Link to School Value AddedPreston SchoolWayne Highlands School District3-8-2.31.3-1.8731.822.754.621.414.335.727.30.027.332.011.343.3
Link to School Value AddedIndian Crest Middle SchoolSouderton Area School District6-8-2.30.5-4.8829.47.737.128.614.843.325.77.533.227.810.037.8
Link to School Value AddedKlein Elementary SchoolHarbor Creek School District3-6-2.31.0-2.4122.927.
Link to School Value AddedCentral Manor Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-6-2.30.7-3.3134.522.657.134.722.056.6
Link to School Value AddedBlue Ridge Middle SchoolBlue Ridge School District6-8-2.30.8-2.7516.13.219.416.
Link to School Value AddedManor Middle SchoolPenn Manor School District7-8-2.30.6-3.9520.819.440.322.515.337.821.717.439.0
Link to School Value AddedCharles W Longer Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-6-2.30.9-2.5325.013.338.329.920.150.0
Link to School Value AddedSt Marys Area Middle SchoolSaint Marys Area School District6-8-2.30.6-3.7432.55.738.215.13.418.512.62.515.
Link to School Value AddedCentral Dauphin Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-2.30.4-5.0026.
Link to School Value AddedPittsburgh Milliones 6-12Pittsburgh School District6-11-2.21.7-1.330.
Link to School Value AddedClarion-Limestone Area Junior/Senior High SchoolClarion-Limestone Area School District7-11-2.21.1-1.9926.
Link to School Value AddedTussey Mountain Middle SchoolTussey Mountain School District5-8-2.20.8-2.9515.28.723.917.56.423.810.50.010.517.65.322.9
Link to School Value AddedPalmerton Area Junior High SchoolPalmerton Area School District7-8-2.20.8-2.8729.810.740.518.23.822.
Link to School Value AddedLakeland Junior/Senior High SchoolLakeland School District7-11-2.20.9-2.5441.
Link to School Value AddedGreensburg-Salem Middle SchoolGreensburg Salem School District6-8-2.20.5-4.3126.214.440.528.08.636.612.
Link to School Value AddedValley Grove Elementary SchoolValley Grove School District3-6-2.20.9-2.5516.76.723.334.816.150.8
Link to School Value AddedInsight Pa Cyber Charter SchoolInsight Pa Cyber Charter School3-12-2.20.4-4.903.