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Report School Search, Year 2021

Reference School

Vare-Washington Elementary School in Philadelphia City School District (Philadelphia, IU 26)

School Information
Min State Tested Grade3Max State Tested Grade8
% Tested Economically Disadvantaged48% Tested English Learner54
% Tested IEP10% Graduation RateN/A

Comparison Schools

For Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) Math

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Average Growth Index (AGI) = 0: On average, the students met the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) > 0: On average, the students exceeded the growth standard. The farther the AGI is above 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students in this school exceeded the growth standard.
Average Growth Index (AGI) < 0: On average, the students did not meet the growth standard. The farther the AGI is below 0.0, the more evidence there is that, on average, students did not meet the growth standard.

Achievement results and growth results must be used together to get a complete picture of student learning.

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sorted ascendingSchoolDistrictTested GradesGrowth MeasureStd ErrAverage Growth IndexGrade 5Grade 6Grade 7Grade 8Across Grades
% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total% Prof% Adv% Total
Vare-Washington Elementary SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-0.23.1-0.0711.811.823.511.911.923.9
21st Century Cyber Charter School21st Century Cyber Charter School6-12-3.40.7-1.5419.
6th Grade CenterQuakertown Community School District6-6-3.10.7-4.5731.47.639.031.47.639.0
A J Mcmullen SchoolUniontown Area School District6-8-3.31.3-0.4712.
A L Wilson Elementary School (8364)Albert Gallatin Area School District3-5-1.31.6-0.8319.35.324.614.53.317.8
Abington Heights Middle SchoolAbington Heights School District5-11-
Abington Junior High SchoolAbington School District7-9-7.30.5-7.3923.96.430.315.
Academy at WestinghousePittsburgh School District5-11-
Achievement House Charter SchoolAchievement House Charter School7-11-
Acmetonia Elementary SchoolAllegheny Valley School District3-6-
Ad Prima Charter SchoolAd Prima Charter School3-
Adamstown Elementary SchoolCocalico School District3-
Afton Elementary SchoolPennsbury School District3-5-0.71.4-0.4738.632.971.436.434.871.2
Agora Cyber Charter SchoolAgora Cyber Charter School3-11-
Albert Gallatin North Middle SchoolAlbert Gallatin Area School District6-8-
Albert Gallatin South Middle SchoolAlbert Gallatin Area School District6-8-
Alburtis Elementary SchoolEast Penn School District3-
Aldan Elementary SchoolWilliam Penn School District3-6-
Aliquippa Elementary SchoolAliquippa School District3-6-
Aliquippa Junior/Senior High SchoolAliquippa School District7-
Allegheny-Clarion Valley ElementaryAllegheny-Clarion Valley School District3-6-0.91.2-0.0919.57.326.814.61.816.417.511.529.0
Allegheny-Clarion Valley High SchoolAllegheny-Clarion Valley School District7-
Allen Middle SchoolWest Shore School District6-
Alliance For Progress Charter SchoolAlliance For Progress Charter School3-8-
Allison Park Elementary SchoolChartiers-Houston School District3-6-2.50.9-0.8525.612.237.835.12.637.732.810.243.0
Alloway Creek Elementary SchoolLittlestown Area School District3-5-2.41.1-2.1218.82.721.429.65.935.5
Altoona Area Jr High SchoolAltoona Area School District6-8-
Ambridge Area Middle SchoolAmbridge Area School District6-8-4.40.6-2.4613.31.014.311.30.812.111.20.912.111.90.912.8
Amos K Hutchinson Elementary SchoolGreensburg Salem School District3-5-6.21.4-4.5129.93.933.824.08.932.9
Amosland Elementary SchoolRidley School District3-
Amy At MartinPhiladelphia City School District6-
Amy NWPhiladelphia City School District6-8-
Anderson Add B SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-4.41.7-
Annville Elementary SchoolAnnville-Cleona School District3-6-1.50.9-1.1433.812.546.
Annville-Cleona Middle SchoolAnnville-Cleona School District6-
Antietam Middle/High SchoolAntietam School District7-10-4.21.2-1.885.
Antonia Pantoja Community Charter SchoolAntonia Pantoja Community Charter School3-8-3.90.8-1.301.
Apollo-Ridge Elementary SchoolApollo-Ridge School District3-5-6.21.4-4.3818.80.018.820.34.725.0
Apollo-Ridge Middle SchoolApollo-Ridge School District6-8-1.70.7-0.7812.
Appleman Elementary SchoolBenton Area School District3-6-
Arcola Intermediate SchoolMethacton School District5-8-
Ardmore Avenue SchoolWilliam Penn School District3-
Armstrong Junior/Senior High SchoolArmstrong School District6-11-1.10.5-0.7021.55.226.624.34.528.823.04.827.8
Aronimink Elementary SchoolUpper Darby School District3-
Arts Academy Charter SchoolArts Academy Charter School5-8-7.71.1-2.907.
Arts Academy Elementary Charter SchoolArts Academy Elementary Charter School3-
Asa Packer Elementary SchoolBethlehem Area School District3-5-4.73.3-1.4241.733.375.042.422.064.4
Asbury Elementary SchoolMillcreek Township School District3-
Aspira Bilingual Cyber Charter SchoolAspira Bilingual Cyber Charter School3-
Aston Elementary SchoolPenn-Delco School District3-
Audrielle Lynch-Ellen Bustin Elementary SchoolAthens Area School District3-
Austin Area Elementary SchoolAustin Area School District3-613.52.36.0123.115.438.530.87.738.519.011.931.0
Austin Area Junior/Senior High SchoolAustin Area School District7-
Avalon Elementary SchoolNorthgate School District3-
Avella Area Junior/Senior High SchoolAvella Area School District7-
Avella Elementary CenterAvella Area School District3-6-
Avis Elementary SchoolJersey Shore Area School District3-5-1.42.2-0.6640.016.756.746.322.068.3
Avon Grove Charter SchoolAvon Grove Charter School3-
Avon Grove Intermediate SchoolAvon Grove School District3-
Avonworth Elementary SchoolAvonworth School District3-
Avonworth Middle SchoolAvonworth School District6-
Bache-Martin SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-8.32.5-
Baden Academy Charter SchoolBaden Academy Charter School3-
Baggaley Elementary SchoolGreater Latrobe School District3-6-
Baker Elementary SchoolAltoona Area School District3-
Bala-Cynwyd Middle SchoolLower Merion School District6-
Bald Eagle Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBald Eagle Area School District6-
Baldi C C A Middle SchoolPhiladelphia City School District6-8-4.31.3-1.0316.72.819.425.910.336.223.37.831.1
Baldwin Senior High SchoolBaldwin-Whitehall School District7-11-6.90.5-4.9516.01.617.711.52.113.613.81.915.7
Bancroft Elementary SchoolKennett Consolidated School District3-
Bangor Area Middle SchoolBangor Area School District7-
Barclay Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Baresville Elementary SchoolSouth Western School District3-
Barkley Elementary SchoolPhoenixville Area School District3-
Bart-Colerain Elementary SchoolSolanco School District3-5-5.22.1-2.4332.414.747.134.621.255.8
Bear Creek Community Charter SchoolBear Creek Community Charter School3-
Bear Creek SchoolElizabethtown Area School District4-64.70.511.2130.022.852.822.411.033.527.516.844.3
Beaty-Warren Middle SchoolWarren County School District5-
Beaver Area Middle SchoolBeaver Area School District7-8-9.90.8-7.7522.313.435.717.17.224.319.710.330.0
Beaver Creek Elementary SchoolDowningtown Area School District3-5-5.51.6-3.3620.07.327.331.117.448.4
Beaver Falls Middle SchoolBig Beaver Falls Area School District6-8-
Beaver-Main Elementary SchoolBloomsburg Area School District3-512.53.53.6350.
Bedford Elementary SchoolBedford Area School District3-
Bedford Middle SchoolBedford Area School District6-
Bedminster Elementary SchoolPennridge School District3-
Bell Avenue SchoolWilliam Penn School District3-
Bellaire Elementary SchoolCarlisle Area School District3-
Belle Valley Elementary SchoolMillcreek Township School District3-5-1.01.3-0.7132.
Belle Vernon Area Middle SchoolBelle Vernon Area School District7-8-2.00.9-1.4511.20.912.210.62.412.910.91.612.5
Bellefonte Area Middle SchoolBellefonte Area School District6-
Bellefonte Elementary SchoolBellefonte Area School District3-
Bellevue Elementary SchoolNorthgate School District3-6-
Bellwood Antis Middle SchoolBellwood-Antis School District5-
Belmont Charter SchoolBelmont Charter School3-10-
Belmont Hills Elementary SchoolBensalem Township School District3-6-4.11.1-1.4817.74.822.
Belmont Hills Elementary SchoolLower Merion School District3-
Ben Franklin SchoolUniontown Area School District3-8-
Benjamin Chambers Elementary SchoolChambersburg Area School District3-
Benjamin Rush Elementary SchoolBensalem Township School District3-
Benner Elementary SchoolBellefonte Area School District3-
Bennetts Valley Elementary SchoolSaint Marys Area School District3-
Benton Area Middle SchoolBenton Area School District7-8-0.91.2-0.4813.63.417.010.32.612.812.23.115.3
Bentworth Middle SchoolBentworth School District5-8-
Berlin Brothersvalley Middle SchoolBerlin Brothersvalley School District5-
Bermudian Springs Middle SchoolBermudian Springs School District5-
Berwick Area Middle SchoolBerwick Area School District5-8-3.70.5-0.1918.56.825.319.03.422.418.53.822.312.82.315.
Bethel Elementary SchoolTulpehocken Area School District3-6-
Bethel Springs Elementary SchoolGarnet Valley School District3-5-0.21.2-0.1534.024.558.536.118.454.5
Bethlehem-Center Elementary SchoolBethlehem-Center School District3-5-7.81.4-5.385.
Bethlehem-Center Middle SchoolBethlehem-Center School District6-8-5.90.8-0.880.
Bethune Mary Mcleod SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-
Beverly Hills Middle SchoolUpper Darby School District6-8-
Big Beaver Elementary SchoolBig Beaver Falls Area School District3-
Big Spring Middle SchoolBig Spring School District6-8-1.90.5-0.6022.03.825.820.96.727.610.93.314.117.74.422.0
Blacklick Valley Elementary CenterBlacklick Valley School District3-610.21.56.8824.16.931.034.210.544.726.813.740.5
Blacklick Valley Junior/Senior High SchoolBlacklick Valley School District7-
Blain Elementary SchoolWest Perry School District3-
Blaine James G SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-5.02.3-0.770.
Blair Mill Elementary SchoolHatboro-Horsham School District3-5-1.51.5-1.0222.612.935.522.56.929.5
Blairsville Elementary SchoolBlairsville-Saltsburg School District3-
Blairsville Middle SchoolBlairsville-Saltsburg School District6-8-5.60.9-1.7015.43.819.
Bloomsburg Area Middle SchoolBloomsburg Area School District6-
Blossburg Elementary SchoolSouthern Tioga School District3-6-5.81.8-1.9123.
Blue Ball Elementary SchoolEastern Lancaster County School District3-6-
Blue Bell Elementary SchoolWissahickon School District3-
Blue Mountain Elementary Cressona SchoolBlue Mountain School District3-
Blue Mountain Elementary East SchoolBlue Mountain School District3-
Blue Mountain Middle SchoolBlue Mountain School District6-8-
Blue Ridge Elementary SchoolBlue Ridge School District3-
Blue Ridge Middle SchoolBlue Ridge School District6-8-
Bobtown Elementary SchoolSoutheastern Greene School District3-6-13.31.5-5.5834.513.848.332.42.935.333.319.252.5
Boyce Middle SchoolUpper Saint Clair School District5-
Boyertown Area Middle School-EastBoyertown Area School District6-8-
Boyertown Area Middle School-WestBoyertown Area School District6-8-3.00.6-1.5122.44.126.530.06.436.423.63.827.425.24.830.0
Boyertown Elementary SchoolBoyertown Area School District3-5-5.31.3-4.0629.82.432.134.811.946.6
Boys Latin Of Philadelphia Charter SchoolBoys Latin Of Philadelphia Charter School6-
Bradford Hgts Elementary SchoolDowningtown Area School District3-
Bradford Woods Elementary SchoolNorth Allegheny School District3-5-3.01.4-2.2045.038.883.839.249.188.2
Brandywine-Wallace Elementary SchoolDowningtown Area School District3-
Brecknock Elementary SchoolEastern Lancaster County School District3-6-
Bregy F Amedee SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-9.13.6-2.557.
Brentwood Middle SchoolBrentwood Borough School District6-
Bridesburg SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-8-
Bridge Valley Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Bridle Path Elementary SchoolNorth Penn School District3-
Bristol Middle SchoolBristol Borough School District7-8-4.30.9-2.2915.21.316.
Brockway Area Elementary SchoolBrockway Area School District3-
Brockway Area Junior/Senior High SchoolBrockway Area School District7-11-
Brookville Junior/Senior High SchoolBrookville Area School District7-11-
Brookwood Elementary SchoolBristol Township School District3-5-2.61.2-
Broughal Middle SchoolBethlehem Area School District6-
Brownstown Elementary SchoolConestoga Valley School District3-
Brownsville Area Elementary SchoolBrownsville Area School District3-
Brownsville Area Middle SchoolBrownsville Area School District6-8-1.60.8-
Buchanan Elementary SchoolChambersburg Area School District3-5-9.02.1-4.368.62.911.412.72.715.4
Buckingham Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-6-
Bucks County Montessori Charter SchoolBucks County Montessori Charter School3-
Bucktail Area Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-8-
Buffalo Elementary SchoolFreeport Area School District3-5-3.01.3-2.3435.610.346.033.311.444.7
Bullskin Elementary SchoolConnellsville Area School District3-5-6.41.5-4.1713.310.023.319.25.825.0
Burgettstown Elementary CenterBurgettstown Area School District3-5-9.11.4-6.7016.92.619.521.15.226.3
Burgettstown Middle/High SchoolBurgettstown Area School District6-11-5.30.8-3.4215.
Burrowes Elementary SchoolLancaster School District3-
Bushkill Elementary SchoolEast Stroudsburg Area School District3-5-2.52.1-1.1828.68.637.124.84.329.1
Butler Area IhsButler Area School District7-9-3.20.4-5.3615.49.124.616.79.125.816.19.125.2
Butler Elementary SchoolCentral Bucks School District3-
Butler Middle SchoolButler Area School District5-64.60.411.1036.813.950.623.25.428.629.79.539.2
Bywood Elementary SchoolUpper Darby School District3-
C E Cole Intermediate SchoolMuhlenberg School District4-6-6.10.5-6.838.
C E Mccall Middle SchoolMontoursville Area School District5-8-1.90.5-0.1231.313.044.328.88.036.825.46.732.119.98.528.426.29.035.2
Cairnbrook Elementary SchoolShade-Central City School District3-
California Area Intermediate Middle SchoolCalifornia Area School District5-
California Area Middle SchoolCalifornia Area School District7-9-3.21.1-1.9025.01.826.820.45.625.922.73.626.4
Caln Elementary SchoolCoatesville Area School District3-
Calypso Elementary SchoolBethlehem Area School District3-5-0.13.1-
Cambria Elementary SchoolCentral Cambria School District3-
Cambria Heights Elementary SchoolCambria Heights School District3-5-3.41.2-2.8223.34.427.827.05.532.4
Cambria Heights Middle SchoolCambria Heights School District6-8-2.00.7-0.7217.
Cambridge Springs Elementary SchoolPenncrest School District3-
Cambridge Springs Junior/Senior High SchoolPenncrest School District7-
Cameron County Junior/Senior High SchoolCameron County School District7-
Camp Curtin AcademyHarrisburg City School District5-
Camp Hill Middle SchoolCamp Hill School District6-8-2.50.7-1.4624.
Canadochly Elementary SchoolEastern York School District3-5-2.81.5-1.8528.310.038.326.18.734.8
Canonsburg Middle SchoolCanon-Mcmillan School District7-
Canton Area Elementary SchoolCanton Area School District3-
Canton Junior/Senior High SchoolCanton Area School District7-11-3.31.1-0.409.11.810.
Carbondale Area Junior/Senior High SchoolCarbondale Area School District7-
Carbondale Elementary SchoolCarbondale Area School District3-6-3.60.9-2.2210.
Carl G Renn Elementary SchoolEast Lycoming School District3-
Carlynton Junior/Senior High SchoolCarlynton School District7-11-2.30.9-0.769.53.813.311.70.011.710.42.212.6
Carmichaels Area Elementary CenterCarmichaels Area School District3-5-9.61.3-7.1813.
Carmichaels Area Middle SchoolCarmichaels Area School District6-8-
Carnegie Elementary SchoolCarlynton School District3-
Carroll Elementary SchoolWest Perry School District3-
Carson Middle SchoolNorth Allegheny School District6-8-
Carter And Macrae Elementary SchoolLancaster School District3-
Carver High SchoolPhiladelphia City School District7-11-2.03.2-0.6135.311.847.133.38.341.7
Case Avenue Elementary SchoolSharon City School District3-
Catasauqua Middle SchoolCatasauqua Area School District5-
Catharine Joseph SchoolPhiladelphia City School District3-
Cecelia Snyder Middle SchoolBensalem Township School District7-8-
Cecil Intermediate SchoolCanon-Mcmillan School District5-6-
Cedar Crest Middle SchoolCornwall-Lebanon School District6-8-
Cedarbrook Middle SchoolCheltenham School District7-8-2.50.8-1.1826.911.037.912.13.315.421.18.029.1
Center For Student Lrng Charter School PennsburyCenter For Student Learning Charter School At Pennsbury6-12-0.63.1-
Centerville Elementary SchoolHempfield School District3-6-1.91.2-0.7538.314.953.227.417.745.
Centerville Middle SchoolHempfield School District7-
Central Cambria Middle SchoolCentral Cambria School District6-
Central Columbia Middle SchoolCentral Columbia School District5-
Central Dauphin East Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-
Central Dauphin Middle SchoolCentral Dauphin School District6-8-
Central Elementary SchoolHampton Township School District3-
Central Elementary SchoolFranklin Area School District3-
Central Elementary SchoolElizabeth Forward School District3-5-9.01.6-5.6425.416.441.831.122.253.3
Central Elementary SchoolBig Beaver Falls Area School District3-
Central Manor Elementary SchoolPenn Manor School District3-6-
Central Middle SchoolReading School District5-8-
Central Mountain Middle SchoolKeystone Central School District5-
Central Valley Middle SchoolCentral Valley School District6-8-
Central York Middle SchoolCentral York School District7-86.40.513.9918.96.024.913.44.517.916.15.221.4
Centre Learning Community Charter SchoolCentre Learning Community Charter School5-
Cetronia SchoolParkland School District3-5-2.11.4-1.4931.531.563.036.935.672.5
Chadds Ford Elementary SchoolUnionville-Chadds Ford School District3-
Chambers Hill Elementary SchoolCentral Dauphin School District3-
Chambersburg Area Middle School - NorthChambersburg Area School District6-8-1.20.4-0.6015.45.120.514.12.416.513.94.918.714.44.118.5
Chambersburg Area Middle School - SouthChambersburg Area School District6-8-
Charleroi Area Elementary CenterCharleroi School District3-5-9.21.2-7.5910.81.011.814.23.217.4
Charleroi Area Middle SchoolCharleroi School District6-8-
Charles A Huston Middle SchoolBurrell School District6-8-
Charles F Patton Middle SchoolUnionville-Chadds Ford School District6-8-
Charles H Boehm Middle SchoolPennsbury School District6-8-
Charles Kelly Elementary SchoolUpper Darby School District3-
Charles W Longer Elementary SchoolHollidaysburg Area School District3-
Charlestown Elementary SchoolGreat Valley School District3-5-2.21.8-1.2237.831.168.933.334.067.4
Chartiers Valley Intermediate SchoolChartiers Valley School District3-5-1.20.8-1.4833.814.748.531.717.148.9
Chartiers Valley Middle SchoolChartiers Valley School District6-8-
Chartiers-Houston Junior/Senior High SchoolChartiers-Houston School District7-10-
Chatham Park Elementary SchoolHaverford Township School District3-
Chester Charter Scholars Academy Charter SchoolChester Charter Scholars Academy Charter School3-12-
Chester Community Charter SchoolChester Community Charter School3-
Chester Street Elementary SchoolWyoming Valley West School District3-5-1.22.0-0.5823.
Chester Upland School Of ArtsChester-Upland School District3-
Chestnut Hill Elementary SchoolMillcreek Township School District3-
Chestnut Ridge Middle SchoolChestnut Ridge School District3-
Chestnut Ridge Senior High SchoolChestnut Ridge School District8-
Chestnutwold Elementary SchoolHaverford Township School District3-
Cheston Elementary SchoolEaston Area School District3-5-3.91.7-2.2323.11.925.019.23.722.9
Chichester Middle SchoolChichester School District5-8-