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Learning Modules

These are e-learning modules for PVAAS reporting. For more information on the modules most relevant to your role, please visit Using PVAAS e-Learning to Connect to Your Purpose.

PVAAS Virtual Library

Electronic Resources

Click here to view the following:

  • A Teacher's Guide to: Data Conversations for Continuous Improvement
  • Desk Reference: Value-Added
  • Desk Reference: Diagnostic
  • Desk Reference: Student Report
  • Road to Recovery: Using PVAAS to Understand Pandemic Changes and Monitor Learning Recovery Efforts



video iconDistrict and School Value-Added Report (Self-paced)  


video iconDistrict and School Diagnostic Report (Self-paced)  

Growth of Student Groups

video iconGrowth of Student Groups (Self-paced)  

Projection Summary Reports

video iconProjection Summaries (Self-paced)  

Student Reports

video iconStudent Reports (Self-paced)  

Child Success Summary

video iconChild Success Summary (Self-paced)  

Student Search and Custom Student Report

video iconStudent Search and Custom Student Report (Self-paced)  

Roster Verification

video iconRoster Verification Implementation and System Actions (Self-paced)  

Teacher-Specific Reports

video iconTeacher-Specific Reports (Self-paced)  

Human Capital Retention Dashboard

video iconHuman Capital Retention Dashboard (Self-paced)  

Report Modules


video iconScatterplots (24 minutes)  

Conceptual and Implementation Modules

Concept of Growth

video iconIntroduction to Concept of Growth (17 minutes)  

PVAAS Misconceptions

video iconMisconceptions (25 minutes)