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Learning Modules

These are e-learning modules for PVAAS reporting. For more information on the modules most relevant to your role, please visit Using PVAAS e-Learning to Connect to Your Purpose.

PVAAS Virtual Library

Electronic Resources

Click here to view the following:

  • Teacher's Guide to: Data Conversations for Continuous Improvement
  • Road to Recovery: Using PVAAS to Understand Pandemic Changes and Monitor Learning Recovery Efforts


Roster Verification

video iconRoster Verification Implementation and System Actions (Self-paced)  


video iconDistrict and School Value-Added Report (Self-paced)  


video iconDistrict and School Diagnostic Report (Self-paced)  


video iconLaunchpad (Self-paced)  

Growth of Student Groups Reports

video iconGrowth of Student Groups Reports (Self-paced)  

Human Capital Retention Dashboard

video iconHuman Capital Retention Dashboard (Self-paced)  

PVAAS Teacher-Specific Reports

video iconTeacher-Specific Reports (Self-paced)  

Projection Summary Reports

video iconProjection Summaries (Self-paced)  

Child Success Summary

video iconChild Success Summary (Self-paced)  

Student Search and Custom Student Report

video iconStudent Search and Custom Student Report (Self-paced)  

Report Modules


video iconScatterplots - Restricted View (26 minutes)  
video iconScatterplots (24 minutes)  

Student Reports

video iconStudent Reports (24 minutes)  

Conceptual and Implementation Modules

Concept of Growth

video iconIntroduction to Concept of Growth (17 minutes)  

PVAAS Misconceptions

video iconMisconceptions (25 minutes)